NBA Lockout: 5 Things That Will Be Missed by Chicago Bulls Fans

Jeff Chase@@Real_Jeff_ChaseSenior Analyst IISeptember 3, 2011

NBA Lockout: 5 Things That Will Be Missed by Chicago Bulls Fans

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    As the NBA lockout turns three months old, many NBA fans are growing impatient with the ongoing process.

    Of course the lockout will affect the players and owners, but I believe no one gets hurt greater than the fans. I know that the players and owners are what the NBA is, but without the fans, there is nothing.

    Whether you are at every home game or you watch every game from your house or favorite spot, fans are going to miss many things if the season doesn't come around this fall.

    As a Chicago Bulls fan, I believe these are the five things that fans will miss the most.

    I am sure I will be missing a thing or two that others will miss, so feel free to share.

Stacey King

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    Stacey King has perhaps become my favorite sports commentator.

    King may not be as skilled as your Ernie Johnsons or Stuart Scotts, but man, is he funny.

    During the Chicago Bulls down years, nothing could really make me laugh or enjoy the game. With the Bulls' recent surge to the top, King has brought a second reason for enjoyment.

    His comments are witty and he really is just another fan. King calls the games with passion and he is never afraid to say what he wants. I think this why he has grown on so many fans because he acts like one.

    Many fans may not think of King as a loss during the lockout, but I couldn't think of anyone who made games more entertaining this season outside of gameplay. Expect to see King calling Bulls games for years to come.

    I think no one can complain about that. 

The Second Team

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    When many people think of the Chicago Bulls, of course Derrick Rose comes to mind.

    Many fans, though, embrace the entire team. When the big guys take the bench, the Bulls second team still gets the fans excited. The second team kept fans engaged even if the stars were off the floor.

    The play of Taj Gibson and Omer Asik had Bulls fans talking last season. Many fans were looking forward to what they would bring to the Bulls' second wind this upcoming season, but chances are they won't.

    The Bulls second team of C.J. Watson, Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer, Taj Gibson and Omer Asik was a huge reason for the Bulls' success last season and fans will surely miss watching this great second team.

The Rivalry

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    It can be argued as to what is the biggest rivalry in the Eastern Conference, but following last year's Eastern Conference finals, it would be hard to find anyone who would go against the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat.

    The Miami Heat lost three games to the Bulls in the regular season and then beat the Bulls in the Eastern Conference finals. It was intense, and with all the commotion surrounding "The Decision" and Derrick Rose claiming MVP from two-year winner LeBron James, it just fueled all the drama going into this series.

    The Bulls may have lost the battle, but they were ready to win the war next season. Unfortunately, if the lockout continues, many fans will be unable to watch the rematch between these two heated teams.

    Things got intense and fans were ready for the intensity to continue into next season.

Derrick Rose

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    Nothing shined brighter in Chicago than MVP point guard Derrick Rose.

    Rose was the center of this team and was surely pushing his way to the front of the NBA. 

    Following an MVP season, Bulls fans were ready to watch their star player take on the league and go for a second MVP title.

    Bulls fans know it is a pleasure to watch Rose. Game in and game out, he puts his best effort out there. Being a Chicago kid, he knows how the fans feel and the fans show him all the love he deserves.

    It is going to be tough for fans to wait an entire season to see the reigning MVP back in action, but once he returns, Chicago will be happy to see its star take the floor and take the next steps toward another title run.


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    It is as simple as that. The city of Chicago fell in love with basketball once again. For the first time since the end of the Jordan era, things were finally back up.

    I am not saying that fans abandoned the team because that simply is not the reason, but things were so good and went so bad way too quickly.

    Watching the Bulls last season made basketball a hot commodity again in Chicago.

    Fans were ready for another season, but it looks like they may be watching Bulls replays on CSN for sometime.

    At least there were so many great moments for fans to look back on. And many more to come.