WWE: The Top 25 Urban Legends in Wrestling History

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistJanuary 5, 2011

WWE: The Top 25 Urban Legends in Wrestling History

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    Urban legends and pro wrestling go hand in hand.  With the lines of what is real and what is fake constantly blurred, the business is more than prone to its share of rumors, myths, and legends...some of which are in fact true. 

    Over the years, pro wrestling legends have come and gone, but this particular crop of tales from the mat seems to have withstood the test of time. 

    Keep in mind that this is simply a celebration of urban legends and should be treated as such.  Urban legends, like Dave Meltzer breaking news, should be taken with a grain of salt.   

25. Bret Hart's 'Sunny Days'

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    In many ways, Sunny was the first Diva of WWE.  With her rise to fame coinciding during a time where Bret Hart was in his prime as the top star of the company, it was almost inevitable for rumors of an extramarital relationship between the two to take form.  

    Shawn Michaels, facilitated such rumors during this infamous 'Sunny Days' promo when he insinuated a relationship between a married Bret Hart and Sunny.

    The cryptic promo lead to an alleged backstage brawl between Shawn and Bret whose real-life rivalry would culminate in one of the most notorious shoot angles in wrestling history.   

24. "Quote The Exhibitionist"

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    Straight from the 'too much information' category comes tales of Raven and his propensity to walk around backstage nude. 

    The backstage stroll in his birthday suit reportedly enraged Steve Austin, then married to Debra McMichael, as he was coming out of the shower in the same vicinity where she was practicing a promo. 

    The two engaged in what had to have been an awkward heated argument as a jealous and overprotective Austin did not approve of a nude man parading around his wife. 

23. Sid Vicious and His Squirrel

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    For whatever reason, Sid reportedly had a pet squirrel he used to take with him everywhere he went.  With pro wrestling being the unofficial 'pass the time' business, a few wrestlers dared Sid to place the squirrel in his pants for 60 seconds. 

    Thirty seconds into the dare, which Sid accepted, the squirrel did exactly what Sid feared it would, and Sid required emergency medical attention to his unmentionables. 

22. Superstar Billy Graham Ingests Clorox

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    The prototypical WWE Superstar who was in many ways the inspiration for the Hulk Hogan character, Superstar Billy Graham was not without his share of urban myths. 

    The most odd of these myths states that Billy Graham once ingested Clorox on a dare.  Apparently, dying his hair just wasn't enough. 

21. Extreme Championship Killing

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    One of the reasons ECW was so successful was that it personified rebellion in every way possible. 

    With so many of the wrestlers involved being labeled as outcasts and rebels, it was only fitting that the promotion was built around hardcore 'garbage' wrestling. 

    So it should be no surprise that there have been longstanding legends that at least four ECW wrestlers have allegedly killed somebody. 

    I would take a stab as to who I think these individuals may be, but I'd probably be risking my own life. 

20. Moolah and Mae Young: Fabulous Together

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    One of the fixtures of the Attitude Era were pro wrestling legends the late Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young.  The two were inseparable.  So much so, in fact, that rumors and legends began sprouting that they were in fact lovers.  

    Mark Henry had to have been pissed.    

19. How Does JBL Get Clean?

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    John Bradshaw Layfield is notorious for being a backstage bully in professional wrestling.  One will be hard pressed to tell the tale of his career without mentioning his backstage indiscretions. 

    The most disturbing of such antics is that he reportedly used to haze new guys by jumping in the shower with them and helping the reluctant young guys wash up. 


18. Norman Smiley's One-Hitter Quitter On Rick Steiner

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    Norman Smiley, despite being a talented worker, was a jobber for the majority of his days in WCW. 

    As always seems to be the case in wrestling, where you would never guess who the legit tough guys are, Smiley reportedly turned Rick Steiner into a real-life jobber when he knocked him out with a single punch during a bar fight. 

17. "Macho Man" Randy Savage Is Crazy, Part I

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    You don't even need to know Randy Savage in real life to surmise the fact that he's nuts. 

    One of many stories supporting the fact that Savage indeed has a few screws loose focused around his extremely jealous tendencies. 

    While married to Elizabeth, Savage reportedly insisted his bride be locked in her own separate locker room so that nobody could look at her.

16. Say It Aint So, Lita...

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    Lita is one of a handful of Internet darlings amongst the Internet Wrestling Community. 

    No, not that type of Internet darling...or was she. 

    Google any urban legend surrounding Lita and the result may disappoint those who consider themselves fans of the former WWE veteran. 

    The most unfavorable and resilient legend surrounding Lita are tales from her early days training to be a pro wrestler.  Apparently, Lita offered certain inappropriate favors to to anyone who would train her while she was in Mexico.

15. Paging Mr. Hart

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    Bruce Hart is one of the many caricatures in professional wrestling.  A member of the famed Hart family, Bruce has developed somewhat of a reputation as the drunken uncle. 

    Bruce's spot on this list is cemented by a story of Hart impregnating a 14-year old while he was a substitute teacher in Canada.  

    This legend has never been able to be confirmed, however Hart did recently have a child with a 28-year old former student.   

14. Kevin Sullivan, Where Are Your Pants?

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    Former WCW wrestler Kevin Sullivan was one of the standout heels in the mid-90s before becoming a booker during the dying days of WCW.  

    Among his many roles in professional wrestling, Kevin Sullivan has gained urban legend notoriety for being a nudist during his recreational time.  

13. The Von Erich Family: Pick One

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    The Von Erich family are one of wrestling's oldest and most famous families. 

    Unfortunately, they are also at the center of some of the oldest and most famous urban legends.  There's the story of Gene Kiniski buying Kevin Von Erich a hooker when he was 12. 

    There's the story of Kerry Von Erich killing a cat.  Then there''s another hooker story, this time involving an 11-year-old Chris Von Erich. 

    With Lacey Von Erich's unheralded wrestling career recently ending prematurely, it is likely that new urban legends may surface that the chick was a great worker. 

12. The Kliq and a Crown

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    The Kliq had heat with everyone.  Jerry Lawler was no exception, and upon his arrival in WWF many were unappreciative of his attitude which was described as arrogant and entitled. 

    Rumor has it that the Kliq (Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman) with help from Curt Hennig came up with the idea of humbling Lawler by desecrating his crown. 

    Here's a hint as to how the desecration reportedly went down.  It happens. 

11. Will The Real Kane Please Stand Up?

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    With Kane under a mask for all those years, it was only a matter of time before the 'body double' rumors materialized.

    Many urban legends surrounding Kane report that between the time Kane wore a mask and eventually took it off, there have been at least two people who played the role of Kane. 

    It is (almost) common knowledge that the role of Kane has always been played by Glen Jacobs. 

10. Fun With Pat Patterson

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    Pat Patterson was the first Intercontinental Champion, however with all the urban legends out there about Patterson, it's tough to discern whether that is even fact. 

    With Patterson being virtually the first gay man of wrestling, Pat Patterson legends have it that Patterson has had a litany of homosexual relationships with wrestling stars from Steve Lombardi (Brooklyn Brawler) to Jacques Rougeau. 

9. Tommy Lee Fights HBK

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    Rumors flying from backstage of Wrestlemania 11 reported that a jealous Tommy Lee and Shawn Michaels engaged in a backstage brawl as Shawn Michaels' opponent Diesel was set to be escorted to the ring by Lee's then-wife Pamela Anderson. 

8. Bruiser Brody to Crash The Wrestlemania Party?

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    Lifetime rebel and one of the greatest heels ever Bruiser Brody was reportedly paid money to perform a shoot run in during the main event of Wrestlemania I. 

    Had that happened, the possible impact on the otherwise legendary Wrestlemania series is intriguing to consider. 

7. "Macho Man" Randy Savage Is Crazy, Part II (Hogan's Wrestlemania 9 Black Eye)

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    Since Hulk Hogan showed up at Wrestlemania IX with a black eye and nobody saw how it happened, speculation found its natural habitat in the conversation of where that shiner came from.

    The most famous theory as to how Hogan received his black eye was that the Macho Man Randy Savage punched him backstage after blaming him for his divorce with Miss Elizabeth. 

    Hogan, and more reputable reports, maintain that he got the black eye during a skiing accident. 

6. HBK Vs. Marines In Syracuse

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    Bret Hart referenced this infamous beat down in a promo during the Slammy awards. 

    Apparently, Michaels, who was surrounded by British Bulldog and Diesel, felt confident enough to make passes at women who were with a group of Marines while in Syracuse. 

    The tumultuous situation degenerated into a fight where Michaels was apparently roughed up by the Marines only to be saved by the aforementioned Diesel and Bulldog. 

5. Psycho Sid Does His Impression Of The Wrestlemania 13 Main Event

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    Wrestlemania 13 will forever be known as a card saved by one match: Austin vs. Hart. 

    The otherwise mediocre card saw a plodding main event between the Undertaker and Sid, and the only noteworthy story from that match outside of Taker winning the title was the legend that Sid soiled himself during the main event.

    Imagine what that Tombstone would have smelled like. 

4. Hulk Hogan's Stories Of Andre The Giant's Size at Wrestlemania 3

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    Hulk Hogan is filled with stories.

    No story was 'bigger' than a tale he recently told of Andre the Giant being in excess of 600 pounds at the time of Wrestlemania 3, where Hogan would eventually slam the Giant. 

    As big as Andre was, this seems to be more legend than legit. 

3. Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon's Forbidden Love

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    Vince McMahon seems to possess the ability to put aside personal matters for the sake of business as the story of WWE is one filled with tales of redemption and reconciliation. 

    However the "Macho Man" Randy Savage was one of the few stars, and arguably the biggest star, never to have returned to WWE after leaving the company in 1994.

    Legend has it that Savage had inappropriate relationships with a 14-year old Stephanie McMahon, causing an irreconcilable rift between Savage and McMahon which may or may not explain why he still has not been inducted into WWE's preposterous Hall of Fame.   

2. The Story Behind HBK's First Firing In WWE

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    HBK has been fired multiple times in WWE, both on and off camera. 

    One of the most historically relevant tales of an HBK firing involves Jimmy Jack Funk and an incident regarding Funk, Michaels, and Michaels' former tag team partner Marty Jannetty. 

    Michaels himself says that he and Jannetty were at a gathering with their fellow wrestlers when Jannetty became rather close with a young lady who was at the gathering.

    Funk proceeded to egg on Michaels to drink and Michaels declined.  Refusing to let up, Funk insisted Michaels live up to his reputation as a party animal right then and there.  Michaels claims to have smashed a beer bottle over his own head before everything went back to normal. 

    The next day, Vince McMahon called both Michaels and Jannetty into his office and subsequently fired them.  The rest, as they say, is history.  

1. The Ultimate Warrior and Legends of His Death

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    When the Ultimate Warrior made his shocking return to WWE at Wrestlemania 8, much was made of his altered appearance.

    His hair was different, he would come out wearing skin-colored body suits that hid his shredded physique, and he just didn't look like the Warrior of old. 

    Cue the rumors.

    These particular rumors report that the original Warrior may have died, prompting WWE to hire a 'stunt double' to recapture the magic of popular superstar's first run. 

    Jim Hellwig, who is still alive, has always been credited with the role of the Ultimate Warrior and he even changed his name to Warrior. 

    However, this myth has persisted throughout time and was even addressed during WWE's one-sided documentary butchering Warrior's legacy. 

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