Arsenal: 10 Bold Predictions for the Rest of the High-Flying Gunners' Season

Adam HartAnalyst INovember 13, 2011

Arsenal: 10 Bold Predictions for the Rest of the High-Flying Gunners' Season

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    Arsenal have finally found their rhythm this season. They have been able to muster nine wins out of the past 11, losing only once. 

    Some may say it's luck, yet luck can't take a team to nine wins, including one against London rival Chelsea

    In any case, many other teams must fear the cannon, and hope that they do not get shut out by the Gunners.

    Here are 10 predictions for Arsenal about the rest of their season.

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Arsenal Will Lose to City in the Carling Cup...

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    No matter how well Arsenal are doing or how much momentum they have going into this match, there is practically no chance they win. While Arsenal have been doing extremely well against their domestic rivals, Manchester City is just too good.

    City is the best team in the PL and for good reason.

    With three hot strikers—Edin Dzeko, Sergio Aguero and Mario Balotelli—and a rock-solid defense, City have proved that fact on numerous occasions, most recently in their slaughter of Manchester United, 6-1. 

...Yet Will Advance to at Least the SemifInals in the FA Cup

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    With a fairly early draw with powerhouse City in the Carling Cup, it is highly unlikely that they play them again early in the FA Cup. With City out of the way, United and Chelsea are the only big threats. It goes without saying that Tottenham and Newcastle also can be problems, yet they aren't the biggest.

    Since Arsenal are playing City in the Carling, and the PL trophy is out of their reach at this point in the season, the FA Cup may be Arsenal's only chance at silverware. 

van Persie Will Stay with Arsenal, Even When His Contract Expires

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    The transfer speculation surrounding van Persie has been mainly convoluted hypothesis, thought up by the media to try to bring in readers.

    First of all, it is way too early to even discuss because he will be under contract with the Gunners for almost another two years. Arsenal fans and staff alike have nearly had a heart attack over the speculation. It has prompted an idea that he will pull a Nasri and leave to go to City as soon as his contract expires.

    Secondly, he has no reason to leave. Arsenal might have gotten off to a slow start at the beginning of the season, yet have been doing extraordinarily well over the past few matches. Van Persie is arguably the best striker in the PL and has scored eight goals in their last four PL matches.

    In the next two years, if Arsenal keep improving the way they are, they will be one of the top teams not only the PL, but also in the world.

    If this does happen, van Persie would have to be out of his mind to want to leave a team he has called home for so many seasons.

Wenger Will Sign Yoann Gourcuff in January

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    Arsene Wenger has been eager to sign the Lyon playmaker for some time now. While the French international is not his No. 1 target for January, he is the player most likely to be bought by the Gunners.

    Wenger has shown interest in signing Eden Hazard, the attacking force behind Lille's Ligue 1 effort, yet Chelsea seem to be the frontrunners for the Belgian. 

    Since Hazard is almost certain to be representing West London in January, Gourcuff would be the next ideal player to become a Gunner.

Wilshere Will Not Be at His Full Potential Until Next Season

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    Jack Wilshere has been out for quite some time now. He is expected to return around January. Yet when he returns, he will play poorly.

    Before anyone rushes to the comment section, hear me out. While Wilshere is an amazing player, and will become an even more amazing player, no one can come off the bench after six months and play at their best. 

    If he is lucky, his form might improve by the end of the season, but not earlier. 

van Persie Will Become the EPL's Top Scorer

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    The recent exploits of Arsenal have been mostly because of van Persie's goal scoring abilities. Not only has he scored 10 goals in their past six EPL matches, he has become the leader.

    He has eclipsed the Manchester City forwards and Wayne Rooney to become the top scorer in the PL. If he continues to score the way he is currently, there will be no stopping the forward. 

    The true question is, whether he is the best striker in the PL. 

    My answer, not yet.

    But in time, he will rise above Rooney, Aguero, Dzeko and any other contenders, for he will lead Arsenal to victory every time.

Koscielny and Vermaelen Will Create a Long-Lasting Partnership

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    The return of the two center backs was a blessing in disguise for the wobbly Arsenal.

    Defense has been an issue with Arsenal for several years now. Yet in the last couple of matches, the Gunners' defense has looked like one of the most solid ones in the Premiership, mainly because of Vermaelen and Koscielny.

    The two defencemen have proved vital to the team. They communicate with each other excellently. They can move the ball fluently throughout the defensive half of the field, while also sending it up the field on the attack.

Jenkinson Will Become an Efficient Defender

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    Many mock Carl Jenkinson for his poor performances, but he is slowly improving into a solid right back.

    With the absence of Bacary Sagna giving him plenty of playing experience, he is fitting in with the back line, able to assist when needed. 

    In time, Jenkinson will become a great player to have. He's not the top right back on the squad, but he can become especially useful if the top right back becomes injured (which happens to be he case at the moment).

Arsenal Will Reach the Semifinals of the Champions League

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    Before you rush to the bottom of the page, furiously tapping your keyboard in anger after reading the title of this slide, hear me out.

    The semifinals include four teams; Barcelona are almost certain to be one of them. As Charlie Melman said in his article, Arsenal FC: 11 Reasons the Gunners Can Win the Champions League, Arsenal probably won't be playing the Catalans for yet another round with the mighty titans.

    That is one spot. Another almost guaranteed spot is given to Bayern Munich. Unless the Bavarians play Barcelona before the semifinals, which is also highly unlikely, they will prevail to the semifinal, if not the final.

    The third spot will be given to Manchester City, unless they play against Bayern Munich or Barcelona, or they play awfully.

    As a frequent viewer of EPL matches, I can conclude that City is the best from England. City seem to be miles ahead of Arsenal. Yet concrete evidence proving the fact has yet to arise. They have not played each other and the Gunners are just beginning their destruction of opponents. 

    With three spots down, that leaves one. Manchester United may be the next obvious one, yet the way they have been playing the last few matches, doubtful. Real Madrid seem set for a comeback after last year's poor showing. While the star-studded Real seems to be the next great team, they have yet to prove themselves. 

    This leaves poor, hidden Arsenal. The underdogs may just have what it takes to reach the semifinals this year, and hopefully, even further.

Arsenal Will Win the EPL Within the Next 3 Seasons

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    While Arsenal may not accomplish this feat this season, it felt appropriate to discuss.

    Arsenal are the hottest team in the EPL. Forget Manchester City. Arsenal have rebounded from quotes like:

    "I 8-2 be an Arsenal fan"... embarrassing Chelsea in a 5-3 demolition at Stamford Bridge. They have climbed the table from almost relegation to seventh place. If they continue their winning ways, there will be no stopping them. 

    If they can make good use of the transfer windows and continue to form an elite starting XI, there will be only one thought on every opposing teams' mind:

    Fear the cannon.


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    I hope you have enjoyed reading the article!

    Hopefully many of these predictions come true. 

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