The Five Keys to Victory for the Miami Dolphins Against the New York Giants

Joseph Beguiristain@@JoeBeguiristainContributor IIOctober 27, 2011

The Five Keys to Victory for the Miami Dolphins Against the New York Giants

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    The Miami Dolphins are in desperate need for a win after last week's 18-15 loss at the hands of the Denver Broncos. The Dolphins clearly had the game won until Tim Tebow worked his magic with three minutes left in regulation. The Dolphins are 0-6 and unfortunately the road doesn't get any easier this Sunday when they go on the road to face the New York Giants.

    Here are my five keys to victory for the Miami Dolphins, although “Suck For Luck” is gaining ground among Dolphin fans. Oops, did I just type that? In all seriousness, click on to read about what the Dolphins must do to win.

1. Feed the Beast

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    Brandon Marshall really has been a shell of himself during his time with the Miami Dolphins thus far. He will wow you with a few catches and then drop the easiest catches. Sounds like a former Dolphins receiver doesn't it? Here is a name from the vault: Chris Chambers. I'm not comparing the two skill wise because Marshall is clearly the better athlete, but this year Marshall has done his best Chambers impersonation. Marshall leads the league with seven dropped passes.

    However, for the Dolphins to have any chance at defeating the Giants, they must feed the ball to Marshall early and often. Marshall must take advantage of the favorable match-up with Giants defensive back Corey Webster. Marshall may have dropped five touchdowns this season, but who else gives you a better chance to score in the passing game besides him and Davone Bess?

2. Stop Conservative Play Calls When Leading

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    I thought the Miami play calling would be much better when it got rid of the prehistoric dinosaur Dan Henning. Well, I was wrong. New offensive coordinator Brian Daboll may be 33 years younger than Henning, but the offense is just as boring as before. Add to the fact that Reggie Bush is not being used properly and Davone Bess never gets the ball, and you have the 21st-ranked total offense in the NFL.

    Good teams up by 10-14 points late in the second half usually go for the jugular and try to go up three scores to win the game. Not the Dolphins. Three runs up the middle for Reggie Bush is usually the call. Phenomenal call for a player who has been “so great” running the ball in his career, especially between the tackles.

    Simply put, if the Dolphins are up in the fourth against the Giants (highly unlikely) then it should go for the throat. What else is there to lose?

3. Put Pressure on Eli Manning

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    The Dolphins defensive line might possibly be the most underachieving in the NFL. Don't let the six sacks last week fool you, the Dolphins defense gets no pressure on the quarterback. Most of those sacks were a product of Tebow waiting until the last second to throw and reading the defense like I do in Madden.

    Against the Giants, the Dolphins will be facing a real quarterback with a solid offensive line. If Cameron Wake can get back to form and pressure Eli constantly, then the Dolphin's chances increase. If he has all day to throw like most quarterbacks do against the Dolphins, it will be a very long day.

4. Keep Hakeem Nicks in Check

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    Against the Giants, the Dolphins will see as strong a receiving core as it will all year. Just the thought of Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham, and now Victor Cruz scares me. It should also scare Dolphins corner Sean “Stone Hands” Smith. The Dolphins at the very least need to keep Hakeem Nicks (arguably the Giants best receiver week in and week out) in check. Nicks has 508 yards and three touchdowns this season, which doesn't seem like much, but there is no doubt he is one of the best receivers in the game today.

    Hopefully he doesn't pull a Vincent Jackson, but knowing the Dolphins 19th ranked pass defense, it's definitely possible. Nicks can have as many touchdowns in this game as he he does all season.

5. "Kick" More Touchdowns

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    It seems like Tony Sparano doesn't know how scoring works in the NFL. One of the referees should hand him an official NFL rulebook before the coin toss on Sunday and show him that in fact touchdowns are worth twice as much as field goals. Maybe this way he won't embarrass himself every time Dan Carpenter hits a field goal and he's fist pumping like he just won the Superbowl. I find it funny because other coaches are usually upset when they settle for field goals and just give a little nod after it goes through the uprights.

    Hey Tony, leave the fist pumping for when you sell the house you recently put up for sale.