WWE News: Major Update on a Physical WWE Hall of Fame Building

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIDecember 22, 2011

Like most major sports and entertainment fields, the WWE has a Hall of Fame, but unlike those other ones, the WWE has a couple of major problems with its hall: It has no legitimate selection process and no actual Hall of Fame building. 

I don’t think we’ll ever see that first part change, but that second part? Well, it looks like there are big plans for a physical WWE Hall of Fame. 

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As we’ve been reporting in recent months, there are plans for WWE to build a physical Hall of Fame building some time in 2012, similar to baseball’s Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. 

WWE is currently looking at sites in both the North East as well as Florida and hopes to jumpstart the project in 2012. Aside from highlighting the careers of past superstars, divas and company officials who have been inducted in previous years, the building would also showcase historic company memorabilia. 

WWE has warehouses full of of company memorabilia (various props, ring aprons, event banners, etc.) and the company is currently on the hunt to purchase other historic items which they do not currently own

Smart move by the WWE here. 

A Hall of Fame just isn’t a Hall of Fame without an actual building that showcases pieces of legendary wrestling memorabilia, and there’s no doubt that a WWE Hall of Fame building would be a great attraction to wrestling fans across the country. 

There are so many cities in the United Sates that are deeply entrenched in wrestling history—like Chicago, New York City or Philadelphia—that would make great hosts to the WWE Hall of Fame if and when it gets built. Heck, even somewhere in Florida would work well because of the history there, the fact that it’s a great state for tourism and also because it would be close in proximity to Florida Championship Wrestling. 

Location will be a huge factor in predicting the success of a physical Hall, but as long as the WWE decides to put it in a city that makes sense, it should work. 

A physical Hall of Fame is long overdue, and it could be a huge special attraction for fans from multiple generations who have never had one place to go see all kinds of wrestling memorabilia from the 1980s to today. 

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Once this WWE Network is launched, the company’s next focus should be on getting this building up and running.