College Football Recruiting 2012: 5 Teams Putting Up a Wall Around Their State

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IDecember 11, 2011

College Football Recruiting 2012: 5 Teams Putting Up a Wall Around Their State

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    In the world of college football recruiting, you hear each program talk about putting a "fence" around their territory, region or state.

    This means, in essence, that other programs know that any recruit they want in their territory is basically off limits because the home program has a monopoly on prospects in that area. It's one of the foundations of recruiting for every program in any sport.

    In college football, it's tough to do due to many regions having so much talent and many programs having great recruiters. Yet I'm going to give you five programs that look to be executing this strategy.

5. Georgia

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    Mark Richt answered critics who claim he has a leaky fence around the state last year with a top-10-caliber class made up of elite Peach State talent.

    Isaiah Crowell, Ray Drew, Jay Rome, Christian LeMay and Malcolm Mitchell are Peach State natives that Richt kept in-state. This year he's in a fierce battle for Jordan Jenkins vs. Florida and Alabama, but Jenkins did have a great time on his recruiting trip a few weeks ago.

    Richt has to continue working on putting his fence up.

4. Ohio State

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    If you're a top-tier player from Ohio, you're almost a shoo-in to end up at Ohio State. It's the state's flagship program, and many players dream of being a Buckeye.

    Sure, Kyle Kalis is going to Michigan, but even he was once a proud Ohio State pledge. With Urban Meyer now the head coach for Ohio State, this fence will become even stronger with barbed wire on top of it.

    Ohio State owns Ohio prospects.

3. USC

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    This is more for the "State of Los Angeles," as USC pretty much owns SoCal recruiting. The Trojans usually get who they want, sans some shockers like De'Anthony Thomas, who was committed to USC.

    Many players around LA grow up salivating for a USC scholarship, and when it's offered, the chance to stay home and be a Trojan is usually too much to pass up.

    I don't see this fence breaking down anytime soon.

2. Texas

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    Sure, Oklahoma comes in and A&M has its share, but the state of Texas is, well, Texas' state. Mack Brown is the man all around the former Republic of Texas, and many prep prospects dream of being a Longhorn.

    Even the SEC schools who come into Texas to recruit all know that if a Texan is considering Texas, then it's a slim chance they land him.

1. LSU

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    Listen, if you're from Louisiana and you don't end up at LSU, then wherever you go people look at you like you're an alien. Seriously.

    Louisiana is not as big as California (USC) or Texas (Texas), nor does it have the open access Ohio does for Michigan, Michigan State and Notre Dame or Georgia has for Alabama, Florida, Auburn and LSU.

    But the Bayou Boys run the state. Period. If you come into Louisiana looking for a football player, then you're almost wasting your time. He's going to LSU, simple and plain.