Just a Little Letter from a Tennessee Vols Fan

JESSI SHARPECorrespondent INovember 28, 2011

We could learn alot from these ladies
We could learn alot from these ladiesDoug Benc/Getty Images

Let me start out by saying that Derek Dooley has committed the unforgivable sin of losing to Kentucky.  He should never be cleared of that charge.  However, the Tennessee fans that have been screaming for his head since this past Saturday might need to pump the breaks a little.

Are we forgetting what instability has done to this once proud program?  New coach equals new system.  New system equals time to implement that system.  During that time, the Vols are sure to have the same mediocre results that we witnessed this year.

What are coaches to do?  Phillip Fulmer stepped aside, as requested by the fanbase.  The fans still screamed at him.  Lane Kiffin took his dream job.  The fans wanted to burn mattresses.  Derek Dooley wants to stay and keep building and if I was him, I'd be giving the fans some not-so-flattering sign language, considering the unpleasantries that have been directed at him all year long.

We are fans.  Most without any athletic ability or even the build of one for that matter.  Do these coaches and players come to your yard and throw rocks at you when you are mowing?  Doubt it.  I get it.  I grew up in the great state of Tennessee where it was "God, Family and Tennessee Football," not necessarily in that order.  Only problem is that I appreciate that these guys go week in and week out and give their all for Tennessee in the only way they know how.

As fans, the way we can do that is continue to support this team as they work they their way back towards the top.  I am as mad as anyone else about the play calls, personnel moves and most of all, the losing record.  Only thing is there are other people that are in charge who can decide if its time for this staff to go.

We are the fans and there is nothing more wrong we can do than bash this team.  Fans cheer for their team regardless.  No matter who is in charge, I will always support my team.

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