Alabama Football: No Problems With Team or Coaches After Auburn Loss

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IDecember 1, 2010

There is no finger pointing among coaches or players
There is no finger pointing among coaches or players

Larry Burton (Syndicated Writer) Despite rumors you may have heard, mostly on Paul Finebaum's call in show, there is no dissension at Alabama among coaches or players.

Though there was plenty of room for finger pointing in Alabama's most recent loss, where the team blew a 24 point lead, I have been assured that no players are pointing fingers at other players, no coaches are blaming other coaches and that the team accepts this loss as best it can and is moving forward.

"We don't do finger pointing at Alabama. We address problems and try and fix them. It's about getting the execution down better." Saban said earlier this year on the topic. "Every player is going to make mistakes and every coach will make a bad call. Hopefully, you use that as a learning opportunity and don't make that mistake again."

What Saban instills in the players and coaches is that while we try and avoid mistakes, everyone should accept the fact the sometimes they can and will happen. If and when it does, finger pointing is not allowed, because as Saban says to the team, "It's kind of like casting the first stone. You point your finger only if you've played a perfect game."

But they practice continuously on drills that help them cut those mistakes. Does that mean there won't be dropped balls and fumbles on Saturday? Of course not.

Saban has said you can make mistakes by doing too little of the right things or by trying to do too much. Practice is to help you find the right balance, finding your limitations and working to build them higher.

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As for the coaches, this is a tight group and is the same group that won it all just a year ago. They have confidence in one another and there is no grumbling in amongst them.

Saban simply wouldn't allow it if there were any.

Only Saban, it seems, is allowed to publicly grumpy.

Presently, the coaches are working on recruiting and bowl preparation. The players are focusing on upcoming finals, practice and bowl work also.

No one is involved in finger pointing.

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