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Sports are always on my mind. The only thing I enjoy more than writing about sports is playing them. Usually you can find me on the pitch playing rugby, but I love to play basketball as well. I'm usually game for some friendly competition in any sport. I graduated with a degree in Mass Communications and Professional Writing from Elizabethtown College. I am trying to combine the skills learned from E-Town to be a professional sports writer or in public relations for a professional sports franchise.

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  • drew Nietzky posted 1274 days ago

    drew Nietzky

    Hey, Arian Foster is from New Mexico

  • Matt Birch posted 1287 days ago

    Matt Birch

    No problem, Alex. Excellent job on that slideshow—you earned it!

  • Chaz Erickson posted 1287 days ago

    Chaz Erickson

    You're welcome. :)

  • Benjamin laufer posted 1338 days ago

    Benjamin laufer

    Ed Reed is 10 times better Troy Polamalu

  • Angel posted 1406 days ago


    Good article on the Carson Palmer trade i agreed on most things you wrote. Just a horrible trade for a average qb.

  • Anthony Farris posted 1423 days ago

    Anthony Farris

    DiMaggio's hit streak is unbreakable. Everyone knows that. Ripken is a homo!!!

  • Joe Taylor posted 1446 days ago

    Joe Taylor

    You sure like to hop on bandwagons lol

  • Brin-Jonathan Butler posted 1469 days ago

    Brin-Jonathan Butler

    The trailer is on youtube under Hero Traitor Madness...

  • Brin-Jonathan Butler posted 1469 days ago

    Brin-Jonathan Butler

    And by all means, go for a piece about him. You can also link people there to the trailer for my film that includes Stevenson and many other Cuban boxers past, present, and future:

  • Brin-Jonathan Butler posted 1469 days ago

    Brin-Jonathan Butler

    It's a generational thing with Stevenson. He's very known amongst people a little older than us. He was a looming presence. But yeah, anyone under, say, 35 would've really have reaosn to know him. Which says something, for me at least, about the media. His story is a little too complicated given the implications.