25 Things You Need to Know About UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer

Tim McTiernan@tmt2393Correspondent IDecember 1, 2011

25 Things You Need to Know About UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer

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    As you've surely heard by now, UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer will be making her return to the UFC and will soon grace the outside of the Octagon once again.

    In light of this terrific news, we here at Palmer Report—I mean Bleacher Report—have decided to fill you readers in on 25 things that you need to know about Brittney Palmer.

    Without further ado, I give you the 25 things you need to know about UFC ring girl, Brittney Palmer.

    Thanks to Sal DeRose and Vincey Carey for helping me find a few things you need to know.

25. She's Insanely Hot

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    We'll start it off with the obvious.

    Brittney Palmer is insanely hot.

    Moving on...

24. Born on June 24

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    Brittney's birthday falls on June 24, so that means, on June 24, make sure to tweet her @BrittneyPalmer and wish her a happy birthday!

23. Her Sign Is

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    In the Zodiac calendar, Brittney is a Cancer.

    So that's good news for all you Scorpios and Pisces out there.

    And yes—I had to look that up.

22. Born in San Diego

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    Brittney was born in San Diego, California, one of the greatest cities in America.

    MMA is very prevalent out there, so perhaps it was destiny.

21. She Has Her Own Clothing Line

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    Brittney has her own clothing line called "Stone Free" through Jakt Apparel.

    You can check them out on their website at jaktapparel.com

20. She's a Talented Artist

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    Those are a few of her paintings in the background of that picture, so as you can see, she's very talented.

    In fact, she's currently attending art school—and that is the reason she took her temporary leave of absence from the UFC.

    You can see more of her work here.

    And actually, if you click that link, you'll get to hear a pretty sick song.

19. She Has Awesome Taste in Music

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    On Brittney's website, if you go to look at her paintings, you are greeted by "All Along the Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix.

    That being said, Brittney also likes Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley, the Rolling Stones and more.

    As if that wasn't awesome enough...

18. She Games

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    This video is pretty sweet, so I'll just let you watch.

17. She Trains in MMA

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    In an interview with FC Fighter, Brittney says how she trained with Shawn Tompkins for a long time, but hasn't found a gym out in California yet.

    Although, she did have a training session with UFC lightweight Kenny Florian a few weeks ago.

16. She Is a Sponsor for Gamma Labs

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    As you may have guessed from videos earlier on, Brittney is a sponsor for Gamma Labs.

    She's done several videos for them lately, so we should all thank Gamma Labs for getting to see more of Miss Palmer.

15. She Has Several Tattoos

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    Brittney has a few tattoos, including the one pictured on her right hand shoulder, one on her lower back and others.

14. She's Very Active

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    Brittney likes to surf, skateboard, snowboard, train MMA and who knows what else?

    It sure seems like there's nothing that she can't do.

13. Favorite Foods

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    These next three facts are courtesy of Brittney's bio page on UFC.com.

    Brittney says her favorite foods are tapas and sushi.

    Quite exotic.

12. Turn-Ons

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    Again, via UFC.com, Brittney lists her turn-ons as sense of humor, ambition and talent.

    Make sure you keep that in mind, gents.

11. Favorite TV Show

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    Brittney says her favorite TV show is Entourage.

    Time to start watching HBO!

10. She Started off as a Dancer

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    Before she was seen cageside, she was seen up on the stage.

    Prior to becoming a ring girl, Brittney was a dancer at a club on the strip in Vegas.

9. Then She Went to the WEC

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    Brittney's career could be considered similar to Donald Cerrone.

    Started off in the WEC, then came to the UFC and absolutely exploded!

    People have certainly taken notice.

8. Fan of Urijah Faber

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    In the same interview with FC Fighter that was linked earlier, Brittney says that Urijah Faber is a fighter she always roots for, as they both came up together through the WEC and are now in the UFC.

    We as UFC fans are glad to have them both.

7. She's a Favorite of the Fans

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    This one goes without saying, but while she is a fan of Faber, UFC fans are fans of hers.

    She is arguably the top ring girl in the UFC today, and she was recently named the hottest woman in MMA today.

6. She's Been Featured in Maxim

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    You can look up the rest of the pictures online!

    In addition to Maxim, Brittney has said...

5. She Would Do Playboy

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    Again, we can thank the FC Fighter interview for this one.

    Brittney has said that if she were to do Playboy, she would want to do something related to her art.

    Something where she'd be covered in paint.

    That'd be pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

4. Hasn't Been Seen Cageside Since UFC 132

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    Brittney has not been seen outside the Octagon since UFC 132, where Dominick Cruz faced off against Urijah Faber for the bantamweight title.

    But boy did those green-kinis look good.

3. She Has Her Own Calendar

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    During her time away from the Octagon, Brittney was able to put out her own swimsuit calendar!

    You can order it from her website. It's definitely worth it.

2. She's Still Insanely Hot

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    Just in case anyone had forgotten.

    But now on to the most important and most awesome piece of information EVER.

1. She's Coming Back at UFC 140!

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    It has been confirmed by Dana White and by Brittney herself that she will be coming back to the UFC, and we will see her again in Toronto at UFC 140.

    Now we can all look forward to seeing that beautiful smiling face Octagon-side once again!

    Everyone has got to be happy about that.

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