I'm a husband, father of three, full time Bleacher Report writer and member of the Pro Football Writers of America. A lover of food, drink, song, words, and infographics, I've been obsessed with the NFL since before I can remember. A lifelong Lions fan, I'm also into hockey, soccer (especially USMNT and Liverpool FC) and all things Michigan State.

Besides covering the NFL for Bleacher Report, I keep my own Lions blog, The Lions in Winter. You probably shouldn't follow me on Twitter (@tyschalter) unless you share some of my passions, because I Tweet about them constantly—so if you do, you probably should.

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  • Kevin Donovan posted 317 days ago

    Kevin Donovan

    matthew stffors has 8 picks and 6 td's jay has 3 picks and 6 td, they are not having a similar year you dumbass

  • Cam Ventura posted 318 days ago

    Cam Ventura

    You had the Pats ranked 5th? Are you slow? What games are you watching moron.

  • Garret Lingle posted 330 days ago

    Garret Lingle

    Nice Lions pick homer.

  • Garret Lingle posted 332 days ago

    Garret Lingle

    Damn, KC 3? Do you get paid for this nonsense?

  • Garret Lingle posted 332 days ago

    Garret Lingle

    Baltimore 7, Cincinnati 9??? What a joke.

  • Greg Bell posted 339 days ago

    Greg Bell

    Regarding the Colts secondary getting shredded by Fitzpatrick of the NYJ, did you even know that 3 of the Colts' top CBs were out with injures? Did you even watch the game?

  • Juice posted 342 days ago



  • Dick Army posted 345 days ago

    Dick Army

    your power rankings are a complete joke. KC at 2, and the Pats at 14? if you think there are 13 better teams in the NFL you're higher than hell. steelers in the late teens? Seattle not in the top 10? i guess it just goes to show anyone can be an 'expert' at bleacher report. do you watch football? either you don't or you're basically just a paid troll. no one wants to hear your uneducated and unreasonable opinions.

  • Allen Zhang posted 346 days ago

    Allen Zhang

    Could you make an independent article explaining your power rankings? I'm really curious as to what the reasoning is behind your rankings. I think a solo article where you have a fair chance to present your thoughts would be better than the consensus article where your rankings overly influence the results due to how different they are from the rest.

  • Michael Tinsley posted 348 days ago

    Michael Tinsley

    How much weight has Andy Reid lost ? I saw a clip of him on the Ravens vs. Broncos halftime show and he is truly sleek.
    I'm also a Lions and Michigan State fan, (grew up in Trenton) and loved their win over Oregon last night !