5 Greatest Jerseys in Philadelphia 76ers Franchise History

Eric CaspersonCorrespondent IINovember 1, 2011

5 Greatest Jerseys in Philadelphia 76ers Franchise History

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    The Philadelphia 76ers have a long and storied history and for years was seen as one of the best basketball cities to play in.

    Recently, much history has not been made, but things seem to be on the right track. One thing on the right track is the new ownership group. Another, the new jerseys that give tribute to the glory days of the franchise.

    For almost 50 years, players have been putting on the 76ers uniform, honoring the greats that have come before them. This is a list to to honor and rank the best jerseys in Sixers franchise history.


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    While it may not look flashy in terms of present-day jerseys, you can not underestimate the originality of the first ever 76ers uniform.

    It also helped that one of the greatest players ever to play the game, Wilt Chamberlain, donned the uni and put Philadelphia on basketball map.

    Chamberlain led the team to its first Title in 1967 and the Sixers today still honor that team by wearing the "Phila" jerseys from time to time.


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    For almost 50 years, the 76ers franchise has always stuck with the red, white and blue color scheme.

    However, at the turn of the century, the team needed a big change, a different face. In 2000, the Sixers changed their logo to perhaps rid themselves of the dreadful 10 years beforehand.

    This jersey just brought a mental toughness about it. For the first time, black was incorporated into the jersey.


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    "You ready Philly?"

    Elton Brand was the face of the next logo and jersey change before the 2009 season and boy were Sixers fans happy.

    Some always wondered why they deviated from the red, white and blue original look. Now, they are back, honoring their roots as a franchise.

    They are not the originals, but a pretty darn close replica of them, with a modern design.


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    While the 76ers team wasn't the best during this time period, they certainly had one of the best jerseys in the league.

    It also helped that a new figure, self-proclaimed as "The Answer" fell into their arms at the 1996 NBA Draft.

    These jerseys were similar to the 1970s jerseys but blue trim was added to the shorts and the arm sleeves.

    Without a doubt, the coolest in Sixers history.


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    Maybe it is just the great success that this team had during the time span, but everyone always looks back to this jersey as being the one that Sixers fans remember.

    This is the "throwback" that fans want to see and finally did get its return, or a new version of it, for the 2009 season.

    So many great players wore the red, white and blue during this time period. Dr. J, Moses Malone, Maurice Cheeks, the list goes on.

    No offense to the original jerseys that the 76ers had in the 60s, but when people think of traditions and originality, they think of the Sixers jerseys from this era of basketball.