Alabama's DUI Rapper a Future Problem for the Team or a Brilliant Pick-Up?

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IDecember 25, 2010

Douglas was a freshman All American at Tennessee before leaving
Douglas was a freshman All American at Tennessee before leaving

Aaron Douglas is a 6'6" 290 pound offensive lineman with good footwork and lots of muscle. He is considered one of the best junior college prospects in America. He was a freshman All American at Tennessee and his work at Arizona Western Community College was considered outstanding.

This should be a slam dunk, no-brainer, successful pick up for Alabama.

But is it?

This is a guy who has had some things in his past that make you wonder if he's capable of staying focused on school and football and keeping his commitments without walking away.

First of all, he has a second route to stardom other than football. He is a rapper, and not a bad one as the genre goes. Judge for yourself.

Secondly, despite being a Tennessee fan in his youth and being a legacy, he walked away from the team after just one year following Lane Kiffin's departure.

Now he's been arrested for DUI, something lots of college students have had happen to them, but is this indicative of a pattern of things to come?

Douglas has committed, but not enrolled in the University of Alabama as of yet, so he hasn't had time to get the "Nick Saban Indoctrination Speech" or any other of the counseling that goes on there for new students.

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There is no doubt that he could come in and immediately challenge for a starting position on the offensive line, especially with the departure of James Carpenter from the left tackle slot.

But can he keep his head focused on the important aspects of football that Nick Saban will demand of him?

That seems to be the question and only time will tell.


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