Oakland Raiders Still Playoff-Bound Despite Ugly Loss To Dolphins

George SeligaCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2011

Oakland Raiders Still Playoff-Bound Despite Ugly Loss To Dolphins

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    The Oakland Raiders suffered a crushing loss to the Miami Dolphins this past week. They had a hard time running the ball, stopping the run and finding any consistency through the air.

    The Raiders looked extremely flat and struggled to find any rhythm.

    Also, the Broncos had a big comeback win over the Minnesota Vikings and are now tied with the Raiders for first place in the AFC West. The Broncos hold the tiebreaker with the Raiders, and now Oakland is on the outside looking in.

    Here is a look at why the loss to Miami doesn't eliminate the Raiders as playoff contenders.

Flip-Flop Wins

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    The Raiders pulled out a tough win over the Bears a week before.

    It was a game that could have gone either way, and many people thought that the Bears were going to win.

    Oakland ended up beating the Bears in a game that could have gone either way.

    Even though they lost to the Dolphins, the Raiders still have the win over the Bears. If they would have lost to both Chicago and Miami, it would be time to start panicking.

Denver's Schedule Is Tough

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    The Raiders face the Packers, which is the toughest game of the year.

    Then they face the Lions, the Chiefs and Chargers to round out the season.

    The Broncos face Chicago, New England, Buffalo and then Kansas City.

    Three out of four of those teams are in playoff contention, and it is going to make things extremely difficult for Denver to win out.

    If the Raiders can win three out of the four remaining games, they have a great chance of making it to the playoffs.

Get a Chance to Prove Something

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    This week is the biggest test for the Raiders.

    They suffered a big loss to the Dolphins and watched as a rival team caught up to them in the AFC West picture.

    Now, they go and play a team that is searching perfection.

    The Raiders need to come out and shock the entire football world with a win at Green Bay.

    Hopefully, the Raiders will get back a few stars on offense as they look to face a tough Packers defense. This is the perfect time for an upset, and Oakland has the ability to do that this weekend.


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    The Raiders were riding a three-game winning streak going into the Miami game.

    They need to have a great rebound game against the Packers to show that it was just an off day.

    The loss to Miami should wake up some of the players in the locker room.

    They looked extremely flat and showed no emotion in the loss to the Dolphins.

    The Raiders now sit on the outside of the playoffs and have to win out to have a chance of making the playoffs.

Things Can Only Get Better

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    The Raiders played one of the worst games of the season against the Dolphins.

    They were just off, and it showed.

    The Raiders can only go up from that game.

    They had an awful rushing performance, and the defense was shredded by Reggie Bush.

     Even though they play the Packers next, the Raiders will not play like that again for the rest of this year.


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