Best Fan Blog for Every NFL Team

Michael DulkaContributor INovember 21, 2011

Best Fan Blog for Every NFL Team

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    One of the best ways to keep up with the happenings of your favorite team is through fan blogs. Instead of having to hear analysts rave about Tim Tebow or the mediocre Dallas Cowboys, you just want to hear about what's going on with your team.

    Fan blogs of specific teams provide readers with another fan's perspective on the latest news or game results. While they may or may not agree with the blogger, many people still enjoy getting inside the minds of other fans.

    While there are countless blogs dedicated to NFL teams, there are certain blogs that maintain a higher standard than others.

Arizona Cardinals: Raising Zona

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    Lead writer Scott Allen tackles Arizona Cardinals coverage with his Raising Zona blog.

    The site covers everything Cardinals while providing honest commentary on all topics. 

    Posts have covered the possibility of a quarterback controversy, preview posts, updates during the game and postgame coverage.

    For Cardinals fans, Raising Zona is a great place to read about your team from a fan's perspective.

Atlanta Falcons: Blogging Dirty

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    Blogging Dirty is your spot for an Atlanta Falcons-dedicated blog.

    The team, made up of Jamie Kelly, Adam Hall, Scott Wilson, Greg Huseth and Ian Borders, does a great job covering their team from all angles. 

    Pregame articles for the Falcons Week 11 matchup with the Tennessee Titans included a Q&A with a Titans blogger, three key matchups and five Falcons that needed to step up.

    The blog provides plenty of reading material leading up to and following games.

Baltimore Ravens: For Those Who Bleed Purple

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    For Those Who Bleed Purple is the best Ravens blog out there because of its overall coverage and ability to tackle tough questions.

    Recent posts have touched on Joe Flacco's ability to be a franchise quarterback, the atrocity in Seattle and the coaching job of John Harbaugh.

    The site also offers a message board, videos and even more analysis.

    After checking out the site, Ravens fans can also download the Android App for the site.

Buffalo Bills: Buffalo Low Down

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    For the once-promising Buffalo Bills, their best fan blog is Buffalo Low Down.

    The daily updates keep the site fresh and provide new materials for readers.

    While the Bills have quickly rolled down a hill, the coverage of their beloved Bills has not suffered a bit.

    Recent posts have questioned whether or not these are the same old Bills, a breakdown of the AFC East and AFC playoff picture and whether or not the team should re-sign Bryan Scott.

Carolina Panthers: Cat Crave

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    With all the change in Carolina this season, Cat Crave has remained a constant with their coverage of the Panthers.

    The blog features fantasy updates, game recaps and injury updates for your favorite players. 

    Recent posts have consisted of a comparison of new head coach Ron Rivera to former head coach John Fox, an update on Albert Haynesworth joining the Bucs and a fantasy preview for the Week 11 matchup with the Detroit Lions.

Chicago Bears: Bear Goggles on

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    For your Bears blog needs, Bear Goggles On provides its readers with daily coverage on all things Bears and other NFL topics.

    The constant stream of content coming from Bear Goggles On is just as informative as it is constant. 

    Recent posts have included a breakdown looking ahead to a showdown with Tim Tebow, reaction to the fines handed out from the fight-heavy Week 10 matchup with the Detroit Lions and picks for every NFL game.

Cincinnati Bengals: Who Dey Fans

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    For all you Bengals fans out there, Who Dey Fans is a great fan blog with multiple posts a week and a weekly podcast.

    They have been sensational this season during the surprisingly exciting season for the Bengals. 

    Recent posts have included a look at the remaining schedule, multiple previews of the Week 11 matchup with the division rival Baltimore Ravens and a list of 10 reasons why Bengals fans should hate the Ravens.

    All topics are game for the writers at Who Dey Fans.

Cleveland Browns: Dawg Pound Daily

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    Dawg Pound Daily is here for all the truly dedicated and often overlooked Browns fans out there.

    The blog presents news, previews and recaps of games from the perspective of a die-hard fan.

    Lead writer Steve Dimatteo and staff writers Chris Slocombe and Jimmy Weinland provide your daily coverage. 

    The writers of the blog make themselves very visible with their emails and Twitter handles displayed.

    Feel free to comment, e-mail or tweet them if you disagree or agree. Let them have it, just don't tell them I sent you.

Dallas Cowboys: Lone Star Struck

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    With one of the biggest followings in the country, it's only right that the Dallas Cowboys have a big-hitter fan blog.

    Lone Star Struck provides excellent coverage on all things Cowboys. 

    Recent posts have covered previews and game recaps for the rivalry battle between the Cowboys and Washington Redskins, the talent at the running back position and the roller coaster that has been the Cowboys 2011 season.

Denver Broncos: Bronco Talk

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    Since 2006, Bronco Talk has worked to become one of the best blogs dedicated to Broncos fans.

    The blog provides constant commentary on what is happening in Denver surrounding the Broncos organization.

    Following each game, the site awards game balls to players that outplayed the others. 

    For all the latest on the Tim Tebow-saga, Bronco Talk has you covered with real reaction and commentary from some die-hard Broncos fans.

Detroit Lions: The Lions in Winter

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    Run by Bleacher Report's own Ty Schalter, The Lions in Winter is one of the best NFL-focused blogs.

    Schalter does a great job providing in-depth analysis and breaking it down for the casual fan.

    The blog is a beautiful mix of fanhood with professional, quality content.

    Every Sunday night at 11:00 EST, you can join Schalter for his Fireside Chat weekly podcast broadcast with a link on the blog.

    For all you Lions fanatics out there, The Lions in Winter should definitely be favorited or bookmarked.

Green Bay Packers: Cheesehead TV

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    Cheesehead TV is the best team-specifc blog I have ever seen.

    From the talented writers, such as co-founder Aaron Nagler, to the almost overwhelming amount of content found on their site, the only problem is that once you get on the site you can say goodbye to at least a couple of hours.

    Cheesehead TV provides Packers fans with podcasts to enjoy, videos to digest and game-day chats that connect you with other fans from all over.

    For Packers fans, Cheesehead TV is an absolute must on a daily basis.

Houston Texans: Houston Diehards

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    For those Texans fans, Houston Diehards is the spot for you.

    The blog is extremely well done and presents good content in a mix of quality and quantity.

    This site is for all the die-hards and the newcomers jumping on the bandwagon of the team's most exciting year.

    Some recent posts have included a breakdown of Matt Lienart's future leading the team, game recaps and truths about the team at the halfway mark.

    Comments are always appreciated on the site, and writer Chris will interact with you.

Indianapolis Colts: 18 to 88

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    While the current play of the Indianapolis Colts has been almost an insult to the honored name of the blog, 18 to 88 has remained strong and provided commentary and analysis through one of the toughest seasons in league history.

    18 to 88 has provided readers with breakdowns of the race for the first pick in the 2012 NFL draft, bright spots in the rough season and previews and postgame recaps.

Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jaggernaut

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    Through the disappointing season in Jacksonville, the Jaggernaut has been brutally honest in its commentary of the season.

    This blog is not for those that enjoy everything sugar-coated and want the scenarios in which the 3-7 Jaguars can still advance to the Super Bowl.

    The blog also does a nice job keeping readers updated with division rivals with occasional posts.

    These folks over at the Jaggernaut are definitely worth a visit for all Jaguars fans—and even for AFC South rivals to keep tabs.

Kansas City Chiefs: KC Chiefs Blog

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    The KC Chiefs Blog provide the Arrowhead faithful with up-to-date news and reactions on all things Chiefs and AFC West.

    The blog features reactions to news stories that impact the Chiefs and sometimes the rest of the NFL, while providing plenty of links.

    Recent posts on the blog have discussed the impact of Tyler Palko taking over at quarterback, Tim Tebow's Broncos and picks for all Week 11 games.

    For reactions to all the latest Chiefs news, KC Chiefs Blog has you covered.

Miami Dolphins: Phin Fever

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    Phin Fever is one of the best NFL blogs with great blog posts, active message boards and a radio show.

    The site is filled with insight and coverage of the Miami Dolphins.

    If you enjoy the site, you can even purchase some merchandise

    Recent posts include a breakdown of the Dolphins 35-6 beatdown of the Buffalo Bills in Week 11, an update on the AFC East following the Jets Thursday night loss and the debate over winning or losing with their current record.

Minnesota Vikings: Save the Vikes

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    While it may not be the best blog at providing breakdowns of recent games, matchups or analysis, Save the Vikes is the most important blog for Vikings fans to follow at this point.

    Facing the Vikings potentially leaving, the fans in Minnesota need to be aware of what is happening and what is at stake.

    The blog provides all the latest information about the Vikings' stadium troubles and the possible relocation of the franchise.

New England Patriots: Musket Fire

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    Over at the Musket Fire blog, there is plenty of good material on the Patriots and solid coverage of the AFC East rivals.

    Lead writer Jamie Pacheco does an amazing job scouting opponents and breaking them down for readers.

    Recent posts on the site include a Q&A with a Chiefs blogger, five questions about the Chiefs and a breakdown of Bill Belichick against his former assistant coaches.

New Orleans Saints: Who Dat Dish

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    Who Dat Dish is dedicated to covering the New Orleans Saints and their journey toward the franchise's second Super Bowl.

    With an army of 11 writers, there is always fresh analysis and commentary coming from the blog.

    Recent posts have covered the Saints stats on the year, the NFC South and NFC playoff picture and a preview for the rest of the season.

    With plenty of writers offering a wide selection of views and opinions, there is something to like for all Saints fans. 

New York Giants: Gmen HQ

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    Gmen HQ is all about providing fresh, thought-provoking work from the fan perspective for the New York Giants.

    With an insanely large fanbase, views and opinions about the team often differ.

    The blog has 10 different writers offering up their thoughts.

    The Gmen HQ blog is extremely well done, with up-to-the-minute commentary leading up to the game, during the game and following the game.

    There is plenty to dissect from the blog, with new posts being pushed out quickly.

New York Jets: The Gang Green

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    For Jets fans, the Gang Green is the blog for you.

    The site features frequent posts about the team, a dedicated section highlight posts from Jets players on Twitter and a free agency tracker for the offseason.

    While posts are not put out daily, they are very close, coming with only a couple days off.

    The site features a message board in addition to the blog's more than 2 million posts and 12,489 members.

    While the blog is popular, the forums are more frequently visited by most visitors.

Oakland Raiders: Just Blog Baby

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    This blog could make the list just based off of its great name alone.

    Just like its great name, the blog puts out great content about the Oakland Raiders.

    While many fans are considered irrational members of the Black Hole, the flag does a great job showcasing a different kind of die-hard Raiders fan.

    Recent posts on the blog has covered an update of the injury suffered by Darius Heyward-Bey, a breakdown following the Raiders Week 11 victory over the Minnesota Vikings and a Q&A with a Vikings blogger leading up to the game.

Philadelphia Eagles: Inside the Iggles

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    While the name comes off as a little strange, the content of Inside the Iggles does not.

    There has been much to discuss regarding the Eagles this season, and Inside the Iggles has done a great job of leaving no stone unturned.

    Recent posts cover the injury to Michael Vick, pregame questions about both teams and reactions to expert picks of the game.

    For all the latest as the Eagles make their desperation push toward the playoffs, check out Inside the Iggles.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Nice Pick Cowher

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    With Nice Pick Cowher, Steelers fans have a great blog to follow for analysis, reactions and division updates.

    The team of six writers consistently puts out multiples articles a day to ensure that readers never feel the site is barren.

    Recent posts have discussed the upcoming 2012 NFL draft, AFC North updates while the Steelers have their bye and breaking down a potential Super Bowl rematch between the Steelers and the Green Bay Packers.

San Diego Chargers: Bolt Hype

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    Since it started in 2006, Bolt Hype has worked to be the best at bringing fans original fan content in the blog format.

    The blog provides readers with all types of posts regarding the team, the history and the fans of the San Diego Chargers.

    Besides hosting the blog, the site also boasts a forum and podcasts.

    Along with all the content from Bolt Hype, the site also does a great job organizing links to outside sources for all the latest Chargers talk from around the web.

San Francisco 49ers: 49ers Paradise

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    While the 49ers are cranking out wins, 49ers Paradise is cranking out hot content on their blog.

    As the team's popularity soars with the new onslaught of success, the blog is providing great content to get all these bandwagon fans up to speed.

    Recent posts include a breakdown of stats, assessing Frank Gore's likelihood to play with his injury and the strong play of the 49ers defense.

    With a nice section to links of 49ers stories from around the web, this blog has your back.

Seattle Seahawks: Dave Krieg's Strike Beard

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    Dave Krieg's Strike Beard provides some of the best blogging from the perspective of a sports fan.

    Putting all the emotions of a city dying for a championship in any sport, Dave Krieg's Strike Beard holds no emotions back while blogging about their beloved Seattle Seahawks.

    The blog features game recaps as well as other topics during the course of the week and whatever is on the mind of this Seattle fan.

St. Louis Rams: Rams Herd

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    Rams Herd does a great job at providing content that would otherwise go unnoticed.

    Alongside the game recaps and the preview articles, Rams Herd frequently breaks down plays and explains at a more in-depth level exactly what is going on.

    This blog mix-up is content to provide many different angles for fans.

    While many news analyst and experts would focus on the bigger, more up-front issues, Rams Herd looks at the more obsolete and overlooked aspects.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Joe Bucs Fan

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    Joe Bucs Fan has become the premier site for Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans looking for the fan perspective at their team.

    The site produces content at a frantic pace to keep up with the extremely fast-moving NFL.

    The blog features videos, message boards and giveaways to it's frequent visitors.

    So all you Bucs fans out there, visit the blog for some tremendous insight about your team with the chance to win some free stuff.

Tennessee Titans: Total Titans

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    Total Titans is a solid blog that does a fairly good job at presenting it's content, but offers little else.

    The content of the posts are insightful and bring quite a bit to the table.

    The daily posts provide readers with a constant stream of information.

    Recent posts include a breakdown of the Titans' Week 11 loss to the Atlanta Falcons, reasons to be excited about the future and a scouting report of the Falcons leading up to the game.

Washington Redskins: Redskins Hog Heaven

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    While most times being realistic is the logical thing to do, sometimes it is blind hope that makes rooting for a sports team so fun.

    At Redskins Hog Heaven, there is no shame in that.

    Even as heavy underdogs in their Week 11 battle with the Dallas Cowboys, the Redskins were given hope by writers at the blog (the Redskins lost in overtime).

    Recent posts at the blog include the prediction that the Redskins would knock off the Cowboys, scouting the Cowboys and the potential acquisition of Peyton Manning in the offseason.

    Nothing is off limits at Redskins Hog Heaven.


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