WWE News: Chavo Guerrero (and His Twitter Account), Please Shut the Hell Up

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistJuly 22, 2011

The professional wrestling industry has no shortage on the embittered and rant-happy. Sure, it can be an ugly business with unhappy endings, and those who choose to sound off about its pitfalls have every right to be heard. But there eventually comes a time where it becomes necessary to move on.

When I see fit, I will single out those who have abused their piss and moan privileges, should cease all complaints and/or diatribes, and live what's left of their lives. Taking cues from an old Chris Jericho catchphrase, I implore you - the disillusioned wrestling personality - to please shut the hell up.

If you had the wherewithal or reverence to wonder whatever happened to Chavo Guerrero, you would know that the former WCW and WWE star was granted a release from his contract last month.  He has since spent his time washing down the bad taste in his mouth with peroxide. 

Upon his release being announced, Guerrero almost immediately took refuge in the quasi-relevancy safe haven of Twitter. 

There, Guerrero rhapsodized about being under utilized after all these years, sent his best to fellow embittered WWE refugee Batista, and apparently intends to undergo a revitalization of sorts moving forward. 

Chavo Guerrero is a former ECW Champion...Remember?
Chavo Guerrero is a former ECW Champion...Remember?

While Guerrero was always a good hand, he has never been the iron fist that any major wrestling promotion wants ruling their territory.   Not even close. 

I would argue that his forgettable run as ECW Champion was an over achievement. 

Guerrero's best run in the WWE came briefly after the untimely death of his uncle, the legendary Eddie Guerrero.   Chavo's push would mean a heel turn, followed by a collusion with his aunt and Eddie's widow; Vickie Guerrero. 

Staying true to form, Guerrero would eventually fizzle out to the point where he spent much of 2009 jobbing to WWE's resident little person, Hornswoggle, in the most embarrassing ways the creative team could drum up. 

So it's no wonder that Guerrero requested his release before unleashing a series of mean-spirited mini-rants on twitter. 

In one of those "I'm not bitter, but..." messages to the WWE Champion John Cena, and in preparation for the highly anticipated Cena-Punk main event at Money in the Bank, Guerrero tweeted the following:

"Ok, don’t “Fin” say that people will talk about this for years if you’re going to let Punk do all the work and not deliver at the PPV, Cena. I am tired and I know fans are tired of WWE Superstars talking big and not delivering.

"We don’t want to see someone just in a fight. And frankly no one believes it anymore. If Miz can kick your ass then the clerk at the store can kick your ass, so please deliver if you say that..

“People will remember this PPV. You know Punk will bring “it”. I’ve been in the ring with both of you and Punk has “it”. Cena you have mic skills yes but if you think people believe your BS lazy comeback that you do exactly the same every match then you are mistaken.

"Eddie and I taught you different. We never said “get lazy” and do the damn thing every night. We always said “think out of the box” and give the fans what they deserve and not rely on the “machine” to “get you over”.

“I hope this lights a fire under your ass and you deliver this Sunday. Don’t just rest on you being over cause you are and that is easy. Challenge yourself and give the fans what they deserve.
"That’s why they boo you. Because they aren’t stupid. They know what they pay for and the “great” promo guy but the shitty “match” guy that you have become is not what they want. I understand “longevity” but at the sacrifice of the fans trust is not worth it. Deliver on your fans and deliver on why you got into this business.
"Eventually the fans that you have gained with from the purple t-shirts will turn on you. Take a lesson from the Hulkster. Give the fans there $ worth and don’t become just another “promo” guy.
"I know you love this biz and don’t get distracted from the McMahon $. Deliver please!! Have enough respect for your fans because without them, you’re working at a fast food chain."

As expected, John Cena once again delivered in a big match spot the very next night against CM Punk in an emotional contest that is now threatening to become match of the year.  The feat once again silenced Cena's often vocal critics.  

But not Chavo. 

Amongst the cavalcade of quick and to the point social media praise for Cena-Punk from last Sunday, Chavo joined in to give credit where it was due before committing the a cardinal sin of pettiness by attempting to further explain a mean-spirited tweet

“Some of u are asking me to eat my words. I’ll give credit where credit is due. Cena & Punk DELIVERED! But why should we be wondering if Cena Will show up? He is the highest paid wrestler in the industry & the backbone of the WWE… He should deliver EVERY night! No question!

"We Never said this about Taker or Michaels. U knew they would deliver every time they stepped foot in the ring.There was never a lazy Accusation with those 2. So what u should be saying is.. It’s about time Cena gave the fans there moneys worth!

"I’m very happy for Punk… If he’s resigning or not, he deserves it.Nobody has lot a fire in the WWE like that since Austin and I guarantee Cena makes 3-4 times if not More than Punk. If u make that much, u should deliver every night, no if, ands, or buts!

"But that’s just me, weather I was making Mysterio Quit or putting over a little person, I gave it my all every night.Not for the money but cuz I have pride in my work and I respect this biz&The fans cuz they are what matters. There’s always some1 seeing u for the first time & for the last time every night!

"That’s how every Wrestler should view this biz. Nit as a stepping stone to Hollywood but as way to deliver to the ppl who pay there hard earned money to Watch them every night!!! Viva La Raza mother f’rs! :) just playing.. Dint hate!”

Chavo's ill-will tour of unemployment didn't end there, as he followed up by appearing on the Right After Wrestling radio show verbalizing said complaints.  The appearance officially qualified him as a salty wrestler who really ought to shut his trap. 

To save the B/R wrestling readership the cost of Advil, Chavo's ensuing verbalized rant will not be quoted. 

Angry Chavo is only more bothersome considering all the other aspects of the wrestling business he could be bitter towards. 

He could spend his negative energy voicing complaints about WWE's lack of full commitment to change its infrastructure in a working environment that claimed his uncle as a casualty. 

CM Punk and John Cena's match at Money in the Bank was an instant classic
CM Punk and John Cena's match at Money in the Bank was an instant classic

Perhaps he could send a tweet voicing distress over the fact that, despite her losing 61 pounds, WWE has spent months calling his aunt fat and/or ugly on television because she doesn't look like skinny Kelly. 

But, no, Chavo would rather focus on Chavo, and how he was wronged because guys who can't work (apparently Cena is lumped into this category) achieved more than he was ever given - with emphasis on the word given because Chavo was a doormat turned storyline following Eddie's unfortunate passing.

The selfish, yet all too familiar, jealousy in which Chavo has now projected towards the WWE and John Cena will likely culminate in an unheralded return to the ring where he'll likely join the heap of faceless talent currently drowning in TNA. 

Guerrero has already gotten a head start in obscurity as he recently won the World Wrestling Council Caribbean Championship.

Perhaps then he'll learn the hard way that his career mediocrity in two multi-million-dollar promotions is all that he could have ever asked for. 

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