Top 10 Worst MLB Gameday Promotions Ever

Ray TannockSenior Analyst ISeptember 12, 2011

Top 10 Worst MLB Gameday Promotions Ever

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    MLB organizations will try and promote anything to drive in droves of fans throughout any one given season, but not all promotions have always been a good idea.

    In the modern day era of baseball, promotions have been relegated to mainly novelty items such as T-shirts, bobblehead dolls and even the occasional "fan-package", but in the long-long ago, promotions were just as wild as some of the most memorable games in MLB history.

    Let's take a look at WHY promotions aren't exactly what they used to be in my top 10 worst MLB promotions ever.

10. Bark at the Park

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    It's a great idea for a promotion since it does raise tons of money for the Humane Society, and it also is geared towards preaching good dog ownership practices, but c'mon, if you were a dog would you wanna sit in a stadium for three hours, confined to a little itsy-bitsy space?

    Neither would I.

    Bark at the Park is a promotion that is done by many MLB teams around the nation. For more information, contact your local team's promotional schedule for details.

9. Mullet Night: Chicago White Sox vs. Oakland A’s, July 30, 2010

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    This is just about the most confusing promotion I have heard about in a long time.

    Basically, everyone in Chicago celebrated everything and anything related to the Mullet, with a fireworks display set to "Mullet-style" music.

    What's even better? The event was sponsored by Great Clips.

8. Victor Martinez Bobblehead: Indians vs. Tigers, August 1, 2009

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    Yeah, this one was pretty bad and here's why:

    A day after trading their star catcher to the Boston Red Sox, the Indians curiously went ahead with a plan to give away Victor Martinez bobblehead dolls to all fans in attendance.

    The worst part? The team also gave away Martinez-autographed chest protector backpacks just a couple days later.


7. Car Freshener and Inflatable Guitar Giveaway Night

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    I'm sorry, but the Florida Marlins fell asleep at the wheel here with not only thew worst promotion idea ever, but also the most confusing promotion idea in MLB history.

    Talk about wanting to be a fly on the wall during a meeting!

    How any team thinks a promotion involving an inflatable guitar, and a car air freshener—together—is a good idea, is way beyond my comprehension.

    It's almost as if the organization was too poor to afford anything else.

6. Seat Cushions: Cardinals vs. Dodgers, Busch Stadium, April 18, 1987

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    What happens when you give MLB fans free padded seat cushions that ARE NOT locked down to the seat?

    10 seconds.

    In 1987, the majority of the seat cushions given away at Busch Stadium wound up flying through the air and onto the field, forcing umpires to stop the game several times so groundskeepers could clear the field.

    No surprise there, right?

    Interestingly enough, the Cardinals won on a walk-off home run, and those fans who still had cushions flung them skyward like happy college graduates.

    I tried to upload the only video that is apparently on the web, but it didn't work. But if you want to see what happened, click this link!

5. Vuvuzelas: Marlins vs. Rays, Sun Life Stadium, June 19, 2010

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    This was a very, very BAD idea that not only pissed off a lot of fans, but also a lot of the players from the Rays and Marlins.

    You have to listen for yourself, but imagine this for nine innings?

4. Ball Night: Dodgers vs. Cardinals, Dodger Stadium, August 10, 1995

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    I'm not so sure what compelled Dodgers' officials to come up with the idea to give a bunch of eventually drunk fans ACTUAL balls as a souvenir, but hey, here they are!

    After a third straight game—yes that's right three straight times—of fans throwing their balls onto the field, umpires decided to forfeit the game to the Cardinals with one out in the ninth.

3. Wet T-Shirt Night: Braves vs. Cubs, Fulton County Stadium, May 20, 1977

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    40 young co-eds, a battle over who is going to hose down the contestants, lots of beer and baseball.

    Most will argue that this is actually THE BEST MLB promotion ever, except for the fact that a preacher's daughter won this one, which probably didn't go over too well.

    Well, it didn't send a good message anyway.

2. Disco Demolition Night: White Sox vs. Tigers, Comiskey Park, July 12, 1979

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    The death of Disco began in Chicago thanks heavily in-kind to then DJ and shock jock Steve Dahl!

    In between a double-header against the Tigers, Dahl went onto the field and blew up a box of disco records he collected from fans who only had to pay 98 cents for a ticket if they donated a record.

    But what Dahl didn't expect was the 90,000 plus fans did him one better by storming the field and lighting random fires all over the place and destroying anything and everything in their path.

    Obviously, Disco didn't go quietly.

1. 10 Cent Beer Night: Indians vs. Rangers, June 4, 1974

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    Yup, the most indelible image in MLB promotional history, and quite possibly THE worst MLB promotional idea of our lifetime.

    For those who may not be familiar with this piece of MLB history, the story build goes a little something like this:

    Take 25,000 already disgruntled MLB fans from Cleveland Ohio, mix in one lousy team with beer that only cost 10 freaking cents!!!

    The mental image should be forming—!

    All throughout the game, fans ran out onto the field, and random fights broke out in the stands.

    As the level of intoxication increased, so did the unruly behavior of the fans follow suit.

    When everything came to a head the inevitable reared its ugly head, and in the ninth inning, things finally boiled over when a fan jumped out of the stands and stole the hat off of Rangers' outfielder Jeff Burroughs’ head, setting off a riot that would cause the umpires to force the Indians to forfeit the game.

    Needless to say it was a busy night in the ER.

    I hope you guys enjoyed, and feel free to leave your story below.