WWE's Pushed to Punished Edition One: Kenny Dykstra

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistMarch 11, 2011

Where did he go wrong?
Where did he go wrong?

After some success with my former column, Deadly Dream Matches, that I've published three editions of over the last four months, I've decided to retire with DDM and move on to a new series of articles entitled WWE's Pushed to Punished.

In this weekly series, I will recall some of WWE's breakout stars of the past few years and how they basically went from pushed to punished, or in other words, released. My first guest will be none other than Kenny Dyktra.

Does the name ring any bells?

Dykstra first started in the Spirit Squad, a stable of male cheerleaders, for much of 2006. Being named simply "Kenny", he won the World Tag Team Championship with his partners from Big Show and Kane before feuding with legendary tag team D-Generation X.

The angle ended when all five members were "killed off" by DX, sending them all back to developmental, where most of them would soon meet their fate with a pink slip. But not Kenny Dykstra.

Dykstra would acquire a last name, new attire, and a new theme, being pushed as a very talented mid-carder on RAW in the beginning of 2007. After picking up three straight wins against Ric Flair, the future looked bright for this rising young star.

However, following the feud, Dykstra would find himself contained to Sunday Night Heat, forming a short-lived tag team with Johnny Nitro before being drafted to the SmackDown brand via the 2007 Draft.

It was there where most people believed this cocky Superstar would finally get the push he deserved, as do most people when they move to SmackDown to breathe. After being claimed as a "future WWE Hall of Famer" and a future WWE Champion, Dykstra did no such thing.

Moving to the blue brand actually hurt Dykstra, becoming a jobber to Superstars named Chuck Palumbo, Matt Hardy, and even Jimmy Wang Yang. Despite a short relationship with Victoria, the future looked grim for Dykstra, as he quickly disappeared from television.

Dykstra returned after nearly a six-month absence in August 2008, losing in a squash style to WWE Champion Triple H. Once again disappearing from television, Dykstra would be released in November 2008.

Since I became a fan of WWE in April 2008, I wasn't around when Dykstra began his singles run. What was it that got him in the dog house? Was it lack of heat, ability, or mic skills?

After watching him wrestle (via YouTube), he seems like he had the whole package. Maybe not a future WWE Champion, but certainly a potential Intercontinental or United States Champion at least.

Only of the young age of 24, I say WWE should re-hire him and give him a second chance at the big time. Looking back at him, he reminds me of The Miz, except Dykstra wasn't pushed in the same style Miz was.

He even tried out for TNA but still didn't make it! Something must be wrong with you if that happens.

Well, I hear he's currently a part of Bischoff's new Micro Wrestling something or other soon. Best luck to him there.

Anyways, the point I'm trying to get across is that WWE certainly dropped the ball on the guy. If Miz could make it, why not Dykstra?

Better yet, what WWE see in co-Spirit Squad member Dolph Ziggler, who went on to become Intercontinental Champion, that they didn't see in Kenny Dykstra?

Thanks for reading everyone! Make sure to leave feedback on Dykstra and whether my first edition of Pushed to Punished was successful. GSM out.

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