Tennessee Titans Choose Jeff Fisher: Five Possible Destinations For Vince Young

Kevin Roberts@BreakingKevinSenior Writer IJanuary 6, 2011

Young is still better than a handful of starting quarterbacks.
Young is still better than a handful of starting quarterbacks.J. Meric/Getty Images

With the news that the Tennessee Titans have made their decision over the feud between quarterback Vince Young and head coach Jeff Fisher, siding with the head coach, it's time to start thinking about where Young will be playing in 2010.

It's no secret that Young never fully developed into the quarterback the Titans expected him to become. However, it's also no secret that the team has always been a run—first team, while never necessarily being loaded with talent at the wide receiver position.

He was never a beast in fantasy football either, but you could never rag on Young for an inability to win games, as he came away with victories more than he lost, and could always keep defenses guessing with his running ability.

He still has room to grow in a lot of areas, namely as a leader, as well as refining his mechanics and reading defenses, but he's much too talented to just drift away or sit on someone's bench. You can bet your last dollar that Vince Young will be starting somewhere (other than Tennessee) next season.

Here's a look at five teams that will likely be looking for an upgrade at quarterback, and also would consider Young a a good fit for their offense.


Buffalo Bills

Ryan Fitzpatrick played admirably, they keep wanting to take a closer look at Brian Brohm, and there's little doubt they'll spend an early round pick on their "franchise passer". 

Or, so we thought.

Chan Gailey loves athletic quarterbacks who can open up the offense, and that's exactly what Young brings to the table. Gailey could land his prized athletic quarterback by dealing Fitzpatrick and a pick to Tennessee for Young, and then spend his first rounder on a top receiver or addressing the defense.

Let's face it, the move makes sense, and until there's an established passer in Buffalo, they'll always be involved in lists like this.


Minnesota Vikings

Brett Favre is probably 99.9 percent certain he's not coming back, while it appears the Minnesota Vikings 100 percent don't care. But either way you look at it, we all can agree Joe Webb probably isn't the real answer in quarterback, no more than Spergon Wynn or Tarvaris Jackson were.

Young, however, has won consistently at the NFL level, and has proven he can do more than just bring an added dimension to their offense. With Adrian Peterson easing the pressure, he'd enjoy his best receiving corps of his career with Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice, and Visanthe Shiancoe catching passes.


Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins are starting over, and if it wasn't painfully obvious already, Chad Henne was probably on his way out before his coaching staff was. Chad Pennington might not even be ready when next year rolls around, either, which makes landing Young pretty crucial.

Miami should (and likely will) draft a new passer to throw into the mix, but getting an upgrade with Young is a step in the right direction.


San Francisco 49ers

Alex Smith is a free agent and is as good as gone, while Troy Smith showed glimpses of competency, but nothing that suggested he'd be anything close to what Vince Young even is.

Young can step in and make good use of Vernon Davis, while being backed by the return of a healthy Frank Gore.

This one just makes sense for both sides, provided Brett Favre doesn't go to the 49ers first.


Arizona Cardinals

If there Cardinals didn't understand the value of a quarterback heading into the 2010 NFL season, they certainly do now.

They had no problems letting former franchise quarterback Matt Leinart walk after pre—season, but then likely spent the remainder of the season wishing they'd hung onto him.

John Skelton, Max Hall, and Derek Anderson were a collective mess, which should trigger the drafting of a quarterback early, as well as the team bringing in a capable veteran or two.

Young is still young (no pun intended), athletic, and can make use of the solid weapons the Cardinals have on offense. This is a team that wanted to get more balanced, and with Young, they'd be able to do so more than they could in 2010.


The Honorable Mentions:

The Carolina Panthers were considered, but they're so terrible, they'll have a top pick and will almost certainly spend it on a top quarterback prospect, letting their new quarterback duke it out with Jimmy Clausen and Matt Moore in 2011.

Jacksonville was also considered, although David Garrard did have a quality season, and unless he gets released, we can't see Young finding his way to a division rival.

Cleveland was considered, as well, but Colt McCoy showed promise, and it appears (at least for the moment) that Mike Holmgren believes in him, and actually plans on shaping the offense to cater to McCoy's abilities.

The Washington Redskins will be without Donovan McNabb and could be facing the reality of starting 2011 with Rex Grossman as their starter, but something tells me the Redskins will simply get "their guy" (or Shanahan's guy, for that matter) in the 2011 NFL Draft.


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