Juventus Arena: Construction Photos of the Stadium Kept Secret by Juventus

Adrian Agius@@agius2nvAnalyst IAugust 7, 2011

Juventus Arena: Construction Photos of the Stadium Kept Secret by Juventus

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    Even though Juventus have been greatly under-performing in the Serie A for the past few seasons, there has been a saving grace for Turin, and it is set to be unleashed next month.

    For the last few years Juventus have been constructing what is set to be not only one of the best looking stadiums in the world but the most technologically advanced arena in the world. Word from the Juventus camp is that the stadium will seat 41,000 people, comprise of a shopping centre and have a heated pitch. Seats in the stadium are now closer than ever to the pitch, whilst they also form a pattern that can be seen from afar.

    For the last few months I have been compiling photos of Juventus' stadium in construction. This slideshow will contain them all. From the very beginning, take a look at what is set to make Juventus the only club to own their own stadium.

    Built on the site of the Stadio delle Alpi, "Juventus Arena" will be the best thing to happen to Juventus in years.

    Take a look at the architectural masterpiece! (All photos are real!)

Goodbye Stadio Delle Alpi

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    The new Juventus stadium is built on the site of the Delle Alpi.

Closer to the Action Than Ever

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    One of the main reasons behind the new stadium was to remove the running track. Fans had complained that they sat too far from the action.

Inclined Tier Will Give All a Better View

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    Stands from the Delle Alpi will be destroyed and replaced with one that has a greater inclination than ever.

A Roof No More

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    The spectacular Delle Alpi roof will also not feature in the new stadium, It will be replaced by something just as spectacular, but not as prominent.

Similar in Some Ways

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    Take note of the skeleton of the stadium. The two apparent triangle structures at both ends will be re-done and remain present in the "Juventus Arena."

No Turning Back Now

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    Any doubts about Juventus simply renovating the Delle Alpi were washed away when this photo was released. De-assembling the Delle Alpi was almost complete and almost nothing remained.

The Inside Begins to Take Shape

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    Juventus built off the triangle arches, the beams that would be used to house the roof. An engineering masterpiece was being unveiled in Turin.

Traingle Arches Receive a Makeover

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    The stadium will have a real Italian feel about it, with the colours of the Italian flag painted on each arch (there will be two all up). They are recognisable from the other side of  Turin.

Foundations Set, New Roof Begins

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    Within weeks the foundations of the stadium were set, with the grandstands being constructed. The roof construction looks intricate and will amount to quite a spectacular look from inside the stadium.

Roof Starts to Be Put Together

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    The roof was constructed in sections, and cumulatively was put together. It's white colour varies greatly from that of the Delle Alpi.

The Exterior Begins

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    Whilst the roof is being assembled inside, work is underway to complete the amazing exterior of the "Juventus Arena." Included will be a carpark and shopping centre.

Roof Completed, Boxes Built and Seats Rolled out

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    In the very first proposal of the stadium, it was discussed that the seats should hold some special significance to the fans. That is, they form a pattern or some sort of design. This was taken into account when they were rolled out.

    The stadium will have a capacity of 41,000, including 3,600 premium seats and 120 executive boxes.

The Juventus Players

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    One of the patterns within the stadium will be that of two Juventus players. They were announced to be Platini and Scirea. Along with them are the stars representing the club's league titles.

Stadium Gets a Paint Job

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    Stripes on the rim of the stadium became apparent as the construction progressed. In terms of the exterior the immediate vicinity outside the stadium needed work.

Exterior Nears Completion

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    With the outer shell of the stadium finally complete, the pavement outside the stadium started to near completion. It slowly worked its way closer to the arches and from the air forms an intricate pattern.

VIP Seats Released

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    Save up your money for a VIP ticket, because from the looks of things the seats look brilliant. With the boxes being closer than ever to the pitch, it looks as though it will be a great experience watching the Bianconeri play.

Nothing Short of Spectacular

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    From afar the stadium looks brilliant. It will grace the Turin skyline for years to come. The triangle arches distinctly set it apart from other buildings.

Heated Pitch Laid Down

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    Juventus will now play on a heated pitch, meaning that snow in Turin will prove to be little obstacle for the players. The pitch is almost touchable from the sideline.

Juventus Back to the Top of Europe

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    105 million later, Juventus have built quite possibly one of the best stadiums in the world. Looks as though the lack of big name signings in the past few seasons was truly worth it.

    What do you think of the stadium?