Eagles' 08 Draft Class Needed For Super Bowl Run

Kwame Fisher-JonesContributor IIIMarch 23, 2017

The NFL Draft is nothing more then a high priced game of craps in which you try to roll sevens more then you roll snake eyes. The Patriots, Steelers, Giants, Titans, Ravens, and Eagles usually roll a seven in at least in one round. The Patriots looked like geniuses when they drafted Tom Brady in the sixth round. Many people forget their first pick was Adrian Klemm, a tackle from the football powerhouse of Hawaii. Yeah money was a lineman from a school called the Rainbows.

When teams trade out of the first round sometimes things can get crazy. When they do it two years in a row the fans become a bit town hallish. Yet the Eagles were bold enough to make these moves and now the picks have become beautiful, get it bold and beautiful. The 2008 draft class has been major contributors thus far and they will be counted on to take that next step if the Eagles want to have that hour documentary on the NFL Network, you know the one.

Trevor Laws, the Eagles first pick in 2008, played in all 16 games as a rookie and will continue to add depth at the defensive tackle position. DeSean Jackson set a Eagle record with hundred yard games, returned a punt for a touchdown, and led the Eagles receivers in receiving yards. The team is counting on Jackson to take the next step and become a true game changer. Quintin Demps had some good times and bad times as a rookie, but now he is being asked to replace a legend in Philadelphia sports and Hall of Famer in the NFL. Demps has the walk but on the field is where he will need to have the talk. One pro bowl caliber player and two quality players would make a draft for some teams, but the Eagles need more from not just these players but other 08 newbees.

Injuries have hit the Birds hard and now is the time for some of the other 08 class to step up and seize the moment.  Joe Mays, Jack Ikegwuonu, and Mike McGlynn have been waiting for the bus of opportunity to stop for them. Whether it is injuries, or in Ikegwuonu case poor play from the incumbent, the time has come for these players to follow the trend set by there fellow classmates.

The 2008 NFL Draft was a draft the Eagles hoped would provide them depth and be a building block for their future. The funny thing about the future is you never know how prepared you are until it becomes the present.