Epic Soccer Dive Video: Watch Peter Wisgerhof's Oscar-Worthy Effort

Wes ODonnell@wesodonnellFeatured ColumnistAugust 1, 2011

I've never ventured to the Netherlands, but I'm pretty sure they don't allow ghosts on the soccer pitch. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, I'm pretty sure the pitch is the exact same as it is in England, Spain, France, Italy, Russia and even America.

That makes sense, though, because although this epic act of diving takes place in the Netherlands, it is an epidemic that shamelessly ruins the sport from time to time across the world.

Peter Wisgerhof, captain of the Dutch club FC Twente, either tripped on his shoelaces, tripped on a ghost or simply got an early start on his bid for worst diver of the year.

While the first two options are completely plausible, we're going to assume the latter was the actual reason for Wisgerhof hitting the pitch in apparent pain, like he was shot by a sniper.

The 31-year-old central defender seen here has a bad first touch in traffic, loses the ball out of bounds and promptly flies forward as if looking to do a roll on a gymnastics mat.

Naturally, the Ajax players didn't take to kindly to it—nor should they have—and they immediately got in Wisgerhof's face before restraining themselves against any further problems.

The closer view shows Wisgerhof clearly get by the defender without being clipped before gracelessly flying through the air and onto the grass.

This is just the start of the season, too; both of these clubs are expected to be back at the top of the Eredivisie in Holland, which means we have only seen the start of a diving battle.

Although Wisgerhof's dive is certainly one of the worst we have seen so far this short summer, it is only the beginning.

I, for one, am truly looking forward to what other players likes Fernando Torres, Nani, Wayne Rooney, Arjen Robben and Cristiano Ronaldo can come up with this year.

But until that time comes, we get to bang on Wisgerhof for ruining a perfectly fine match between Dutch rivals.

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