Dustin Keller Video: Jets TE Tries to Name the Months During Concussion Test

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 7, 2011

On Sunday, Dustin Keller made a horrible last-second decision that almost cost him more than the scorn of his teammates. 

Keller caught a pass from Mark Sanchez and turned to run up-field. He saw Bills corner Terence McGee coming at him and thought McGee would opt to tackle low. That is when Keller decided to leap instead of running into McGee's hit. 

The collision sent Keller spiraling in the air only to land on his head and shoulders. He was taken out of the game to be tested for a concussion. As The New York Post reports, Keller returned to the game after passing concussion tests to start the second half.

Now, at first glance you would say that Keller had no business entering that game. However, a comment left in the appropriate section on YouTube has a viable theory. 

The concussion test could have mandated Keller to recite the months in reverse order, which Keller does until he mutters November after March. It could very well be that Keller stated February making him spot on for the test. 

Let me say that this is pure speculation on my part, but I hope that is the case. Every NFL team has to worry about the ramifications, both long- and short-term, of concussions. Sadly, the head trauma is a huge part of the game. 

It would be a dishonorable action if Rex Ryan allowed an obviously affected player to get back into the game. I have to go in with faith that the team actually did this one by the book, which seems clear by the video. 

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