WWE/TNA News: Matt Hardy, Please Shut the Hell Up (Then Get Some Help)

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistAugust 23, 2011

The professional wrestling industry has no shortage on the embittered and rant-happy. Sure, it can be an ugly business with unhappy endings, and those who choose to sound off about its pitfalls have every right to be heard. But there eventually comes a time where it becomes necessary to move on.

When I see fit, I will single out those who have abused their piss and moan privileges, should cease all complaints and/or diatribes, and live what's left of their lives. Taking cues from an old Chris Jericho catchphrase, I implore you—the disillusioned wrestling personality—to please shut the hell up.

Matt Hardy made a triumphant return to head-shaking headlines on the strength of a recent arrest.  Just weeks after his close personal friend Shane Helms suffered serious injuries after a motorcycle accident where he was suspected of being under the influence, Hardy was booked on suspicion of DWI charges that lead to a merciful release from TNA.  

Matt spent much of his career as the "stable" Hardy.  However the only category Matt has been able to upstage his younger brother in on the back end of an otherwise memorable wrestling career, is that of outlandishly bizarre behavior—and that is very difficult to do.  

Hardy has practically perfected the art of insubordination as part of a slow moving train wreck that he voluntarily showcased before a dwindling and befuddled legion of social media followers. 

Once seen as a cult hero and a sympathetic figure by many, following the well documented events stemming from Hardy being victimized by ex-girlfriend Amy "Lita" Dumas, Hardy eventually wore out his welcome when multiple attempts by WWE to re-establish the Matt Hardy brand were met with injury and ineffectiveness. 

Once Hardy, a victim of his own circumstances and self-inflicted wounds, soured on his employment with WWE, shortly after the departure of his brother Jeff, the routine videos he shot documenting his travels on the road became stranger.  The videos seemed to inadvertently document a deteriorating psyche.  A once confident mental equilibrium took on a defeated tone the more Hardy familiarly exclaimed his intentions to start anew.

After going the Gail Kim route, and requesting his release from the company as unprofessionally as possible, Hardy was granted his wish only to fall into the detrimentally non-judgmental hands of TNA. 

TNA's internal seizures and lack of leadership were no match for either of the Hardy brothers' subsequently nutty behavior, as the following year saw Jeff (allegedly) show up to multiple matches in no condition to compete, while Matt would mess around and become suspended for apparent wellness-related reasons. 

In light of the report of Hardy's suspension by PWInsider, a report that was later confirmed as accurate by TNA, Hardy pridefully posted the following on his Twitter account:

"Between dates, injuries, & outside issues, I'm gonna have a few week off & I'm ecstatic! The Matt Hardy Movement is going into full effect!"

As fate would have it, the only movement that went into full effect was Hardy's Corvette, as news broke over the weekend that Hardy had been arrested under suspicion of DWI after he crashed his vehicle into a tree. 

Staying true to form, Hardy acted as his own misinformed spokesperson.  Speaking out of ignorance, mixed with possible comatose, Hardy deceitfully tweeted

"I took a breathalyzer immediately on the spot and it read clean, zero, nothing. Think about peeps! There's more to this story than meets the eye. MATTHEW.. It's time for me to get back to a healthy, happy place, the transformation his now started for me, for us-(New Chapter Will begin new)"

Taking cues from Matt Hardy and "thinking about it" could put together a puzzle that a 3rd grader would have no problems deciphering.  Any junkie can pass a breathalyzer test, so long as he or she isn't drunk.  A subsequent report from the Fayetteville Observer newspaper somewhat confirmed such.     

In response to a fan inquiry on Twitter, inquiring the likelihood of a Hardy return to WWE, Hardy went on to cement his heightened delusion by suggesting that maybe the time has come for him to make his return to the company: 

"You are exactly right my lovely. It's time for the original Matt Hardy to appear once again!"

Then things just got weird.  Even for Matt Hardy. 

Hardy's more recent social media comments, this time from his Youtube account, spoke to a more troubling layer of the social media degeneration of a once beloved star.  In describing his car accident, Hardy commented:

"When the side windows glass smashed into my face, arms, and neck, some of the blood that did felt almost angelic. I went from being afraid to die to feeling like I was almost being reborn with some sort of an ABSOLUTE PURE LIFE-FORCE."

"It was the most amazing thing I've every experience, I felt like I'd just received the blood of an angel flowing inside me-I know this sounds crazy! Due to these, I only have urges to help people. And miraculously, all my vices are gone."

Yikes.  Maybe Hardy ought to rehab the hell up before he heeding the titular advice of this very article. 

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