Elisah Spencer Gives Motive for Attacking Seth Rollins on Raw; Apologizes to WWE

Mike Chiari@@mikechiariFeatured Columnist IVNovember 25, 2021

COLOGNE, GERMANY - NOVEMBER 07: Seth Rollins  during the WWE Live Show at Lanxess Arena on November 7, 2018 in Cologne, Germany. (Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images)
Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

Elisah Spencer—the 24-year-old WWE fan who attacked Seth Rollins during Monday night's episode of Raw at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York—gave the motive for his actions Wednesday.

In an interview with Kerry Burke, John Annese and Larry McShane of the Daily News, Spencer said he was trying to lend a helping hand to Finn Balor, who was attacked by Rollins prior to their scheduled match:

"My plan was to help Finn Balor. I'm a fan. I like his aura, his attitude. I like everything about his charisma. I like everything about him.

"I jumped from where I was sitting at. I ran and speared Seth Rollins. I busted his lip open and he caught me in a headlock. I broke the headlock and I was trying to get him, then the referees and the security guards broke us apart."

Spencer charged at Rollins from out of nowhere while Rollins was exiting the ring area up the ramp. After Spencer tackled Rollins to the ground, Rollins put Spencer in a headlock until referees separated the pair and escorted Spencer out.

Spencer told the Daily News he believed he had been corresponding with Rollins on social media for the past few years.

Spencer added: "He was asking me to send him gift cards in exchange for money, mostly $500 or more to see if I was loyal. He asked me to be a wrestling blogger for him. I wanted to work my way up."

He also said he bought the person he believed to be Rollins $3,000 in gift cards only to be sent back a check that bounced.

Burke, Annese and McShane noted that Spencer posted screenshots of text and DM conversations he had with the person he thought was Rollins on his Instagram account. However, there is no evidence he was actually speaking to Rollins.

It has been commonplace since the advent of Twitter and Instagram for people to create fake profiles of wrestlers in an attempt to catfish and defraud fans.

While Spencer hasn't acknowledged the strong likelihood that he was never speaking to Rollins on social media, he did express remorse for jumping Rollins: "I apologized to the WWE for my actions. I had a legitimate beef but as a grown man I could have settled it a different way. ... If I saw him today I wouldn't attack him. I've moved on."

In an interview with TMZ Sports on Wednesday, Rollins called the ordeal "terrifying" and called for Spencer to be banned from future events. He also confirmed he was not injured in the altercation.

Spencer has been charged with attempted assault and attempted violation of arts and cultural affairs by disrupting a live sporting event, and he is set to appear in court in the future.