Syracuse 24 Notre Dame 23: Sorry Charlie

Lisa Horne@LisaHornePac-12 and Big 12 Lead WriterNovember 22, 2008

For amusement, I decided to watch the Syracuse-Notre Dame game, since the Irish were playing my team, the USC Trojans, next week. I was expecting a blow-out by the Irish- after all, the Orange were 20-point dogs and Weis was calling the plays, so no worries, right?


What I saw was an Irish team failing to convert on third down, time and time again. What I saw was a porous defense from the Irish, and a quarterback who still isn't "feeling it". Many will defend Clausen's up and down performances due to the fact that he's only a sophomore. Yeah, OK, he's also a 21-year old sophomore, not a 19-year old sophomore. Can we put the youth and inexperience excuses aside?

The Irish led 13-10 at the half after a last second, 35-yard bomb to Golden Tate, who got away with an offensive interference (he pushed the defender out of his way) no-call, so the score was misleading. 

But the refs apparently "got back" at the Irish on the Irish's final drive by looking the other way when some possible pass interference could have been called against the Orange.

How bad was this game? The Irish had a 2nd and 47 early in the third quarter. Does Weis have a playbook call for that situation?

When the Irish had to punt on a 4th and 40, what the heck can you say?

Moreover, the boo-birds have officially come out of their nests. I was wondering when they would finally realize what was going on. Smoke and mirrors are playing on their grass. They may have a winning record, they may have supposedly improved, but they haven't. The fans have been misled. Snookered. Reality bites.

The boos are being heard loud and clear from South Bend. The real fans finally get it. Let's see how long it takes the rest of the "loyal" fans to realize that their head coach is in over his head, and has no business being a college coach. Weis, it appears, is befuddled by college football.

Is it against the law for trying to impersonate a coach?

Weis is failing miserably. This isn't the players' fault. This is poor coaching. Pure and simple. Your heart goes out to the seniors. It stinks beyond words. But what Irish fan can seriously stand behind this coach? He finally takes the play-calling away from OC Haywood, and he loses to one of the worst defenses in the country. Are you kidding me? At least the Irish won when Haywood was calling the plays.

Weis is 0-2 when calling plays. Remember, he ended up calling the last plays against North Carolina, and the Irish lost. Now it's Syracuse.

When the fans are on the edge of their seats in the fourth quarter, something's wrong.

When the Irish block a punt and can't score in four downs from 'Cuse's nine yard line, something's wrong. When twice the Irish are within ten yards of a touchdown and can come away with only one field goal, something stinks.

When Syracuse had done everything possible to hand the game to the Irish, and the Irish couldn't take advantage - and seemed to only be able to score on fades by Clausen - something's wrong.

Schematic advantage? Hardly. If it wasn't for Golden Tate, the Irish would be 2-9.

Almost losing to Navy, and barely hanging with Syracuse means only one thing- the Irish have not improved. Proof?

Last year's games include seven games that the Irish have on their schedule this year: Navy, Michigan State, Michigan, USC, Boston College, Purdue and Stanford. Here are the head-to-head comparisons, 2007 vs. 2008:

2007 Michigan 38  N.D. 0                            2008 N.D. 35 Michigan 17

2007 Purdue 33 N.D. 19                              2008 N.D. 38  Purdue 21

2007 Michigan State 31 N.D. 14                   2008 Michigan State 23  N.D. 7

2007 Navy 46 N.D. 44                                2008 N.D. 27 Navy 21

2007 B.C. 27 N.D. 14                                 2008 B.C. 17  N.D. 0

2007 N.D. 21  Stanford 14                          2008 N.D. 28 Stanford 21

2007 USC 38   N.D. 0                                 2008  ?????

Starting with Michigan, obviously, the Irish gain a point for beating them. However, Michigan is not the same team as last year's version, and eight other teams have beat Michigan as well this year. In other words, beating Michigan this year is not a sign of improvement over last year; it's more of a sign of Michigan's bad performances this year. Sorry Charlie.

The game against Purdue also, at first glance, seemed to indicate the Irish have improved, since they lost to the Boilermakers last year. However, again, the Boilermakers this year are a far different team than last year's. The Boilermakers are 4-8 this year. They stink. Last year, Purdue was 8-4, and a far better team, so beating them this year was not a sign of improvement. Sorry Charlie.

Notre Dame lost to Michigan State again, and interestingly, scored fewer points this year than last year. While the D looked to have improved from last year, the offense had not. Sorry Charlie.

After last year's shocking loss to Navy, we all expected the Irish to beat the stuffing out of the Middies this year. Thanks to the Irish's pathetic hands team, the Middies almost pulled off another upset with two successful on-sides kicks. The Irish escaped with a win, but when everything was said and done, they didn't finish well and were much more productive offensively (in '07 the Irish scored 44 points, in '08 they scored 27) last year against Navy. Sorry Charlie.

The Irish did beat Stanford two years in a row, but again, the offense last year was more successful, scoring one more touchdown than this year, and the D gave up more points this year than last year. No improvement on either sides. Sorry Charlie.

If the loss to Syracuse doesn't start ticking off boosters, alums and loyal fans, nothing will. Syracuse 24 Notre Dame 23.

Weis was 19-6 with Ty's recruits, and right now, 9-14 with his own.

Next week is USC, which will have had two weeks to prepare for the Irish. 

Ole Miss has had more signature wins than Weis this year. Think about it.

How mad are the Irish? Here's the official request to can him, including donations being offered towards his buyout:


My take? Can him before the USC game. Weis has embarrassed the school enough. Heck, since he's a Notre Dame man, maybe beg him to resign to save his alma mater from having to pay him twenty mil. Let's just see how much he loves this school.

Dr. Lou can be available for counseling if he needs it.