Free Agency Talk: Derrick Rose To Be Traded ...?

Del ChocContributor IIJuly 3, 2010

Rose To Be Traded?

I keep hearing radio personalities expanding on the idea that Derrick Rose should be placed on the trading block to acquire the big-three in this year's Free Agency— by removing some salary it'll enable the three to subsist.

I understand Wade is ball-dominant, so is LeBron James, but if this were to happen, there is no way Rose would be made available.

I'd rather keep my Rose and Noah than clear-up roster spots for James, Bosh, and Wade.

Rose is the future. Noah is the future.

Nets and Bulls: LeBron James Reaching Overview

Monday is approaching rapidly, and teams bottled in the Midwest will eventually learn their padding in this allotment of flirting.

You have New Jersey auditioning codeine for what mess likely awaits if LeBron James opts for Newark.

The losing will persist, so don't be fooled.

A 27-year-old Devin Harris, who was just as efficient as Luol Deng last season, will try to seize the opportunity in showing James another rare above 30-percent shooting from behind the arc.

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And we can come to aa agreement that Derrick Rose himself shoots below the performing average. But get this, he's only 21. His shooting percentages has improved from his first season to his second season. And with Rose only being six years younger than Harris, who has a slew of horrible shot selections, you can only favor sense in that he'll eventually get better. His work ethic is second to none.

Get a load of this statistic:

Harris 3P interval - 0.6-2.0

Rose 3P interval - 0.2-0.8

Someone knows restriction, and someone doesn't. Chicago favors from this conception because not only will teams have to worry about Rose's mental grasp, but one of the top free agents, assuming one signs here. So that means, say, you will have to worry about Rose with the ball in his hands, and you will have to worry about the ball being in James' hands. Pair James with Harris, well, this is Mo Williams all over again. A team's double-off philosophy really isn't risky, because who's to guarantee Harris won't make a bad decision.

Avery Johnson can't cloak that matter. He traded Harris, as I remember.

So, in whole, Chicago really has that integral piece to pair with James.

Brook Lopez is probably more talented than Noah from a scoring perspective, but not from an intangible perspective. Lopez isn't enabling the options to bring the ball up the court and find Harris for oop (inside joke). Noah can. I don't even know if you can really rely on his mental fortitude in tough stretches. Noah was afforded that experience in Chicago, and even in his days back in Florida. That's essentially why he was drafted ninth overall.

I trust LeBron James either to stay home and run a train into his career, or leave for Chicago to accommodate his childhood preferences and push for rings.

I have no idea what Jay-Z fragrances have to do with the objective of winning rings and building brands.


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