Come Back To Earth, Buckeyes; You Still Have a Long Way to Go

jordan krumreyAnalyst IDecember 13, 2008

Ohio State fans, why must you continue to insist on your team's greatness?

Why do you continue to boast what doesn't impress?

That is the question. "What doesn't impress" is your five-game win streak over Michigan and seven of eight victories.

You think this is greatness. You think this means that your beloved Buckeyes own that team up north.

Well, now, you couldn't be more wrong.

While seven of eight wins is impressive, as is five straight wins, all that UM fans can do is yawn. Would you like to know what true dominance is? You probably do, since you're not too familiar with it.

It is funny how quickly Buckeye fans everywhere forget about a man named John Cooper.

That is right, Buckeyes! Remember the good ole days where Michigan won 10 of 12 over your beloved Buckeyes? Hmmm, maybe you should start if you have forgotten.

As for five straight, that pails to Michigan's longest win streak of nine games to begin the series. That streak lasted from 1901-1909. Michigan actually started the series 13-0-2 dating from 1897-1918.

In fact it was after the 86-0 blowout loss to UM (largest in rivalry history) that Carmen Ohio, the OSU Alma Matter, was written. Fairly sad to think the school's most tradition-rich song was written after such a disgrace of a game.

Say what you want about going back to the olden days, but victories are victories, no matter the era. Most OSU fans use that old "Yeah, that was way back then" excuse just to avoid the truth. In all fairness, the level of competition at that point should have been about equal.

In fact, Ohio State didn't even get their first win until 1919, which was Chic Harley's first year. OSU would win the next three.

In 1918, the rivalry started back up as both teams met in their first-ever meeting as members of the Big Ten Conference. Michigan prevailed 14-0; that became Michigan's 11th shutout of Ohio State in 15 games.

That is dominance!

After Harley was finished at OSU, nature returned to its rightful manner...Michigan beating Ohio State. In 1922, The House that Harley Built was finally complete. The dedication game, which was played in front of 71,000 people, was against none other than Michigan.

Final result: Michigan 19, Ohio State 0...yet another shutout.

There is lore stating that there was a wager on that game. As a result, yellow flowers on a blue background still exist in the stadium's upper rotunda.

Michigan would win the next five, making for a six-game win streak, before OSU won the last two of the decade.

By this point, Michigan held a 19-5-2 lead.

That is dominance!

Starting in 1930, Michigan won three of four on their way to winning two national titles.

Finally in 1934, Ohio State started to learn a little about dominance. They won the next four in convincing fashion, outscoring the Wolves 112-0.

Way to go OSU; you got something.

Too bad it didn't last long. UM would take the next three, one of which was a 40-0 beat down in the Shoe where Tom Harmon would leave the stadium to a standing ovation, the only player to leave the stadium like so....and Tom played for Michigan.

1941 marked the two schools' first meeting when both teams were ranked. It ended in a 20-20 tie.

We would win five of the next seven, while tying one more time by 1949. By the half century mark UM had a comfortable lead at 30-12-4.

That is dominance!

We all know who won the infamous Snow Bowl in 1950. It was that game that led to the hiring of legendary Buckeye coach Woody Hayes.

This is were the tide finally turned. The Buckeyes went on to win 12 of 18 victories vs. Michigan to start Hayes' tenure. One of those was the 1950 know, the game were Woody went for two when up 50-14, just because he couldn't go for three.

By the end of 1968, UM still held a solid lead at 37-24-4 even despite the Buckeye dominance.

Oh, but then began the "Ten Year War." Bo vs. Woody in arguably the most heated decade of any rivalry.The end result 5-4-1...advantage Michigan.

Michigan increased its lead to 42-28-5.

That is dominance!

Upon Hayes leaving, he was replaced by Earle Bruce. Under Bruce, the Buckeyes went 5-4 vs Schembechler's Wolverines.

By Bruce's last season, the series was 46-33-5. Are you still getting this, Buckeye faithful? I know it's hard, but keep reading. It's about to get a little harder.

Then came John Cooper. You Buckeyes remember him do Wolverines.

Cooper lost his first game vs. the Wolverines, then his second, then third, then fourth, oops, then a tie...and then his fifth the next year. He didn't get his first win until 1994.

The 1993 team came to Ann Arbor as the heavy favorite as they posted a 9-0-1 record and a No. 5 ranking. Michigan shut them out once more, 28-0.

In 1995, the again favored Buckeyes returned to Ann Arbor with a thirst for vengeance. The entered the game undefeated and No. 2 in the nation. They were led by Heisman winning running back Eddie George.

However, George was outplayed by Michigan running back Tim Biakabatuka...Tim who? Biakabatuka ,that is who! He put George to shame as Tim blazed through the Buckeye defense rushing for 313 yards (series record).

Michigan won 31-23.

Then there was 1996. Ohio State entered the game No. 2 in the nation once again. This time the game was in the Shoe. However, the Buckeyes flopped once again. Even without the starting quarterback, three-loss Michigan pulled of the 13-9 upset, all on the arm of back up junior Brian Griese.

One year later the rivalry returned to Ann Arbor, both teams undefeated with Michigan No. 1 and Ohio State No. 4 in the nation. Here was Ohio State's chance at redemption. Not quite. Unfortunately Michigan had a guy named Charles Woodson who made sure that the Bucks went home with a bitter taste in their mouth once more.

Final score: Michigan 20, Ohio State 14...Michigan went on to win their first national title since 1948.

Cooper played in two more games vs Michigan. He ended his career vs Michigan at 2-10-1.

The Michigan record vs OSU got a little more comfortable at 56-35-6.

That is dominance!

But then came the sweater vest. Jim Tressel would lead the Bucks to three straight victories over Michigan to start his career at OSU.

The streak would end in 2003, the rivalry's 100th meeting. OSU would take over that, and yes, OSU won the first ever No. 1 vs. No. 2 meeting in the rivalry's history in 2006.

This all led to the idea that Ohio State is dominant vs. Michigan. While that does hold some truth, it still doesn't come close to Michigan's dominance.

In fact, your five-game win streak matches only our third longest in rivalry history, if you don't include the tie in 1992.

After the 2008 victory, Buckeyes have liked the fact that they hold the best win percentage all-time in Big 10 play. However, little do they realize how small the difference is. It is only .00001%. Some difference, huh?

Michigan also holds 42 Big Ten titles and 11 national championships.

Ohio State only claims 33 Big Ten titles and 7 national titles.

Michigan has 20 Rose Bowl appearances...Ohio State 13.

Bowl appearances OSU 39...Michigan 38

So what has been learned...

Michigan holds the series record for largest margin of victory: 86 points

Michigan won the "Ten Year War:" 5-4-1

Michigan holds the longest win streak: 9 straight (and the second longest at six straight).

Oh, and Michigan holds the all-time series record 57-42-6.

That is dominance!

But let's not stop there. How bout we look at each school's athletics overall. There are more sports than football, Buckeyes.

For this, let us look at the Director Cup standings which rank the top universities overall athletics.

Since the cup was created in the 1993-1994 school year, Michigan has finished in the top 5 in nine of the cup's 15 years and has never not finished in the top 11 and only once out of the top ten. That also includes three top 3 finishes. 

Ohio State finished in top 5 only twice, with its best finish being third.

That is just to add some insult to injury and to further explain to OSU fans that they aren't who they think they are.

Let's cool down on the arrogance. You won five straight, congrats...but you still haven't "dominated" Michigan to extents Michigan has you.

Keep thinking you are an elite. Ohio State will never be more than that team down south and the national punching bag.

Win a big game, then talk about being elite. Losing 41-14 and 35-3 is not elite (here come the excuses).

Until then, come back to earth, Buckeye fans. Join us down here, won't you? Understand are not superior, you are not elite, and you sure as hell are not dominant.

The sooner you realize this, the better.

By the way, it looks as if you're going to have to wait on getting that elite status back. Playing Texas in the Fiesta Bowl...not going to be pretty. To think that OSU couldn't do worse than the USC game.

Final score...Texas wins 45-7.

And remember 57-42-6...That is dominance!


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