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I'm a husband, father of three, full time Bleacher Report writer and member of the Pro Football Writers of America. A lover of food, drink, song, words, and infographics, I've been obsessed with the NFL since before I can remember. A lifelong Lions fan, I'm also into hockey, soccer (especially USMNT and Liverpool FC) and all things Michigan State.

Besides covering the NFL for Bleacher Report, I keep my own Lions blog, The Lions in Winter. You probably shouldn't follow me on Twitter (@tyschalter) unless you share some of my passions, because I Tweet about them constantly—so if you do, you probably should.

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  • Rick James posted 3 days ago

    Rick James

    Ty...I agree that "THE REDSKINS" deserve a QB controversy but only because they hired the CANCER known as Mike Shanahan. Shanahan made ALL the decisions for the last 4 years and he is the one who created all of this.

    But give the Skins a break. Bruce Allen is in total charge and he has cleaned up the organization and the attitude. In addition, YOU are claiming that having a great backup is a PROBLEM...and there are 31 other teams that wish they had this problem It's not a problem really. It wasn't a problem when Griffin suffered a concussion 2 years ago and Cousins started again Cleveland and beat them by throwing for over 330 yards.

    It won't be a problem if Griffin gets hurt again and they need a solid backup QB to come in, will it? So in my opinion you have written an article about a glass being half EMPTY when in reality it is REALLY REALLY FULL.

  • Brad Williams posted 41 days ago

    Brad Williams

    Seriously, you ranked the Dolphins at 32nd? Who'd you pay to have your column featured, or even become an "NFL analyst"? Quit your "job" and stick to Michigan-based sports. What a joke

  • Mike Andrus posted 41 days ago

    Mike  Andrus

    So next time you think of doing a power ranking do not waste your time. Its obvious you do not do any research & just write your list by who you like & do not like. There is no way that you can honestly say going into training camp Miami is the 32nd worst team & the Lions are the 12th best team.
    I am seriously looking forward to Nov 9th when the team you say is the worst team in the league defeats the Lions in Detroit.
    I am in no way saying Miami should be in the top 10 or anything but lets be real they are easily between 18 & 23.
    Look at the comments people leave, fans of other teams even say no way is Miami anywhere near 32.
    I understand that nobody ever agrees but lest be real you can not even give legit facts to back up what you say. You miss lead people saying Pouncey is out for 3 months when he is only going to miss 4 games the way things look at the moment. Throwing in about the accusations of the fight? Really? Funny thing so far the police say the brothers were not even involved so I really do not see where that fits into the rankings at all. Infact its kind of odd the fight is only in the Dolphins article & not the Steelers. Why is that?
    Not that I believe anything the accusers say but Marquise was the one I heard named as doing the hitting but all I hear you reporters doing is killing Mike about it. Stop saying what you want people to believe & report facts. Do some research & actually do realistic Power Ranking for once. Sure people will still disagree a little but it will be more debating that just saying what an absolute joke it is. I never see comments on or about how much of a joke they are like I do here.

  • Henry Dorgan posted 41 days ago

    Henry Dorgan

    Wow man, just using Washington instead of the Washington REDSKINS was such a powerful move by you man! I bet the Redskins name totally offends you because you're totally 100% white! Yeah! Internet activism is the best activism!

  • Bryant Dickson posted 42 days ago

    Bryant Dickson

    Your power rankings are terrible

  • Phil Grimes posted 42 days ago

    Phil Grimes

    I don't know why I'm replying since I know you don't like the Ravens, but your power rankings had some incorrect "facts".

    Joe Flacco's cap hit is enormous… in 2016. For 2013, it was $6.8 million, which is less than his rookie cap hit in the final year of his deal. No, that had nothing to do with them losing players. It actually helped them sign new faces.

    Flacco's play really didn't deteriorate. It was him losing Boldin, which would have been fine if… Pitta didn't break his hip in training camp, Jacoby didn't get injured in the first game, KO wasn't playing with herniated disks and eventually get shut down, Yanda was fully healthy, Monroe had more time to develop chemistry, Gradkowski wasn't the worst starting center in the league, and Rice didn't play hurt.

    But, you know, it's cool to not mention any of that.

    Let's not take into account a healthy Pitta, Rice, KO, Yanda, Monroe having a full offseason to get chemistry, trading for a new center, Steve Smith, who will be an upgrade over Jones and Marlon Brown, and the addition Owen Daniels. It's cool.

    Doesn't even take into account the complete coaching overhaul. But, we'll see.

  • Cosmo Kramer posted 96 days ago

    Cosmo Kramer

    Just read that Redskins article (a little late I know). Please stop reaching with this Redskins thing. Do us all a favor.

  • Matt Berger posted 101 days ago

    Matt Berger

    seriously, how does this guy remain gainfully employed as a NFL writer for Bleacher Report?...obviously missed your 'calling'.

  • Matt Berger posted 101 days ago

    Matt Berger

    sick and tired of bleacher report writers and their compulsion for social commentary. STFU!! Note to Ty - Redskins are private property. You and your other asshole PC writers don't get a say.

  • Jack Gretschel posted 102 days ago

    Jack Gretschel

    I live in DC. You obviously don't. Us in DC have generations of people who feel a special connection to the Redskins. While the name may be racist we are not trying to offend native americans. Our logo is not offensive. Look at the Cleveland Indians logo. Thats offensive. There is also a freedom of speech law in this country. Its right there in the Constitution. Dan Snyder owns the team, and, unlike George Preston Marshall, is most definitely not a racist, so that makes your integration argument obsolete. I strongly disagree with your article and feel that you should stick to matters that you understand fully.