College Football: The Top 5 List of Teams We Quite Like

Alex FergusonSenior Analyst IIAugust 1, 2010

As our article on Bleacher Report (which has garnered over 6,000 reads and nearly 80 comments so far) proved, there's nothing like a bit of hate that gets people going.

But here's a question that's been occupying my mind: who do you like?

I'd just like to throw it out there that this does not count bowl games. We all know that to make you feel better, you root for your hated season rivals during bowl season.

Yes, you can believe this: Alabama fans will root for Auburn during the bowl season, which frankly makes this writer want to vomit. We stay neutral, and just laugh at the loser. If it's Michigan, that's all the better.

Anyway, here's our Top Five list.

1. Georgia

Maybe it's the beautiful campus, maybe it's the cool shade of red, maybe it's the tailgating at the beautiful campus, maybe it's the friends we have who go to the school, but Georgia's top of the list. Athens is a great town and Georgia's a fun school.

Of course, if Penn State faces the Bulldogs in a bowl game or a non-conference game, that'll go out of the window...

2. Arizona StateΒ 

We've harbored a liking for them ever since JR Redmond played for the Sun Devils back in the day, and going to watch the Devils play USC for a couple of years straight was never a hardship. Oh, and the co-eds aren't horrible, either. In any shape or form.

3. Oregon

We love the cool costumes, the noisy Autzen stadium that we'd love to visit, and the incredible, incredible cheerleaders all we'll go on about all season long.

4. Wisconsin

The sight of what seems like the entire student body at the University of Wisconsin going completely mental at "Jump Around" is really, really cool. In addition to that, the Badgers fans that we've met have been really cool.

5. Texas

When your buddy sorts you out with a Longhorns t-Shirt, cap, and tickets to Texas-OU in 2008 (and promises for 2011), it's hard not to hold a soft spot for Texas. Oh, and there's the co-eds and THOSE Cowboy boots.