MLB: John Kruk and the Greatest Mullets in Baseball History

John Rozum@Rozum27Correspondent IJuly 7, 2011

MLB: John Kruk and the Greatest Mullets in Baseball History

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    Yes we're kickin' it old-school with the mullet.

    You know, "business in the front, party in the back."

    Unless you're Kenny Powers, it's becoming outdated, but has shown signs of a comeback from a few current players.

    However, that doesn't mean we can't go back and review the greatness that was the mullet.

    And, out of all professional sports, Major League Baseball not only has more than its fair share, but arguably the best in the biz.

    So, throw on the jean shorts, pop in the cassette tape and manually roll down your windows because late-1980's/early-1990's here we come!

Robin Yount

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    Replace the baseball bat with an ice-cold brew, and this picture of Robin Yount and his mullet immediately becomes better than the "Mona Lisa."

John Kruk

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    Maybe if we're lucky, John Kruk will bring back the '93 mullet to Baseball Tonight.

    That would give closure to his mullet's career.

Rod Beck

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    Rod Beck pulls off the handle-bar 'stache and the mullet just as good as anyone.

    And he definitely one-ups Goose Gossage. 

Dennis Eckersley

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    If there was a guy whose mullet should be made into a toupee, Dennis Eckersley's is the one.

    It looks slick, long and smooth enough to be a solid piece for any one bald guy looking to spice things up.

Randy Johnson

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    "The Big Unit" with the long mullet flailing behind him with every pitch.

    Other than his giant size, maybe the mullet distracted/intimidated batters.

Mitch Williams

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    Another important aspect to the early 1990's Phillies.

    John Kruk would approve.

Mike Piazza

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    I honestly think he knew someone was taking his picture, because Mike Piazza looks like he's posing.

    Then again, you can't blame him with that mullet.

    Or, maybe it's another commercial. 

Jose Canseco

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    I don't think Jose Canseco took steroids.

    Had it not been for the mullet, he probably wouldn't have hit all those home runs.

    Unless...Yep, the mullet took steroids.

    Too good to be true.

Pete Vuckovich

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    Pete Vuckovick AKA Clu Haywood (for the New York Yankees) from Major League has one of the better mullets in my opinion.

    It looks like a mullet that Mo Howard from The Three Stooges would have if he had a mullet.

    Meaning, it's amazing.

Lenny Dykstra

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    Add in another Phillies player: Lenny Dykstra from the early 1990's.

    The buzz-cut sides only make the mullet jump out more to give him a Brian Bosworth-esque appearance.

Pascual Perez

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    It looks like one of those Chia Pets grew out of Pascual's head.

    But, he can rep the mully in a unique way because it can be an afro up top.

    Either way, Perez is consistent across the hair spectrum. 

Deion Sanders

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    Just like the aforementioned Pascual Perez, Deion Sanders has the Chia Pet rolling down the back of his neck.

    Add in the headband and his swag, and "Prime Time" can literally do anything.

Zane Smith

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    First off, anyone with the name "Zane" should be required by law to sport the mullet.

    And as we see here, Zane Smith works it well during his time with the Montreal Expos (a team that should have never became the Washington Nationals).

Pedro Martinez

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    In addition to his pitching ability, the mullet is arguably just as good.

    Not to mention it was funny watching him slam Don Zimmer to the ground during a Red Sox-Yankees brawl.

Don Mattingly

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    He may have never won a title as a player, but during that time, Don Mattingly's mustache-mullet duo was just as dominant as his play.

    That said, you can now watch "Donnie Baseball" as the current manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Pete Incaviglia

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    Surprise, surprise, another Philly from the early-1990's makes the cut.

    This time it's Pete Incaviglia, whose mullet isn't as up to par as Kruky's, but still solid nonetheless.

Danny Gladden

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    With that golden blond mullet, Danny Gladden looks like a Southern California surfer dude, but rocking ball in the Twin Cities.

    And although a 'stache isn't required, Gladden displays how to get it done.

Travis Schlichting

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    You can't help but think what Don Mattingly has to say about Travis Schlichting's mullet.

    Then again, does a mullet first come to mind when describing California hair styles? I doubt it.

    However, Travis shows something entertaining after everything the Dodgers have been through this year.

Doug Drabek

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    Doug Drabek's mullet looks sort of rough and scrappy from this angle.

    But since the beard and goatee appear rough as well, it all flows well together.

Larry Walker

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    What more can you say about Larry Walker's mully?

    It's solid and gets the job done.

    No need to be fancy, just straight-up business.

Troy Tulowitzki

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    Who knows how long Troy will keep it, but any fresh mullet with some creative buzz on the side is gold.

    Maybe Tulowitzki will continue his style, and we'll get to see more designs.

Evan Longoria

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    It didn't last too long, but Evan Longoria pulled off a mullet that should have lasted longer.

    Combine that with the dragging sideburns into the full-fledged beard, and we have a full-on party.

    Now if the Rays can only do something about those pesky Red Sox and Yankees.

Gary Gaetti

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    Just ignore the balding front, and view the party going on after closing time.

    Gary Gaetti's mullet is by no means perfect, but it's not supposed to be.

    Might as well use the hair while he has it, and why not go with a mullet?