Arsenal Transfer Rumours: 5 Targets for Arsene Wenger

Ryan GuillemetteCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2011

Arsenal Transfer Rumours: 5 Targets for Arsene Wenger

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    With the transfer window closing on Wednesday night, Arsenal needs to make its final moves. The departures of Fabregas and Nasri have left the Gunners weak in the midfield.

    There some very solid players that Arsenal have on their radar and who could make Arsenal the team to beat in the EPL.

    Head coach Arsene Wenger needs to decide which players he will want to pursue if his team is going to make a run this season.  

    Here is a look at some options that Arsenal already has their eyes on who could make an impact on the gunners this season.  

1. Eden Hazard

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    Fabregas and Nasri are off the books and so the Gunners have the money to bring in Eden Hazard. 

    Hazard is valued at about 26 million euros and Wenger is a huge fan of the Stade Lille-Metropole midfielder.

    Hazard is fast and has the ability to find the open man.  

    His weakness is work ethic. Clubs have dropped him in the past in attempts to spark some life in the midfielder. Hazard must also work on his finishing ability.

    Hazard had 7 goals and 8 assists for Lille in the Ligue 1 and a transfer could bring this strong minded midfielder to Arsenal very soon.  

2. Gary Cahill

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    On the defensive side, Gary Carhill could be the answer for Arsenal.

    There is speculation that Arsenal has made an offer for 6 million euros; Bolton values Carhill around 17 million euros. 

    There is also speculation that Wenger will be making a 12 million euro offer and would go as high as 15 million to get Cahill in an Arsenal uniform by Wednesday.

    Arsenal needs a solid defender able to shut down top tier players Arsenal will be facing as the season progresses.   

3. Eljero Elia

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    There is speculation that Eljero Elia is on the Arsenal's radar.

    Elia is an attack-minded midfielder. Last season, Elia had two goals and three assists for Hamburg SV. Elia also added a goal for the Netherlands last season.  

    With some improvement and proper training, Elia could be a solid midfielder who could bring glory for Arsenal in the near future.   

4. Yoann Gourcuff

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    Yoann Gourcuff has expressed his interest of leaving Lyon and the midfielder has been on Arsenal's radar for some time now.  

    Gourcuff would be a good replacement for Fabregas. He has a knack for splitting defenses, solid technique, and an eye for the goal.  

    Although it would take some time for the Frenchman to adjust to the English style of play, there is potential for greatness.

    Wenger has been known to keep a lot of French players on the squad. Look for him to make an offer soon.  

5. Xabi Alonso

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    Arsenal needs someone to take the place of Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas. Xabi Alonso could help fill the hole.  

    Furthermore, the Real Madrid midfielder may lose his spot to new teammate Nuri Sahin. 

    Alonso can play anywhere in the midfield and will impress wherever he goes. He has the creativity, experience, and vision that Arsenal need to return to the top.  

    Alonso would be a great addition.