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I'm a husband, father of three, full time Bleacher Report writer and member of the Pro Football Writers of America. A lover of food, drink, song, words, and infographics, I've been obsessed with the NFL since before I can remember. A lifelong Lions fan, I'm also into hockey, soccer (especially USMNT and Liverpool FC) and all things Michigan State.

Besides covering the NFL for Bleacher Report, I keep my own Lions blog, The Lions in Winter. You probably shouldn't follow me on Twitter (@tyschalter) unless you share some of my passions, because I Tweet about them constantly—so if you do, you probably should.

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  • Maya Sinha posted 37 days ago

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  • jhon alex posted 66 days ago

    jhon alex

    "In my opinion, the Open Source and GPL movements personify the Cluetrain Manifesto. It's simply a new marketplace and things will end up being different. That's just evolution hard at work."

  • Jacob Cowen posted 67 days ago

    Jacob Cowen

    Go bounce another hit of acid off your nostrils and rethink your pick. Pats!

  • Alan Depp posted 96 days ago

    Alan Depp

    Sanchez showing hes the Eagles weakest link. Stick with soccer and hockey Ty. At least watch the game you report on. At the end of the second half Sproles would have had a easy catch and stopped the clock if he was ready for the pass. He caught hell by the coaches. Just an empty shirt football reporter.

  • Jeffrey Lincoln posted 103 days ago

    Jeffrey Lincoln

    Looks like Ty Schalter staked his reputation on that ridiculous Patriots Dynasty is Dead article ,and his credibility suffers embarrassing after embarrassing EPIC FAILURE. How do you like your crow served up, Ty?

  • Clark W. Griswold Jr. posted 115 days ago

    Clark W.  Griswold Jr.

    A road loss to the Broncos and the Dolphins have "put the AFC on notice" as YOU said. They eek out a win in an obvious trap game, take sole possession of the 6th seed and now they "aren't a playoff team"? Dude, you're embarrassing yourself.

  • RT17 posted 115 days ago


    Wow i've never seen a writer that lets his personal hate interfere with his writing like you. Your contuined Disrespect for the dolphins is getting out of hand ,worry about your own dam team I don't care if u hate them but don't be trashing our team all over bleacher report its uncalled for, have a nice day

  • Uncle Buck posted 134 days ago

    Uncle Buck

    Who gave this guy a job? Ty Schalter is a lazy writer who looks for the easiest story lines to cover, so it's no surprise that he jumps on whatever bandwagon is most fashionable during a given week. He's too much of a coward to admit how wrong he was about so many things, especially his ridiculous claim that the Patriot's dynasty is dead because they had one bad game. Ty, your not good at this, so it may be time to try something else.

  • Pooya Hagh posted 144 days ago

    Pooya Hagh

    Can you please explain how Maclin, who has had 8 TDs in 8 games is not in the top 50? Also no Rotehlisberger or Griffen? What a joke!