New York Red Bulls: It's Time To Give Them Their Respect

Cesar Diaz@@gritwriterCorrespondent IIFebruary 2, 2011

Photograph courtesy of Bill Menzel
Photograph courtesy of Bill Menzel

New York, NY - No matter what the New York Red Bulls organization does, people are going to ask about the New York Cosmos.

Even with the announcement of Red Bull Arena hosting the 2011 AT&T MLS All-Star Game, someone had to ask MLS Commissioner Don Garber about the possible return of the New York Cosmos during his media teleconference.

While Commissioner Garber answered the question, I wished that he would have simply said, "Today I am here to answer questions about the 2011 AT&T MLS All-Star game. Any questions regarding the New York Cosmos or any other groups vying to become the 20th team in MLS will not be addressed today. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

By now we're all aware of the New York Red Bulls history of being an underachieving team dating back to their days as the Metrostars. When one thinks about it, doesn't the New York Area has a history of producing underachieving professional sports teams?

Lets review the current men's professional teams and the number of championships they've won: the New York Red Bulls (0), the New York Jets (one), the New York Giants (seven; four NFL Championships and three Super Bowls) the New York Mets (two), the New Jersey Nets(two ABA), the New York Knicks (two), the New York Islanders (four), the New York Rangers (four), the New Jersey Devils (three) and of course the New York Yankees (27). Total: 52 Championships

If you notice the numbers, the Yankees have won more championships than the other nine teams I've listed combined. Some of the Championships I listed no longer exists. So what's my point? With the exception of the Yankees, the other teams have nothing to really boast about.

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By now we're all aware that the New York Red Bulls will never be like the New York Cosmos of the NASL. And that's not a bad thing considering that they've accomplished a few things the New York Cosmos has yet to achieve.

Unlike the New York Cosmos, the Red Bulls (then the Metrostars) were one of the original teams in their league. Currently they're entering their 16th season of play, and they have a home of their own called Red Bull Arena. Now with the right personnel running the Red Bulls, they're finally becoming the soccer club that NY/NJ fans have been wanting.

As much as I hope for a possible Cosmos-Red Bulls NY Derby in the future, I believe it's important to acknowledge and applaud the recent actions of the New York Red Bulls. Now if you're a New York Cosmos fan who despises the Red Bulls, then at least give them their respect.

I wonder if Chicago Fire fans are ever reminded about the Chicago Sting's success?

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