Jacksonville Jaguars: My Top 5 Head Coaching Candidates To Replace Jack Del Rio

Jonathan MaurerCorrespondent IINovember 29, 2011

Jacksonville Jaguars: My Top 5 Head Coaching Candidates To Replace Jack Del Rio

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    Jack Del Rio was fired today, and that was expected to happen seeing how his team is 3-8.  

    Mel Tucker is the interim head coach, but unless the Jags go 7-9, it's likely that he won't become the permanent head coach.  

    I have thought of five coaches who could become the Jaguars' next head coach.

5. Jim Tressel

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    The Jaguars' first head coach was Tom Coughlin who was the head coach of Boston College. He got the team to the AFC championship in the franchise's second year.  

    Despite what happened at Ohio State, Jim Tressel is still a very good football coach, and since he's not going to get a college gig anytime soon, why not.

    I do think he deserves a look at the pro level, because he has won more at the college level than Jim Harbaugh, and we see how good Harbaugh is doing now.

    So who's to say Jim Tressel can't help the Jags become a playoff contending team?

4.Bill Cowher

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    You're probably getting tired of hearing Bill Cowher's name when talking about head-coaching candidates, and I can understand that.  

    But it's hard to believe a guy who's as good of a coach in the NFL is going to be targeted by so many teams and is going to be offered as much money as he will be offered and think that he will stay on CBS? 

    Someone will send Cowher an offer that will be very difficult to refuse, and depending on the money and whether or not Cowher thinks he can do something with the Jaguars, he might take the job...and I mean MIGHT!

3. Jeff Fisher

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    It would be perfect revenge for Jeff Fisher to join the rival of the franchise that he helped become relevant.  

    Fisher is a winning football coach that could help the Jaguars get back to where they were when they were going to AFC championship game in 1996.  

    Jeff Fisher is an old-school guy; he believes in running the football and stopping the run. His personality fits what the Jaguars can do.

    And since he's such a good football coach, he can make them even better in that area, which will help the team win more football games. 

2. Andy Reid

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    Look, Andy Reid is done in Philadelphia, because the fans want him gone, and the fans usually get what they want (just ask John Fox).  

    Despite what Eagles fans think, Andy Reid is a great football coach.  He has reached five NFC championship games for a reason. This was the same guy who picked Donovan McNabb when everybody thought it was insane not to pick Ricky Williams, and even that turned out well.   

    Reid's specialty is developing quarterbacks, and that's what Jaguars need...along with some receivers.

1. Rob Ryan

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    He is like his brother—an energetic, defensive-minded coach.   

    The Cowboys defense struggled, and Rob Ryan made them into elite defense again. I think Rob could bring the same energy to the Jaguars that Rex brings to the Jets.   

    Rex has been to two AFC championships his first two years, and that's because he knows how to win football games like his dad Buddy Ryan, and I think you can expect the same from Rob Ryan as well.