Xavi's Top 10 Moments at Barcelona

Allan JiangTransfers CorrespondentDecember 22, 2011

Xavi's Top 10 Moments at Barcelona

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    Born and bred in Catalonia, Xavi is a master exponent of tiki-taka football and has cemented himself as a Barcelona legend. 

    As 2011 reaches an end, Xavi's association with Barcelona extends into another year—20 years and counting. 

    This video slideshow gives tribute to Xavi's top 10 moments at Barcelona. 

Xavi vs. Osasuna

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    Lionel Messi and Xavi exchanged four passes on route to goal. 

    However, look at the Spaniard demonstrating his high football IQ, by identifying the space Rovérsio would leave vacant. 

    Great vision from Messi. 

Xavi vs. Real Madrid

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    Remember, there were four minutes left in the game. 

    It was a lack of positional sense from Iván Helguera to play the offside trap when he wasn't on cue with Raúl Bravo (blast from the past).

    Xavi exposed Helguera's blind faith on the linesman to bow down to the pressure of Santiago Bernabeu.

Xavi vs. Santos

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    Durval was so in awe of Xavi's impeccable control that he failed to track Lionel Messi. 


    Seven minutes later, Xavi made it 2-0. 

Xavi vs. Valencia

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    A perfect example of why defenders need to have a more thorough understanding of interfering and not interfering with play.

    Xavi sure knows the rule.   

Xavi vs. Málaga

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    If Xavi took more free kicks, he'd score a lot more goals. 

Xavi vs. Athletic Bilbao

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    Deflected off the post and then hit by the post, Gorka Iraizoz must have been ruing his luck.

    Good free kick from Xavi, but what makes it significant was it being the 2009 Copa del Rey final. 

    This was the final goal in a nine-minute blitz where Iraizoz picked the ball out of his net three times. 

Xavi vs. Manchester United

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    The first of the two UEFA Champions League finals against Manchester United

    What a cross from Xavi and to think some believe Lionel Messi can't head the ball. 

    Xavi was deemed as the man of the match by the UEFA technical panel. 

Xavi vs. Real Madrid

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    It's no coincidence that Xavi pinpointed Marcelo's marking deficiencies to run in behind the Brazilian. 

    Marcelo's defending leaves a lot to be desired and Xavi took advantage. 

Xavi vs. Manchester United

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    Xavi orchestrated the game from the get-go. 

    141 passes completed from 148 attempts. 

    Including the through ball to Pedro that broke the ice.

Xavi vs. Arsenal

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    Simply a beautiful video produced by ElAlonso14. 

    Highlights the strongest facet of Xavi's game—pass, move into space to receive the ball, and repeat.

    So simple. 

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    Where do you rank Xavi on the list of the greatest footballers ever? Top 10? Top 20? 

    Is Xavi the best midfielder in the world right now?

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