WWE Friday Night SmackDown (12/9/11) Spoilers: TLC 2011 Begins to Take Shape

Kaleb KelchnerContributor IIIDecember 9, 2011

In preparation for WWE Friday Night SmackDown, Bleacher Report is here with spoilers for tonight's show.  SmackDown has been bringing quality wrestling entertainment to the fans as of late; will tonight's episode continue the trend?

  • Lilian Garcia comes out and the fans are glad to have her back, and she addresses the fans. Booker T then comes out, but is attacked from behind by Cody Rhodes.  Rhodes then interrupts Lilian and says that he'll be the announcer tonight. 
  • Wade Barrett defeats Ezekiel Jackson after hitting Wasteland.
  • Beth Phoenix and Natalya defeat AJ and Kaitlyn, with Natalya forcing AJ to submit.  After the match, Kaitlyn joined the "Divas of Doom."  Or wait, is it "Pin-up Strong" now?  Update: This segment was edited out of the show in its entirety.  Check this article for details.
  • Daniel Bryan is interviewed by Josh Matthews, but this turns into an argument between Daniel Bryan and Michael Cole.  This led to Bryan running down to ringside to attack Michael Cole, but he was caught by Cody Rhodes and beaten down.
  • Ted DiBiase defeats Jinder Mahal.  Aww man, I really wanted to see that feud peak at TLC! What?  Stop looking at me like that!
  • Mark Henry and Big Show come to the ring to talk.  Henry offers a handshake to Big Show, and Big Show accepts, then Henry says that he knows Big Show isn't a monster anymore.  The segment ends in a brawl.  Big Show comes out on top after using a chair.
  • Sheamus defeats David Otunga.
  • The "It Begins" promo that aired on Raw airs.  The crowd erupts with Y2J chants.  I wonder if we'll get to hear the chants, or if WWE will have tip toed around them?
  • Zack Ryder defeats Heath Slater.  WWWYKI.
  • Cody Rhodes defeats Daniel Bryan by disqualification.  Booker T got the jump on Rhodes and attacked him.
  • Teddy Long and Aksana have a segment, and are interrupted by Cody Rhodes.  Rhodes demands a match against Booker T at TLC, and he gets it...but the Intercontinental Championship is on the line.
  • In a "Beat the Clock" match, Randy Orton defeats Dolph Ziggler with two seconds left on the clock, and as a reward for winning, he gets to choose the stipulation for his match with Wade Barrett at TLC.  Randy Orton chooses to make it a Tables match to close the show.
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