John Cena Fired, Then Returns: What Is The WWE Doing?

Joel DanielsContributor IDecember 1, 2010


What is the WWE doing?

Just two nights ago, John Cena was fired. Yes. It's kayfabe, but let's just stick to that alright? As I was saying, John Cena was fired upon not having handed Wade Barrett the WWE Title at Survivor Series.

Understandably, John was allowed to say his piece at the following RAW and was even allowed to cost Wade another shot at the title as a form of parting gift. However, WHY is John Cena STILL being allowed to hop onto RAW and continue attacking the Nexus?

He was fired in case anyone forgot. Fired, by the way, just so happens to denote termination from an employment position. In other words, John Cena is no longer working for the WWE. And yet, he shows up religiously on Monday Night to attack the group that cost him his job.

I understand that John must be around to make the kids feel better...and yes I'm even contradicting myself here...but WWE is taking this too far.

They need to practice the proverb of "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" because the more I see John Cena, the more I begin to hate the fact that the ball is officially out of Nexus' hands rendering them to be nothing more than a disheveled group with an angry Superman with no morlas on their heels.

It defeats the purpose of moving forward. But as I said before, this is really just my take on John Cena being "fired". If you'd like to, then please give me some reasons as to why WWE doesn't just boot John already and let Nexus move on.

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