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I'm a husband, father of three, full time Bleacher Report writer and member of the Pro Football Writers of America. A lover of food, drink, song, words, and infographics, I've been obsessed with the NFL since before I can remember. A lifelong Lions fan, I'm also into hockey, soccer (especially USMNT and Liverpool FC) and all things Michigan State.

Besides covering the NFL for Bleacher Report, I keep my own Lions blog, The Lions in Winter. You probably shouldn't follow me on Twitter (@tyschalter) unless you share some of my passions, because I Tweet about them constantly—so if you do, you probably should.

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  • Phil Grimes posted 8 days ago

    Phil Grimes

    Yeah, so about that Russell Wilson article

  • Paul S posted 12 days ago

    Paul S

    The Patriots article was an absolute joke. I don't know if you actually watch football, but it's only week umm lets seee....6!!! Don't go praising Brady in week 17 when they finish 12-4. I would stick to writing Lions articles and other teams that haven't been a factor in this league for 20 years. You'd probably be better at that. Or maybe just take all those fancy numbers of yours and go teach high school algebra. I know marijuana isn't the only thing you smoke if you write an article as ignorant as that.

  • F R posted 14 days ago

    F R

    "Russell Wilson joins Cam, Vick, McNabb, and Cunningham as the only players with 200 passyd, 100rushyd, passTD & rushTD in same game."
    — Football Perspective (@fbgchase) October 7, 2014

    Your article had a quote about "elite OBs"
    I could be totally wrong and maybe it was just a bad dream for Packer fans...
    Colin Kaepernick against Green Bay in the playoffs:
    181 Rushing yards (A record for a QB) and 2 TDS
    263 Passing Yards and 2 TDS

  • Jeffrey Lincoln posted 15 days ago

    Jeffrey Lincoln

    Looks like Ty Schalter staked his reputation on that ridiculous Patriots Dynasty is Dead article ,and his credibility suffered an EPIC FAILURE last night. How do you like your crow served up, Ty?

  • Charlie Odorizzi posted 17 days ago

    Charlie Odorizzi

    Hi, I saw your article on How Well do you Really Know NFL rules, and thought I would ask for your help on an interesting and perplexing one!! During the recent GB and MINN game, the ball blew off the tee twice when the Vikings were kicking off after a TD. That meant a player must now hold the ball on the tee. What would be the consequences if it fell once again despite the player attempting to hold it...for any reason. Is the kicker required to kick it no matter what? Is it ruled offside or illegal motion perhaps? If not, what, if anything, is the correct call? I hope you can answer this one for me! Thanks.

  • Larry Schiro posted 20 days ago

    Larry Schiro

    Relax NE fans, the Patriots will be playing their patsies in two weeks...the Buffalo Bills, who are in their annual free fall. After Brady plays them he will be back on track for another playoff run...Bank on it

  • james lavrentios posted 20 days ago

    james lavrentios

    New England Patriots Dynasty Is Dead? r u serious? after over a decade of wins , they have one crap game and your calling them dead? your misinformed my friend and are going to have have to do some homework, the problem is not Tom Brady or the Receivers, blocking and defense has been holding them down, People like yourself wait for one bad thing to happen and you instantly put garbage out there , you should be ashamed of yourself!!!! its been 4 games , that's it! Ill be keeping in touch!!!!

  • Jeffrey Lincoln posted 21 days ago

    Jeffrey Lincoln

    When you write an analysis this conclusive, just be prepared to eat the crow with a smile if you're wrong. Remember, they started off the 2001 season with a 1-3 record including miserable and embarrassing losses. They looked equally miserable starting 2003. Staking your reputation as an analyst here.

  • Nate H posted 34 days ago

    Nate H

    Honestly Ty, you are being quite irresponsible in your 'journalism' here. you are making broad statements that the majority of fans don't support AD. Why not allow comments on that post? You know exactly what would happen. Coward.

  • Sparky posted 35 days ago