WWE Bragging Rights 2010: Review And Results... And Undertaker Is Buried Alive

Rick DanielsContributor IIOctober 25, 2010

The much hyped PPV Bragging Rights has come and passed, with some important questions left to be answered tomorrow night on RAW.

Some things that happened weren't as great as it was expected them to be, and there were some surprises. So, let's get on with the review:

Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan (Champion vs Champion Match)

One of the surprises of the night, and no doubt the best match. Ziggler and Bryan both put on excellent performances, combining high flying, technical wrestling, and some work on the mat.

A crowd that was silent at the beginning was left standing on their feet, with many "This is awesome" chants. Ironic, how a match that was barely hyped can become the best match of a PPV.

Thank you, Dolph Ziggler. THANK YOU, BRYAN DANIELSON!

After that, we had a backstage segment with Miz, Alex Riley, Sheamus, CM Punk and Santino. On the highlight of the segment, the great CM Punk told Miz that he was barely Captain Crunch, and you just gotta love how Miz kept his cool and put on one of his funny faces.

Cody Rhodes and Drew Mcintyre came out to talk about themselves, and the RAW's GM ordered a title match against worthy oponents from RAW.

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Nexus music hits with good pop from the crowd, and Wade Barrett himself showed up to announce who the opponents would be: David Otunga, and somebody ordered by him to win the titles: John Cena.

Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre (c) vs David Otunga and John Cena (Tag Team Championship Match):

Honestly, after Barrett said what his orders were for Cena, it was crystal clear they were going to win. However, what I don't get is that having Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater on Nexus you put Otunga to get the title shot.

That was the second surprise of the night, as I thought we were headed to another failed attempt of the Hart Dynasty to win back the titles.

The bell rang, and after a squashing of David Otunga by Rhodes and Mcintyre, Cena was tagged in: Superman in tha house! John won a handicap match, literally, as Otunga never wrestled again. Average match.

Backstage, Maryse is the hottest ever in a black dress, and DiBiase boasts about how he will win the Million Dollar Championship back against Goldust.

Ted DiBiase vs Goldust (c) (Million Dollar Championship Match)

Good old memories came suddenly as the "Shattered Dreams" appeared on the screen. Good old Goldust. Which one is hotter, Maryse or Aksana? I personally choose Maryse, she is sexier.

Good match between Goldie and DiBiase, who looked really strong with many moves. Pity they don't have a better idea of how to use him. He's a good wrestler, but his father's gimmick doesn't suit him.

DiBiase wins with a new finisher? However, Aksana protects the belt and Goldust retains it.

Natalya vs LayCool (c) (Divas Championship Match)

It was known, LayCool retains after McCool kicks Natalya when the referee was distracted and Layla gets the pin.

Undertaker vs. Kane (c) with Paul Bearer (Buried Alive Match for the World Heavyweight Championship)

The match was a the whole concept of a brawl itself. Not much technical wrestling, as there was barely in-ring action. There was a mound of soil with a pit and a tombstone, and the public was behind the outcome.

Taker threw Kane into the pit, but then...Nexus came out and attacked him. Why? I'm sure many ask. We don't know. In the end, Taker was thrown inside and Buried Alive.

Team RAW vs Team Smackdown (Bragging Rights Match)

Santino eliminated by Tyler Reeks. Smackdown 7-6

Kofi Kingston eliminated by Sheamus. Even

Jack Swagger eliminated by John Morrison. RAW 6-5 (Great Starship Pain by Morrison)

Tyler Reeks eliminated by Sheamus. RAW 6-4

Sheamus and The Big Show were counted out. RAW 5-3

R-Truth eliminated by Edge. RAW 4-3

John Morrison eliminated by Edge. Even

CM Punk eliminated Alberto del Rio. RAW 3-2

Rey Mysterio eliminated CM Punk. Even

Rey Mysterio eliminated Ezekiel Jackson. Smackdown 2-1 (REALLY? Mysterio slipped and landed awkwardly on Jackson's knee when performing the 619. I don't criticize that, Rey is a great performer and everybody slips at least once. BUT he ELIMINATED Jackson with a 619. C'mon, not even my little cousin, who thinks WWE is real, believed that!)


And nobody cares. Good match, with nice individual performances.

Wade Barrett with John Cena vs Randy Orton (c) (WWE Championship)

Before the match, Wade told Cena that if he didn't win the match, Cena was fired tonight. Funny how the audience, almost 70 percent against Cena was chanting "Fire Cena."

Not by far the great match it could have been. In the end, when Randy had Barrett ready to get an RKO, Cena got on the ring and gave Wade an Attitude Adjustment, disqualifying him. Yeah, Wade won... by DQ. Orton retains.

Cena looked at Orton with cow eyes (thanks to whomever used the term in one of my articles) and Randy thought it better and nailed Cena with another RKO for being a smart bitch.

Overall, good show. Ziggler vs Bryan and the RAW vs Smackdown match were the best of the night.

Tomorrow RAW on the fallout of tonight's events will be interesting to watch. Expect more humiliation of John Cena by Nexus.

This angle is not over, the hype for Survivor Series here in my hometown Miami shows Wade Barrett dressed on a Nexus t-shirt saying that at Survivor Series: "You're Either Nexus Or You're Against Us."