Rewriting WWE History Vol 1: The Nexus and the Anonymous Raw GM Angle, Part 3

Kevin Germany@@KevinUber1Analyst IIIMay 20, 2011

Thank you for reading my first two parts of the Nexus series.

Before I start part 3, take a look at part 1 and part 2 to get yourself acclimated to my story.

If you have already my first two parts, then by all means skip the recap.

Enjoy part 3!

Feb. 21, 2011 is the date WWE promotes as the date for the Undertaker vignette. It also coincides with Wade Barrett's announcement of the "bigger picture" of Nexus.

The fateful 2/21/11 Raw appears. The teases of the bigger picture and who is behind the vignettes torture the viewers at home and the crowd.

At the end of Raw, Wade Barrett says he will reveal the big picture. Barrett reveals the "bigger picture" as Triple H. "Time to play the game!"

The Fresno crowd goes nuts. Triple H makes his overdue return. He spits out water as he enters the ring.

Triple H says he had plenty of time to think about his future. After Shawn Michaels was forced into retirement, he decided the nice guy routine will no longer cut it.

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Translation: Triple H turns heel.

Triple H says he was about to tell Shawn Michaels that he was going to get revenge on the Undertaker for ending his career. He was about to say this before Sheamus attacked him from behind.

He was going to tell Shawn he was going to form Nexus to get revenge on the enemies of those two.

He wants revenge on all the people who wronged him over the years. Therefore he created Nexus to take out his enemies. Those enemies include John Cena (who defeated Triple H at Wrestlemania 22), Bret Hart and Randy Orton.

Nexus also brutally attacked Sheamus at the Royal Rumble after Wade Barrett eliminated him.

Triple H reveals himself as the Raw GM. But why did he conflict himself several times as GM?

Why did he give Otunga, Young and Tarver a second chance to stay on Raw after just firing them?

So many sudden yet unanswered questions permeate the IWC speculation on Triple H becoming GM.

Triple H calls out the rest of his friends.

"Big Daddy Cool Diesel!" Jim Ross yells as Diesel enters the ring. "HBK!" The Fresno fans chant as Shawn Michaels enters the ring.

Health permitting, Sean Waltman (aka X-Pac) and Scott Hall (aka Razor Ramon) would also make an appearance.

Diesel then states he wants the Kliq to reunite. Their plan is to take over the WWE once Vince McMahon retires as chairman.

Vince McMahon then comes out.

"Triple H," the WWE Chairman says, "My plan is complete! I have finally taken back control of my company from that Canadian piece of trash!"

"We screwed Bret!" X-Pac yells in jubilation. 

Shawn Michaels is the only one showing a subtle sign of doubt once Vince makes that proclamation.

There is a brief moment to allow the crowd to digest what just took place. Bret Hart's theme song cuts off that brief moment of silence.

"What the hell are you doing Triple H?" Bret Hart yells with authority. "You hired some group of thugs to overthrow me! I should have known never to trust you or Vince."

"And Shawn," Bret Hart says forcefully. "How could I have trusted the same man who screwed me so long ago?"

Bret Hart is about to walk to the ring until Nexus exits the ring and attempts to assault Bret Hart.

The Hart Dynasty (who never would have split up in my story), Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Randy Orton and Big Show come out and push Nexus back into the ring.

It is a massive brouhaha in the ring until the arena totally goes dark.

"Gong! Gong! Gong!" The fans know what that means. 

The Undertaker is back! Undertaker clears out the ring. Then he challenges Triple H to a No Holds Barred match at Wrestlemania.

Cue the IWC drooling over that match.

To answer the question about the conflicting emails, Bret Hart sent contradictory messages on purpose to undermine Triple H's credibility as Raw GM.

The buildup between Triple H and Undertaker can be huge with the "bigger picture" finally being fulfilled. The buildup to this match is extremely intense.

As for Nexus, internal dissension goes on to distract the group from the bigger picture.

On the next Raw, Triple H orders Barrett to face Sheamus at Wrestlemania in a street fight to eliminate the Irish superstar as a potential distraction.

Triple H also commands Seth Rollins goes on to face Daniel Bryan in a lumberjack match comprised of all the original Nexus members.

In that same episode, Daniel Bryan invokes his rematch clause and defeats Skip Sheffield for the United States Championship.

Tag Team champions Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel unsuccessfully face the Hart Dynasty for the Tag Team titles at the Raw before Wrestlemania.

On the Raw before Wrestlemania, the Kliq cuts yet another promo about how they will end the streak and how terrible a General Manager Bret Hart was.

Vince McMahon goes on to interrupt them. He says Triple H and Bret Hart need to determine once and for all who the Raw GM is at Wrestlemania. McMahon declares he will be the special guest referee.

Triple H and Bret Hart come up with a tag team match.

It will be Diesel and Skip Sheffield vs. the Hart Dynasty (with Bret Hart) for the tag team titles and to determine who the Raw GM is between Triple H and Bret Hart.

This match has huge stakes. The Hart Dynasty are the strongest true tag team in the WWE. Diesel and Skip Sheffield's size will cause problems. Those belts will be on the line in addition to either Bret Hart or Triple H as the Raw GM.

Now on to Wrestlemania.

On a side note, Punk and Orton still face each other and Miz and Cena still vie for the title with Rock looming in the background.

Lawler destroys Cole to open the show. This beat down satisfies the crowd.

Now it's Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins for the United States Championship.

It is a high-quality match. The lumberjacks essentially cancel each other out.

Seth Rollins has his Wrestlemania moment by hitting a 450 splash on Bryan for the three count. Rollins picks up the win so his feud with Daniel Bryan can continue.

Later on, Sheamus defeats Wade Barrett in the street fight. Sheamus becomes a mega face by his rivalry with the Nexus. This feud is not over.

The Hart Dynasty vs. Diesel and Skip Sheffield match results in a squash with Diesel hitting a jackknife power bomb on Tyson Kidd. Triple H remains the Raw GM.

The order of Cena-Miz and Triple H-Undertaker is switched. Triple H vs. Undertaker is the main event of Wrestlemania.

Triple H and Undertaker have a match worthy of headlining Wrestlemania. After 30 minutes of intense action, Undertaker and Triple H are bruised and battered in the ring.

Shawn Michaels accidentally costs Triple H the match by inadvertently super kicking him. He tries to kick Undertaker but instead kicks Triple H.

HBK looks on in horror as Undertaker picks Triple H up for another tombstone and a three count.

Back to the Raw after Wrestlemania.

On Raw, the Kliq except for Shawn Michaels comes out.

Triple H says he gave everything he had to defeat the Undertaker. He understands that Shawn Michaels accidentally hit him.

He says Nexus is no longer needed because he has been avenged. The Kliq taking over Raw is more than enough for Triple H. The rest of the group nods in agreement. He also admits Hart's attempts to stop him were justified.

In short, Triple H and the rest of the Kliq turn face.

Now Triple H is GM Randy Orton going to Smackdown makes a lot more sense. Triple H goes on to become the Raw GM on screen and takes on a bigger backstage role off screen, as he has been doing in reality.

After Wrestlemania the Nexus members remaining are Seth Rollins, Skip Sheffield, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett himself.

Barrett cuts a promo after Wrestlemania saying he wants to pursue the WWE Championship once more. He say he is relieved the "bigger picture" is over and he can focus on other things.

Skip Sheffield says he wants to receive a WWE title shot and Barrett takes up all of the spotlight. Barrett then challenges Sheffield to a match next week on Raw.

Seth Rollins cuts him off and says he is the United States Champion. He retained the belt against Daniel Bryan earlier on Raw. Therefore Rollins believes should be the new leader of Nexus. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater have a huge beef with that and gets in Seth's face.

This causes a Nexus brawl, seemingly disbanding the group.

Triple H interrupts the group and says Nexus did its job. It helped Triple H avenge his enemies and gave him control of Raw. Therefore he officially orders Nexus to be disbanded because it outlived its usefulness.

Seth Rollins will face Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel in a triple threat falls count anywhere match for the United States Championship at Extreme Rules.

Wade Barrett will team up with Skip Sheffield to face Daniel Bryan and Sheamus in a no holds barred tag team match at Extreme Rules for the tag team titles.

Diesel relinquishes his belt to Barrett. Triple H then adds the losers will be forced to leave Raw.

At Extreme Rules, Justin Gabriel becomes the new United States Champion by pinning Heath Slater in the locker room.

Skip Sheffield and Wade Barrett send Daniel Bryan and Sheamus on their way to Smackdown.

Nexus is seemingly reaching its demise.

The WWE Draft is held the week after the Rock's birthday party. Nexus officially disbands when Justin Gabriel, and Seth Rollins all get drafted to Smackdown.

Wade Barrett, Skip Sheffield and Heath Slater remain on Raw.

Nexus rests in peace but had a memorable run destroyed by internal bickering and Triple H's manipulation of the group.

Triple H created Nexus for his selfish purposes yet realized he had to end Nexus after losing to Undertaker.

Triple H is still the Raw GM and the rest of Kliq disappear from WWE television.

That's volume #1 of my rewrite of WWE history. Stay tuned for volume #2.

On a sad note, "Macho Man" Randy Savage passed away today. He was truly one of the greatest of all time and he will be sorely missed.

Thanks for reading!