SEC Football Random Thoughts: Class, Polls, and Lies In Fayetteville

SEC Idiots .comCorrespondent INovember 3, 2008

Who Has Class?

Just because the other team doesn't show any class, it does not mean your team does show it.

Sooner or later, fans should give in to the idea that every team and their fans stray from almighty behavior and kick another team when its down.

Last year, Florida fans couldn't use the word “classless” enough after the Georgia end zone celebration. Maybe Richt wanted his entire team to go out there to dance, and maybe he didn't. But he definitely knew he was taking a risk with the 15-yard penalty.

As it turned out, Georgia was hit with two penalties, kicked off from the 7-yard line, and Florida quickly scored a game-tying touchdown with a short field.

When Urban Meyer called those two timeouts at the end of the game this past weekend, he wasn't taking any risk. He was simply kicking Mark Richt when he was down.

This isn't the first time the pot has called the kettle classless. Last year, Saban called Ole Miss fans classless when they threw whiskey bottles and a high-heeled shoe on the field to protest a interference call at the end of a game.

A few weeks, later, Saban mentioned Pearl Harbor and losing to Louisiana-Monroe in the same thought.

It wasn't too classy of the Ole Miss fans to chant “Houston Nutt! Houston Nutt!” in the closing minutes of the Rebels' victory over Arkansas in Nutt's homecoming visit last weekend.

Arkansas fans can say what they want about the chant, but there's no doubt they will return the favor the first chance they get.

Actually, they did that night. Some Hog fans chanted, “Bobby! Bobby!” as their team mounted a late-game comeback that eventually fell short.

The examples are endless. At some point, it becomes easier to stop worrying about associating college football with high and mighty behavior, and focus more on the fun of it.

When some coach pulls a stunt that only adds insult to injury against your team, laugh it off. Everyone is familiar with the expression “what goes around comes around.”

It will be that much more fun when your team gets its turn.

Pollsters Fail to Think Through Their Votes

Do these guys not think about why they are voting teams in a certain spot? The glaring mistake of the week is Georgia coming in at #14 in the AP, USA Today, and Harris polls. Really?

Georgia has lost to #1 Alabama and #4 Florida for its two blemishes. A few of the teams ahead of Georgia include Boise State, Utah, TCU, Ohio State, and Missouri. Ohio State and Missouri also have top ten teams to blame for their only two losses, so I could agree to disagree on which of those three is better.

But does anyone voting in any poll, respected or otherwise, believe Boise State, Utah, or TCU would win against Florida? Or Alabama?

No pollster would vote Georgia below any of the three BCS-busters if they had two losses as the Bulldogs do, yet they punish Georgia for losing to top-five teams.

Meanwhile, the BCS-busters played schools in New Mexico over the weekend.

More importantly, would any pollster bet on Boise State to beat Georgia on a neutral field? I'd love to take the other side of that one.

Another blunder by a few of the pollsters was to still vote for Tulsa. The Golden Hurricane blew its only shot at a BCS school during the regular season when it lost to Arkansas.

The Hogs didn't exactly overpower the Hurricane, but the best case conclusion for Tulsa was that it almost had as much talent as the Razorbacks.

Casey Dick threw for 385 yards on the Hurricane defense after averaging 191 against the SEC and Texas. Tulsa was great at moving the ball between the 20-yard lines but stalled multiple times when it counted.

Arkansas, at 4-5, does not deserve to be getting votes in the top 25. And Tulsa, who is not as good as Arkansas, does not either.

More Change in Fayetteville

Chuck Dicus was fired from his position of the president of the Razorback Foundation last week. Dicus was an All-American split end in the late 60's for the Hogs, and had been the foundation president since 1991.

Supposedly, the board was given the directive to fire him from new athletic director Jeff Long and/or new chancellor Dave Gearhart. The only notable position in Arkansas athletics that hasn't turned over in the past two years is now the baseball coach.

And once again, those in charge in Northwest Arkansas are lying about the event.

Any foundation board member or university trustee asked about the removal of Dicus plays dumb and says the reasons for the firing were not discussed at the foundation board meeting on Saturday just before the Tulsa game.

Those responses are lies.

Even former athletic director Frank Broyles, now a consultant for the foundation, says he has no idea why Dicus was removed.

He's lying too.

There has to be a reasonable explanation for the firing of a long-tenured president of a multi-million dollar organization.

Dicus was popular among the fans, and the foundation didn't exactly suffer for contributions, especially for a relatively poor state. Naturally, fans are interested in the reasons for his ouster.

Nonetheless, the average Hogs fan is left in the dark about the change. The cost of two season tickets to Fayetteville and Little Rock games is $630. Add a modest $100 donation per seat, and the price tag leaps to $830 just for tickets to home games.

Those paying $830 for tickets are likely sacrificing just as much or more than those donating at the higher levels.

Whether it was a personality conflict, an unforgivable mistake, or just a firing for no good reason, the supporters of the foundation deserve to know the reason Dicus was let go.

They do not deserve to be lied to.

All this lying is, well...classless.

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