What Tim Tebow Brings to the Denver Broncos

Zach Sokolow@zachsokContributor IINovember 14, 2011

What Tim Tebow Brings to the Denver Broncos

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    The Denver Broncos rushed the ball 55 times against the Kansas City Chiefs. Tim Tebow only completed two passes. That is all he needed.

    Tim Tebow has not put any astonishing numbers on the board, but the only thing that matters in the NFL, is wins. Tebow is bringing wins to Denver, and in an up for grabs AFC West, the Broncos are making some noise in the playoff hunt.

    The Broncos and Tebow have handled the pressure and scrutiny and have managed to be successful so far.

    Coach John Fox has basically erased half his playbook, running more of an option type offense, similar to the one Tebow mastered at the University of Florida.

    Tebow has Broncos fans fired up for one simple reason...This guy knows how to win.


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    There are not many guys playing in the NFL who are constantly under the microscope like Tim Tebow.

    Since Tebow was such a stud in college, every professional scout, coach or player has an opinion on the southpaw. His awkward throwing mechanics and ability to grind out wins truly baffles the experts.

    It is hard to imagine many quarterbacks who have only been trusted to throw the ball seven times in the fourth quarter, making a pin-point 56-yard pass to just about seal a win on the road.

    This guy wants the ball when it matters. He is a winner. He does not care what you are going to say about it he got it afterward.

    You see professional athletes publicly say critics do not bother them. Some falter under these circumstances and are obviously paying close attention to the criticism. Tim Tebow truly will not be affected.

    Tebow managed the offense and earned a win by throwing the ball eight times on the road. This shows Tim does not care how pretty it looks, a win is a win. The glory days of Florida did not go to his head, and he works harder than anyone in that locker room, which has earned him respect from his teammates.

    The Broncos are playing hard and confidently, which is a direct reflection from the guy calling the plays in the huddle.

Wins Are More Important Than Stats for Tebow

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    The Denver Broncos are 3-1 since Tebow took over behind center. In Tebow’s latest performance, he finished the game with 69 yards on only 2-of-8 passing.

    Tebow’s 56-yard pass put the Broncos up by 10 points with under seven minutes to go on the road against the Chiefs. To think only his second completion of the day would seal the game is remarkable.

    It does not matter who you are playing, or where the game is played, being a professional quarterback in the NFL is a battle. To only throw the ball eight times and walk away from a hostile environment with a win, deserves a lot of credit.

    There are plenty of quarterbacks across the league with too big of an ego to be controlled in such a conservative offense. Tebow is a player who truly would rather have a win than any personal accolade.

    The Broncos ran the ball 55 times. How can the Chiefs explain letting the Denver Broncos walk into their house and run the ball 55 times?

    Tebow stuck to the gameplan and ran the ball in every direction because the Chiefs simply could not figure it out. Coach John Fox pounded the rock and hoped on the Tebow Train straight to a 17-10 victory on the road.

He Brings a "Buzz" to Denver

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    Think of the most recent headline news coming out of the Denver Broncos. Between Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall and Josh McDaniels drama, creating a winning atmosphere in Denver is really catching on.

    These days it seems everywhere you look, someone is crouched on one knee "Tebowing." Tebow has been the number one selling jersey in the NFL and that started as a backup.

    It makes sense the fans want to see Tim in action, after they pushed the management and coaching staff to bench Orton. The guy finds a way to win.

    Tebow brings a spark to the fans just as much as he supplies it for his teammates. The fans love watching a guy throw a 56-yard pass on the dime to seal a win on the road.

    Do you think the fans were thinking Tebow only completed 1-of-7 passes before the dagger?

    In the win against Miami, Tebow marched the Broncos down the field to score two touchdowns in the last six minutes to force overtime, and eventually win the game. Broncos fans got to witness Tebow being Tebow.

    Do you think the fans cared they could not move the ball for the first three-and-a-half quarters, or were they fired up Tebow led them when their backs were against the wall?

    Wins matter. Tebow finds a way to win...

Positive and Fresh Energy

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    When coach John Fox benched Kyle Orton for Tim Tebow in the Bronco's loss to the Chargers, the team was obviously revitalized. For the first time of the year, the guy walking into the huddle was not going to roll over, and they put up furious comeback attempt.

    The Broncos offensive line is working harder than any line in the NFL, especially after a game where the Broncos ran the ball 55 times.

    Tebow brings a winning mentality and an energy that has not been running a Denver Broncos huddle in years. Everyone loves an "All-American role model" and there is no better example of a hard working professional football player.

    He brings a positive outlook and he will not quit. The Broncos are feeding off his energy and giving Tebow as much help as he can get.

    Would you be amped up to play with Kyle Orton?

    Nothing personal against Orton, but nothing about the guy really jumps out at players and makes them want to battle in the trenches like they do for Tebow.

    Tebow is going to do everything he can to win every week, and the Broncos are trying to prove they can ride Tebow's mentality to the playoffs. 

A Chance to Contend for the Playoffs

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    Kyle Orton led the Broncos to a 1-4 record before Tim Tebow suddenly put the Broncos in the playoff picture.

    Sitting at 4-5 in the AFC West, the Broncos are only a game back of Oakland for the division lead. In a tight division, the Broncos could shock the world and squeak into the playoffs.

    Two of Tebow’s three wins have come at the hands of AFC West opponents…on the road.

    There are issues to attend to in Denver, but their energy and desire to make a push for the playoffs is undeniable.

    Seeing the Broncos make the playoffs this season is still a little hard to imagine, but when it comes to Tim Tebow, it really does not matter what anyone believes or expects…