Philadelphia Eagles: Is Steve Spagnuolo the Answer?

Professor BushCorrespondent IIINovember 9, 2011

The Next Eagles' Defensive Coordinator ?
The Next Eagles' Defensive Coordinator ?Scott Boehm/Getty Images

Who can get the Philadelphia Eagles out of the mess they are in? The answer might just be Steve Spagnuolo, currently the head coach of the St. Louis Rams.

Yes, Spagnuolo has another year left in his four-year contract. However, the Rams had only one win in his first season. They might end up this year with only one or two wins as well, so the Rams might be willing to eat that final year of the contract to make some changes.

Clearly, Juan Castillo is not capable of handling the position of defensive coordinator for the Eagles. You need to look no further than Jay Cutler's clean uniform in the fourth quarter of Monday night's game to see that. The Chicago Bears have an average offensive line at best, but Castillo still couldn't figure out a way to get pressure on the quarterback.

In the Eagles' five losses this year, the defense has given up 56 points in the fourth quarter in total.

It's pretty clear that Castillo has lost the respect of the defensive players. You can see that when the defensive backs return so frustrated to the sideline after giving up a long time-consuming drive featuring receivers open all over the field.

Spagnuolo spent most of his career as a defensive coach:

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- Eight years with the Eagles learning under Jim Johnson. At different times he was coach of linebackers and coach of the defensive backs.

- Two years as the defensive coordinator for the New York Giants. He was credited with stopping the New England Patriots' potent offense in Super Bowl XLII with those five sacks of Tom Brady.

So hiring Spagnuolo to be the Eagles' defensive coordinator might be the ticket back to playoff contention.  Owner Jeff Lurie can tell Spagnuolo that Andy Reid's time might be about over as the Eagles head coach. So if Spagnuolo can help turn things around in 2012, he might be in line to take over as head coach himself in 2013.

This seems to be a  win-win situation. What do you think? Can it happen? Post a comment and share your views. Maybe Jeff Lurie will be reading.

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