WWE: Jim Ross Insists Undertaker-Triple H at WrestleMania XVII Barely Happened

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistMarch 11, 2011

Every other day or so, Jim Ross blogs about his state of mind.  Ross' popular Jrsbarbq.com blog has become a genre unto itself with every blog post receiving comprehensive coverage from a host of pro wrestling media outlets. 

Previously, Jim Ross was planting seeds of his should-be return by suggesting awful replacement broadcasting teams for WrestleMania XXVII that would make the UFL chuckle. 

Now, a tamer, gentler Jim Ross waxes poetic about the upcoming tilt between Undertaker and Triple H and why the Internet is wrong about the match to this point (Jim Ross Blog in bold, Big Nasty's response in plain text).

There are plenty of good seats remaining for this Sunday's WWE live Raw event in OKC at the arena starting at $15. I'll be doing the ring announcing for one match as I understand it. Perhaps Michael Cole will unexpectedly show up and join the party.

Michael Cole took your job and now you're inviting him to a 'party' in your backyard?  What a gracious man you are, James.  Until, of course, Cole ends up moving in by the end of the night and stealing your spot in bed next to your wife.  He'll probably even wear a black cowboy hat to your kids' soccer games.

Not sure where the rumor that if HHH doesn't beat the Undertaker at WM27 that The Game will retire. Who started that one? Nice dirt for some websites I guess but no validity in it whatsoever as best I know.

Something about Triple H saying he'd die trying to beat the Undertaker, and that he has no interest in working the jobbers WWE has staffed in the recent years, was mildly implicit of the fact that he would indeed retire if he lost to the Undertaker at Mania.  It's no website fodder, Ross, it's intuition.

I do think that Taker vs. HHH will be the best, old school wrestling match at WM27 but with it being NHB one can obviously see those elements added to the equation. I expect this match to be more physical than Taker's last two Wrestlemania main events and even though I think 'the Streak' is figuratively sacred, no one is untouchable.

The match is no holds barred because Undertaker's body is not yet healed to the point to where he can safely compete in a traditional match and have to take bumps.  Despite the incessant 'brawling,' this match will be about as physical as a European in the low post in a professional basketball game.

William Regal did a nice job for his first outing as the new color commentator on NXT alongside Todd Grisham. It's obvious that WWE is looking at various combinations at the announce table in preparing for the future. Smart move by WWE but everyone has to realize that chemistry takes time and that it may never happen for some broadcast teams.

Veiled sabotage.  You're cold-blooded, Ross, but if implying that today's WWE announce teams may be forever doomed to have the chemistry of a failed meth lab gets you one step closer to the saddle, I'm all for it.

It looks as if a MITB Ladder match at WM27 appears to be a long shot. Before I would think about joining those that have already indicted the unannounced under card I think that I will reserve my opinions until I actually see the card.

Okay.  Here it is.  Opine away.  But, then again, that's a Dave Meltzer leak, so I think I'm with you in regards to the wait-and-see approach.

Appearing on the WM27 under card is a big deal in my eyes and provides talents with valuable minutes to maximize on the biggest stage of their professional lives and this can be accomplished in something other than a flying, crash fest.

Too late.  WWE looks to be gearing up to fire mid carders that haven't been buried or sent back to FCW.  Talk about a 42-car pile up.

Follow us at Twitter @JRsBBQ as we are now over 102,000 and growing daily. I answer as many Tweets as I can throughout the week so join us and let's have some fun.

Those who follow Ross on Twitter will also be able to partake in reading his drunk tweets.  Last week he dropped an amorous tweet professing his love for you all at about 1 AM.  I too love everybody from the hours of 1-4 a.m. on a Saturday night.  Then I wake up swinging.

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Is Ed Ferrara eligible?

For those that have asked, Dennis Brent, my old friend from Dallas, UWF, WCW and WWE days is in possession of all the radio shows that I did back in the early 90's on AM750 WSB in Atlanta and he is still considering packaging them and selling them. I think you would love to hear these call in shows that featured many big-time guests. I'll keep you posted when I know more.

Little do you know that somewhere, somehow, someway...Vince McMahon owns all of them.  And for every time you mention UFC, Strikeforce, TNA, UWF, WCW, Mid South Wrestling, Shane McMahon, or Ric Flair, one tape will be destroyed.

Recipe idea sent to me for a thousand island type dressing....JR's Chipotle Ketchup, mayo, sweet pickle relish, and chopped onion mixed and refrigerated. Makes a wonderful burger topping or a dip. Modify with added ingredients to your personal taste but this is an awesome start to a big league creation.

If Ketchup had a stroke and seizure simultaneously, I'd expect it to look and taste something like the abomination you've just described. 

Why hasn't WM17 been mentioned in the build up of the anxiously anticipated HHH vs. Undertaker match at WM28?

Because that match was excellent and will set the bar too high for what we will see at WrestleMania XXVII, which will be the Undertaker limping around the ring and beating the feeling back into his leg while Triple H tries helplessly to carry a match with three to five injury-friendly maneuvers.

I don't know nor does it adversely affect how I am looking forward to this match. Who's to say that WM17 won't be mentioned before WM27?

The insiders, Jim.  God I miss that small window of time when you couldn't come to terms with WWE and you didn't act so clueless about everything.

I don't know that info. At the end of the day, is it that big an issue?

When the WWE-branded brain washing is complete, it will be a non issue with 90 percent of the pro wrestling audience.  When it's all said and done, WrestleMania X-Seven may go the way of the WrestleMania XX main event, featuring Chris Benoit, and be extricated from the WrestleMania Anthology DVD to protect WWE's shaky Hall of Fame tilt.

I'm much more interested to see what the two future WWE HOF'ers do in the Georgia Dome that what they did a decade ago in the Astrodome.

As am I.  But the pessimist in me thinks that I'll think much fondly of what they did 10 years ago, which is pro wrestling in a nutshell.

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You've obviously had to fire your accountant due to the economic downturn, but as fierce as the social media is, Twitter is no Quickbooks. Keeping track of sales via twitter will get you audited faster than Nicholas Cage. 

Hopefully you have an agent who can book you in a series of low-rent movies to pay off any pending liabilities, but chances are you've fired him too and tried to replace him by having your followers tweet you links to casting calls for Western roles.

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Who knew Sauerkraut went so well with relish, mayonnaise, ketchup, bar-b-q sauce, peanut butter, ranch...

Looks like my friend JBL was only in for a cameo on Raw Monday night. It would take a mighty nice offer/role for John Layfield to leave the golf course and resume any travel of merit.

And there was a fresh batch of young WWE talent for him to haze.  Those showers would have kept him cleaner than a whistle.  What a waste.

Boomer Sooner!


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