WWE: Looking Back on Undertaker's First WWE Championship Win 20 Years Later

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistDecember 1, 2011

It is Survivor Series 1991, and we are now at the main event of the show.

A man in a black cloak with a large black hat atop his head walks down the center aisle. A pale man with an urn in hand walks in front of him. The audience is awestruck by this man. No one knows how anyone can beat this man simply known as the Undertaker.

He has only been in the WWE a year, and he is already challenging the face of the company, Hulk Hogan, one on one. If anyone can beat this monster, it is the man who sets the entire arena on fire.

Hogan comes out to a universally accepting crowd, completely ready to see Hogan face this monster. Both men are giants in stature, yet there is something even larger that radiates off of Hogan as the crowd is behind him.

While Undertaker looks menacing, he simply looks like a rookie standing beside a legend in Hogan as the bell rings. Every eye and ear are glued to a TV screen or glued to their seats to watch this contest unfold.

The match unfolds as a big man match with slow brawling with Hogan quickly finding himself in trouble. This rookie looks more powerful and more invulnerable. In fact, Hogan is unable to take Taker off his feet more than six minutes.

The contest begins to wind down, and somehow it seems Undertaker is actually becoming more energized. Just as Undertaker looks to be closing on victory, Hogan hulks up. The crowd is going wild when Ric Flair comes into the match.

Momentum shifts, and suddenly we see Hulk Hogan being tombstoned onto a steel chair behind the referee's back. That day, Hogan would give Taker the belt with the pinfall victory making Taker at the time the youngest star to ever win the title.

From there, we all know the story. Taker became a legend, an icon, the ultimate veteran to which all men can only attempt to compare themselves to. This win may have been the most important in Undertaker's career as the face of the company gave him a huge win on pay-per-view.

It doesn't even matter that Taker lost the belt back to Hogan two days later. What matters was that he was given that chance at 26 years old to become champion. Now, we can look back on this day as the creation of a legend.

Sure, the previous year on the same PPV, Undertaker debuted, but it was not until Hogan gave Taker the three count that Undertaker took off a true legend.

Remember the history we saw at Survivor Series this past month. Will we again be seeing the birth of stars thanks to Survivor Series as the legendary Undertaker leaves the ring once and for all?

It is not so far-fetched.

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