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I'm a husband, father of three, full time Bleacher Report writer and member of the Pro Football Writers of America. A lover of food, drink, song, words, and infographics, I've been obsessed with the NFL since before I can remember. A lifelong Lions fan, I'm also into hockey, soccer (especially USMNT and Liverpool FC) and all things Michigan State.

Besides covering the NFL for Bleacher Report, I keep my own Lions blog, The Lions in Winter. You probably shouldn't follow me on Twitter (@tyschalter) unless you share some of my passions, because I Tweet about them constantly—so if you do, you probably should.

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  • Nate H posted 6 days ago

    Nate H

    Honestly Ty, you are being quite irresponsible in your 'journalism' here. you are making broad statements that the majority of fans don't support AD. Why not allow comments on that post? You know exactly what would happen. Coward.

  • Sparky posted 7 days ago



  • KTB posted 7 days ago


    To all of those who are posting that Peterson was within his rights to punish his son. Yes, he is, but not in the way that he did it. There's a huge difference between punishing and abusing. No child should be left with such marks from a punishment. Period. If Peterson had spanked him with his bare hand, I'd have no problem with that. However, he used a switch and left cuts and welts on his 4 year old child. He deserves jail time for this.

  • William Berry posted 7 days ago

    William Berry

    You ARE one of the ones who JUST NEVER WILL GET IT! You are a threat to what this country was founded on...Innocent until proven guilty! Due process is the American way. The media is the bully here and the terrorist all in one package. Being a Lions fan I see why you want any and all player who are NOT Lions to be removed from those teams. Your influence should be for justice and NOT ignorant of the law opinions of those who pretend to be concern for the greater good. The Greater Good is everybody has the right to be heard and their day in court. EVERYBODY! YOU are NOT part of the process either. This should go along way to YOUR VERY OWN LIFETIME BAN FROM WRITING!

  • Danny Hibbard posted 7 days ago

    Danny Hibbard

    I just read your article on Adrian Peterson, you are one of the worst writers I have ever read, I follow this game as much as can including reading 100-200 articles daily, but yours just struck me as someone who is too pompous and opinionated for his own good, you shouldn't be covering sports you should be doing accounting or something, you are really terrible as a writer, and it only took me one of you pieces to notice, I feel bad for anyone who would be a long time reader of yours.

  • John Eichsteadt posted 7 days ago

    John Eichsteadt

    Are you seriously comparing the AP incident to the RR incident? A parent is fully within their rights to punish their child, and what Adrian Peterson did was a matter of degree of force. Repeatedly punching someone who is not attacking you and knocking them unconscious is felony assault. In the Rice case it was also his fiance, and showed signs of ongoing abuse. Everyone knows that it is not ok to punch a woman, and a player who does it needs to be ostracized. There are probably millions of people in the US alone that do what Peterson did, and don't know there is something wrong with it. It is an opportunity for the league to help educate the public.

  • Mike Tater posted 7 days ago

    Mike Tater

    Way to not have any comments on your AP article, hiding like a coward because you don't want people to poke holes in your article. Its just like Charles Barkley said on CBS pre-game. That is how kids are disciplined in that area. You know absolutely nothing about reporting. If people like you have their way, we will all be thrown in jail if we raise our voice to our kids within the next 10 years.

  • K rudnik posted 7 days ago

    K rudnik

    You wrote one of the worst pieces that I've ever read. Borderline slanderous.
    Didn't know journalism called for spinning how events unfolded just to make an emotional argument against the key player of a divisional foe...

  • USC PROjans posted 7 days ago

    USC PROjans

    You're not black so I wouldn't expect you to get what Adrian did. Lots of families discipline their children llike this and teaches them not to do something wrong. He probably went an ounce to far but the kid doesn't need a pep talk. The bible says spare the rod, spoil the child. He isn't Ray Rice but is getting the same treatment for doing something that has been done for years to me and him growing up. Unless he put the child in a coma, there shouldn't be suspended for this. He should only be fined a little amount and put this matter behind since this is his ONLY offense. GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!

  • B posted 7 days ago


    Equating the Peterson situation with those of Rice and Hardy is inflammatory and reckless. Anyone who makes that connection without noting the significant distinctions in the respective situations is intellectually lazy.

    Corporal punishment is a difficult topic, whose acceptability rests largely on evolving social norms. In such situations, right and wrong from one person's perspective is not by default the standard that the rest of the world must live by.

    I see many parents today that I believe are failing their children by trying to be a friend rather than a parent. I can tell you I am thankful that I had parents that cared enough to discipline me when necessary. Which is worse, a parent that crosses an arbitrary line when providing discipline or a parent that fails to provide any discipline at all?

    Is it morally acceptable for Ty Schalter (or anyone else) to impose his morals and parental judgments on the rest of the world and accuse any who disagree as "violently abusing their children." I do not believe so.