Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz: 5 Reasons Why Vicious Can Upset Money May

Alexander DiegelCorrespondent IIIAugust 24, 2011

Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz: 5 Reasons Why Vicious Can Upset Money May

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    Floyd Mayweather versus Victor Ortiz may not have the mega appeal of Mayweather/Pacquaio. However, the fight could easily be as entertaining as the long-awaited super fight. 

    Victor Ortiz is a talented fighter 10 years Mayweather's junior. In his last fight, he took out the previously unbeaten Andre Berto. 

    Floyd Mayweather has not fought in 16 months, and that was against a 37-year-old Shane Mosley. Ortiz has been in the ring five times since then, and looks ready to prove the doubters wrong against one of the sport's biggest superstars. 

    Here are five reasons why "Vicious" Victor Ortiz could score the upset against Floyd "Money" Mayweather. 

Victor Ortiz Is a High Volume Puncher

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    Most boxing fans and experts alike believe the thing that will bother Floyd Mayweather most against Manny Pacquiao is "Pac Man's" high-volume punching.

    "Pretty Boy" Floyd is the best defensive fighter in the sport, but how many punches can he dodge, dip, duck, dive, and dodge against a fighter who throws punches through the entirety of every round? Like Pacquaio, Victor Ortiz is definitely a high-volume puncher.

    "Vicious" threw an average of 58 punches per round against Andre Berto, who is no slouch of a defender himself. In comparison, Mayweather threw an average of 39 punches per round the last time we saw him in the ring, against “Sugar” Shane Mosley.

    Not only did Ortiz stay busy for all of the 12 rounds, but...

Victor Ortiz Has Bad Intentions

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    Of the 281 punches thrown against Andre Berto, an incredible 266 of them were power punches.

    For some fighters, moving up in weight class is actually an advantageous endeavor. It is clear that Victor Ortiz is one of those boxers.

    No longer so concerned with cutting weight, Ortiz has more power, stamina and energy fighting at welterweight, versus junior welterweight. Mayweather and Ortiz will be fighting as welterweights, allowing Ortiz to fight at his more natural weight. 

Victor Ortiz Is Hungry

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    Victor Ortiz is 10 years younger than Floyd Mayweather, but has already faced more adversity than “Money.” First, he had to suffer the humiliation of his first professional loss against an opponent he knocked out.

    In his eighth pro fight, Ortiz knocked down the unknown Corey Alarcon early in the first round. Later in the round, Ortiz knocked him out just after referee David Denkin had ordered the fighters to break. Denkin ruled this punch illegal, and awarded the fight to Alarcon.

    On June 27, 2009 Ortiz took on the dangerous Marcos Maidana. Ortiz was on an eight-fight knockout streak, while Maidana had knocked out 25 of his 26 opponents to that point. Predictably, the fight quickly became a war.

    Both fighters knocked down the other in the first round. Ortiz knocked his opponent down twice more, while Maidana scored a sixth-round knockdown. Due to a cut in one eye and swelling in the other, the ring doctor determined Ortiz was not fit to continue, and the fight was awarded to Maidana.

    If Mayweather thinks Ortiz is going to let his chance at superstardom slip away, he will have another thing coming on September 17th

Victor Ortiz Has a Great Chin and a Lot of Heart

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    Floyd Mayweather has great technique, lightning-fast hands and precision accuracy. One thing he does not have a whole lot of is power.

    Victor Ortiz took the best shots Andre Berto had to offer and hopped off the canvas as soon as he hit when knocked down. Even in the TKO loss against Marcos Maidana, Ortiz did not have a problem getting off the canvas; it was cut and swollen eyes that betrayed him.

    Both Maidana and Berto have more power than Mayweather. Berto carries a knockout ratio of 75 percent in his victories, while Maidana’s is an exceptional 84.3.

    “Money" Mayweather’s KO percentage stands at just under 61 percent. The best part of Victor Ortiz's defense may be his chin, but if he can walk through Mayweather’s punches, it could be a long night for “Pretty Boy” Floyd. 

Floyd Mayweather May See Victor Ortiz as a Tuneup for Manny Pacquaio

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    Many casual boxing fans who are not familiar with Victor Ortiz believe this fight is merely a tuneup for Floyd Mayweather before he takes on Manny Pacquaio.

    After all, “Money May” has taken out fighters with much longer career resumes than “Vicious” Ortiz with relative ease: the late Arturo Gatti, Oscar De La Hoya and "Sugar" Shane Mosley to name a few.

    Mayweather has not fought in 16 months. Conversely, Ortiz is a hungry young fighter who fill have fought six times in that same time span once he and Mayweather lace them up.

    Ortiz is powerful, fearless and will keep the pressure on "Pretty Boy" Floyd from the opening bell all the way to the end of the fight. If Mayweather overlooks Ortiz, he will get “tuned up” all right—just not the way he has in mind. 

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