Rachel Bradshaw: Terry's Daughter Proof That Talent Triumphs over Genes

Adam Wells@adamwells1985Featured ColumnistNovember 6, 2011

Terry Bradshaw is many things, like a Super Bowl-winning quarterback, NFL MVP, Hall of Famer, but no one would describe him as handsome or musically gifted. His daughter Rachel Bradshaw, however, is not only attractive, but a talented singer. 

Rachel got to show off her pipes to a national audience on Sunday afternoon by singing the National Anthem prior to the Seattle Seahawks-Dallas Cowboys game. 

It was a great rendition and one that proved she is worthy of the record contract that she got. She is not just coasting off her father's name, like so many wannabe celebrities do today. 

She has been exposed to NFL fans before. She was on an episode of "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" in 2007. Also, she was on the short-lived Fox reality show "Nashville" that same year. 

The show, which only lasted two episodes, featured several young and aspiring country music singers. It was an in-depth look at the lives of the singers as they tried to make a name for themselves in Nashville, Tenn

Considering Terry's terrible NFL evaluation skills, and general lack of talent in front of a microphone, it is quite clear that Rachel takes after her mother. She is graceful and elegant, with a hint of the attitude that helped her father on a football field. 

Granted, Terry is one of the most overrated players in NFL history, but he still had moments where he was a good quarterback. 

Rachel's looks, with the exception of her blond hair, are truly a gift from her mother. Terry is a strange-looking man and, frankly, not that pleasant to stare at for an hour every Sunday. 

Fortunately, Rachel was able to overcome her father's lack of appeal in front of a camera. She has the kind of look and talent to make her a star as a country singer.

Now that Rachel has performed in front of over 100,000 NFL fans, she may have finally gotten the big break that she needed in order to fulfill her potential as a singer. 

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