Indiana Student Section Rips Out Bleacher During Home Game vs. Cincinnati

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured Columnist IVSeptember 18, 2021

Indiana University's Memorial Stadium during an NCAA college football game against Idaho, Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021, in Bloomington, Ind. (AP Photo/Doug McSchooler)
AP Photo/Doug McSchooler

The Indiana student section continued to redecorate Memorial Stadium during Saturday's game against Cincinnati.

Students in attendance ripped out one row of bleachers and passed it to the top of the stadium during the first quarter.

Griffin Gonzalez @grifgonzo

THEY RIPPED OUT ANOTHER BLEACHER. <a href="https://t.co/g1xCBoLBHT">pic.twitter.com/g1xCBoLBHT</a>

rickbozich @rickbozich

Indiana 7, Cincinnati 0 only 9 minutes in.<br>Apparently the new tradition at Memorial Stadium is tearing out one bleacher plank every game. Happened last week. <br>Great way to turn it into a Standing Room Only event, I reckon. <a href="https://t.co/wvu7ENqewb">pic.twitter.com/wvu7ENqewb</a>

This is quickly becoming a tradition in Bloomington, Indiana, after the same situation unfolded during the Hoosiers' 56-14 win over Idaho last Saturday.

The Indianapolis Star's Matt Cohen interviewed Carson Key, a sophomore at Indiana. Key said he and his friends were cheering on the team when the bleacher they were standing on cracked.

"We started jumping around with it," Key said of the broken piece of metal. "We just crowd-surfed it for a minute, and then the security people came for it."

Cohen recounted other instances in past years of Indiana students holding up broken Memorial Stadium bleachers as trophies.

According to Sports Illustrated's Pat Forde, the students Saturday carried the bleacher to the top of Memorial Stadium before placing it behind the last row.