NBA Rumors: Shaquille O'Neal To Los Angeles Clippers?

Roy FryeContributor IIJuly 24, 2010

The very thought of it haunts me at night. However, it could happen.

Let's look at the teams that had interest in Shaq this offseason. The Cavs only see him as sign and trade bait, the Hawks aren't taking the bait. The Heat have signed their centers, and O'Neal burnt to many bridges with the team.

San Antonio might have a small shot at Shaq, but as the weeks go by it seems their interest have been declining. The Boston Celtics have signed the other O'Neal.

The Clippers is a team that needs a player like Shaquille O'Neal.

Why do the Clippers need O'Neal? Because he has the most experience in the league, and the young players on the Clippers need that veteran leadership.

Also, the Clippers don't have much depth at the center position. They have Chris Kaman, who is a pretty good player, and DeAndre Jordan, a less than adequate "second option". Brian Skinner is undersized, and Blake Griffin is a power forward.

Shaq is a player with much pride in himself. He likely won't be that satisfied with the veterans minimum. Donald Sterling is an owner that is notorious for overspending on free agents. Though the team didn't approach him this offseason, it could happen soon. Why else would he would want to play for the Clips?

It's Los Angeles.

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He could play in the same arena as Kobe, which is actually a negative. However, Shaq would enjoy playing in the Staples Arenas again. Also, he has a great interest in acting. What better place to pursue that interest than L.A?

Now there are some reasons why he might not sign with them. They're the Clippers, nothing will EVER change that. His team will be overshadowed by the Lakers. That will probably never change.

However, Shaq is running out of options. The Clippers just might be his only choice.Β 


Where will Shaq be next season? Leave your thoughts below. Your feedback is always welcome.

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