WWE Hell In A Cell: John Cena and The Nexus Feud Reaches It's Climax

Jamal ParkerCorrespondent IOctober 3, 2010

WWE Hell In A Cell: John Cena and The Nexus Feud Reaches It's Climax

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    Hey Bleacher Reporters and Commentors! As we all know Hell In The Cell is TONIGHT, the past two RAW and Smackdown! Shows have attempted to build-up this PPV in a measly two weeks just after the Night Of Champions PPV (which was a good PPV if I might add).

    The build-up has included matches such as the WWE Championship match against Randy and Sheamus, The Undertaker vs Kane with Paul Bearer added to the mix (YES!).  

    And the very interesting match Submissions Count Everywhere U.S. Title Match between Daniel Bryan, The Miz and John Morrison. Also including the Divas match between Natayla and Michelle McCool

    Now these are all money making matches. Orton is the hottest thing going on in the WWE right now and currently has the title, Sheamus on the other hand is a Celtic Warrior seeking redemption for losing his title at Night Of Champions.

    Now this isn't a bad feud, but not enough for most of the fans to order the PPV.

    Daniel Bryan and The Miz are in a heated rivalry which in my opinion is the 2nd best feud going on in the WWE right now. Undertaker and Kane take first, guys.

    Anyways John Morrison has history with The Miz and apparently him and Danielson can't share their hatred for him so the GM pitted the three of them in a match. This is going to be one I'm looking forward to!

    Undertaker and Kane: THANK GOD Taker got injured back in May! Who would've known an injury such as that brought Kane back to the Big Red Monster and the return of Paul Bearer!

    But out of all these matches, one pinfall will change the landscape of WWE as we know it.


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    The "N" Symbol
    The "N" Symbol

    This armband means a lot in the WWE as of now. You're either Nexus or against us, they say. But what about on June 7, 2010? Wade Barrett and the eliminated NXT rookies went on a rampage and literally destroyed RAW.

    They tore down the ring and announce tables beat the ring crew and shocked the audience. We all knew this was some sort of alliance they had going on.

    But we couldn't identify it. All we knew at the time were the "N" Armbands on each members' arm.

    That night was a memorable night for me, and plenty of other fans, not only because of the damage and shock they put on, but the infamous beatdown they gave to WWE's No. 1 Guy.

John Cena

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    As many have said before, you either love him, respect him, or absolutely hate the man.

    But there's no denying that ever since WrestleMania 21 has since been the face of WWE itself.

    He's a hardworking and no doubt and does everything he can for the buisness. And has gone on to win the WWE title numerous times since his first (which many can't stand).

    John Cena is all about Hustle, Loyalty and most of all Respect. It's pretty much a lifestyle now for many fans, and the Cena does his best to promote it.

    He's defeated most people in the buisness already and had some great feuds between wrestlers like Edge, Randy Orton and Batista.

    He's been in WWE since 2002 and he's pretty much dominated the main event and stayed on top for the past 5 years.

    Nexus of course noticed all of this in Cena, he was the face of the WWE. What better way to make a statement than to absolutely beat Cena with many maneuvers, and leave him battered in the middle of a completely destroyed WWE ring.

    The Nexus made their impact. But they were certainly not done.

The Nexus and Their Purpose, and The Release Heard Around The IWC

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    The Nexus made their statement the June 7 Edition of RAW. Question was, what did they really want? We were all in shock to say the least. Everyone from John Cena to the ring crew were beaten down!

    The ring was torn apart and we watched and had to wait a week to figure out their purpose.

    All we could do was reply what we saw on Youtube, some were calling it the NWO Part 2, but it was different. These were a bunch of rookies who dismantled RAW and left a mark in history all on that fateful night.

    WWE Creative sure pulled a trigger, but during the following week, the "rookie" who actually had the most experience out of all the Nexus, Daniel Bryan was released!

    The IWC itself stirred up into confusion. I remember all the B/R articles, dirt sheets and Youtube videos covering this. All from a line on WWE.com "Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) has been released...." and you guys know the rest.

    Was it true? A fake? Was WWE trying to pull a trick on us? How will this play on a already fresh storyline?

    And of course most if not all of us were cursing the PG rating for remainder of the month. For some the storyline was already ruined.

    But WWE went along with things, and they played the storyline out by Daniel Bryan being sympathetic for his actions. Thus he was kicked out of the group.

The "Fatal" Four Way PPV

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    To be honest this was really a throw away PPV. The only match I really liked was the Jericho and Bourne match but that was about it. The other matches were alright. But the vocal point of this PPV was to further promote the antagonistic fury of the Nexus.

    They caused Cena his WWE title, and Sheamus went on to have his 2nd reign as champion. But one thing that did work, was the fact WWE really wanted to have the Nexus piss you off!

    I actually wrote an article about the main event and how it was quite a bit of a rip off but oh well. Nexus came in and attacked Cena once again. This time though, why were they repeatedly going after Cena?

The Series Of Attacks and Beatdowns Continue..

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    The Nexus trying to prove their a "threat" by attacking Ricky Steamboat
    The Nexus trying to prove their a "threat" by attacking Ricky Steamboat

    After Fatal Four Way, it wasn't over the Nexus continued on with the beatings and did so to many of the RAW roster. From Chris Jericho to Mark Henry, they were on a rampage. And it seemed almost no one could stop them at that point.

    Each and every week on RAW we were treated to a beat down of RAW superstars to the hands of The Nexus. We all wondered who would be next, and for sure why they did these bullying tactics each week.

    The Chairman of WWE Vince McMahon even applauded the actions of the Nexus, though when he tried to take credit for what the Nexus had accomplished, he became a victim of their beatings.

    Even though Vince is a heel onscreen, it was actually a real shock to see what the Nexus was doing to him.

    The Nexus continued with their actions and for awhile we the WWE Universe waited for someone to actually step up...

The "Truce" and Money In The Bank PPV

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    Wade Barrett, leader of the Nexus, tried to call a truce with Cena on the July 5 edition of RAW.

    Almost a month after they debuted. Cena came out and didn't accept the truce, instead attempting to attack Barrett. So we get the usual with Nexus coming out and eventually ends up as a brawl between the RAW locker room and Nexus.

    Cena also used his rematch clause against Sheamus at the Money in The Bank PPV. The Stipulation though was a steel cage match. Cena and Sheamus go at it, and we all know what happens next.

    Nexus gets involved and tries to break open the steel cage door. The refs however who actually have guts threw the keys into the audience. Though that doesn't stop Nexus from costing Cena yet again another title match.

    Enraged Cena attacked Darren Young and Michael Tarver, the rest of the Nexus fled and there was the end to the PPV.

Your Either Nexus Or Against Us..... The Build-Up To Summerslam

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    Cena's Summerslam Team and Nexus facing off
    Cena's Summerslam Team and Nexus facing off

    On July 18, Wade Barrett offered John Cena the chance to join the Nexus. Cena refused, and Wade wasn't going to put up with that. BUT Cena had a trick up his sleeve as well.

    Cena wanted Nexus GONE and he was going to attempt to do it at the biggest event of the Summer. Cena assembled a team 7 to take on Nexus. Jericho, Edge, John Morrison, R-Truth, Great Khali, and Bret Hart.

    Though that wasn't the end of it, Nexus operated as a true stable and team. Cena's Summerslam Team wasn't so good at it. Edge and Khali were having their bouts, John Morrison and R-Truth were having certain conflicts.

    And most of all Bret wanted to get his hands on the Nexus after they beat down the Hart Dynasty. We didn't know whether Cena's team would make it to Summerslam or not.

    Edge quit the team, Jericho quit when he lost a match against Cena, Khali was injured and The Miz was considering to be a part of the team! 

    After weeks though, a lumberjack tag team match between Cena and Bret Hart vs Jericho and Edge took place and afterwards JoMo and Truth came out and Edge and Jericho rejoined the team.

    Hell, did anyone else notice that it was like an earthquake was going on that night? But Cena's Summerslam team still lacked one member...

And The Seventh Member Of Team WWE Is.... DANIEL F'N BRYAN!!!

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    Summerslam as PPV was a good one. But for seeing as how well all the other Summerslams have been, it could have a lot better. Nevertheless, I marked out for my first time ever since becoming a pro wrestling fan again.

    Daniel Bryan coming back and being the seventh member of team WWE was a really big surprise for all. Most of us didn't expect it, because of his release earlier on in June.

    But WWE thank you, thank you and you.

    Daniel Bryan returned to WWE eliminated two members of the Nexus in the Elimination Match and Team WWE went on to win the main event.

    For WWE to screw up earlier in the year they did a very good job in bringing him back and placing him in his current feud with the Miz, who he actually replaced in the Elimination Match.

And There Were 6, Then 5 Members of The Nexus

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    Darren Young lost his match against Cena, very impressive though, but not for the Nexus
    Darren Young lost his match against Cena, very impressive though, but not for the Nexus

    Wade Barrett explained the night after Summerslam that the weak links would be woven out of Nexus. Anyone who loses his match tonight is kick out of the Nexus. While most of the matches were won by DQ, Darren Young's match against Cena was the real deal.

    And I have to say Darren Young surprised me in this match, he's a very good wrestler. Anyways when Darren Young tapped out, he was the one beaten, then exiled from the Nexus.

    Afterwards in a live event in Hawaii, Skip Sheffield, the powerhouse of the Nexus broke his ankle and is currently inactive for months.

    It is actually to be expected until February. Let's just say we'll see Nexus a lot for now on.

    The Nexus were left with 5 members but still remain strong...

Wade Barrett Uses His Title Shot at Night Of Champions

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    Sheamus, who took it upon himself to have a title match against Zach Ryder, put himself in a position where he didn't have to defend the title at Night of Champions.

    Though Wade Barrett, who still had his title shot whenever he chooses since he won NXT decided to stop Sheamus in his tracks and challenge him at Night of Champions.

    The anonymous RAW GM made the match a six pack match. So along with Sheamus and Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Cena and Edge were involved in the match. When it all came down to the match everyone was anti Barrett.

    Wade Barrett however accomplished an impressive feat during the match. Pinning John Cena. Well at least after Nexus interfered, but Barrett hit Wasteland and it was over for Cena.

    Unfortunately for Barrett and the Nexus, he didn't win the match. Orton went on to win the match and become your new WWE Champ.

Once Again, Your Either Nexus Or Against Us Hell In a Cell 2010 Hit Or Miss

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    WWE Hell In A Cell Tonight, Will Cena Join Nexus, Will Nexus Disband?
    WWE Hell In A Cell Tonight, Will Cena Join Nexus, Will Nexus Disband?

    Hell In a Cell PPV tonight was just two weeks after the Night Of Champions PPV. And each match has decent build up.

    Some better than others, but Cena and Wade Barrett will go at it to determine whether the Nexus a stable that totally took WWE by surprise disbands, or John Cena to face of WWE for over 5 years joins it.

    John Cena accepted the challenge at Hell In a Cell and he has overcome many odds before. Can he finally after 4 months end the reign of Nexus.

    Will The Nexus prevail and add Cena to their stable and overall change the landscape of WWE itself?

    Will we see a repeat of what we saw with Rey Mysterio and CM Punk eariler in the year? Or will we see the same thing Shawn Michaels went through with JBL? 

    Can Cena ever embrace the Nexus and overall be a heel? And where the Nexus and it's members stand if Barrett is defeated?

    Find out tonight at Hell In A Cell!!!

And That Wraps It Up!

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    You got to admit he looks cool in this!
    You got to admit he looks cool in this!

    Now that picture is sweet.

    Thanks for checking out the slideshow, guys! Sorry I'm a bit late and I won't do this type of thing again! I hate procrastinating.

    But anyways, I have another article that's about to come out soon, and it's going to be good! (Hopefully).

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    And if you like my writing/articles become a fan!

    For those watching HIAC tonight I hope you enjoy it!

    Until Next time guys!


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