NBA Trade Rumor: Danny Granger to the Nets?

Evan MasseyCorrespondent IJuly 2, 2010

Last week, there were rumors swirling that the Pacers and Nets were working on a deal that would send Granger to New Jersey in exchange for Devin Harris and Derrick Favors. Those talks however died out, but don't be surprised if you hear the talks come back if New Jersey misses out on LeBron James. In my opinion, this would be a very good deal for both teams, and I'll do my best to break down why for both teams.

Why for the New Jersey Nets?

First, the Nets need a legit number one option scorer. Harris was good for them last year, but he never proved that he could put the ball in the bucket whenever they needed a score, and Granger did just that with Indiana. Adding Granger would give them a legitimate small forward, which would allow them to move Terrence Williams to the shooting guard slot. While Granger hasn't been heralded for his defense, he is a good defender, and would add yet another shot blocking presence for the Nets as well.

Granger would add the three point threat that the Nets don't really have at this point in time as well. Being able to play the inside-outside game with Brook Lopez would be a very good combination for the two. Danny brings leadership on the court as well. The Nets haven't had a leader on the court since Vince Carter left in all honesty, and while Granger isn't a vocal leader in any way, he knows how to urge his team to give everything they have, and he tries 100 percent all the time as well.

Why for the Indiana Pacers?

When these rumors first came out, I was very interested to see what other Pacers fans thought about this deal. I personally, would do this deal in a heartbeat, but many people were saying that we weren't getting enough in return. Let's think about this.

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First, the Pacers would finally be adding that point guard they need in Harris. Not only can he shoot the ball, but he also doesn't have a problem with passing, and has proven that he is a more than capable passer, averaging 6-plus assists per game last season. He adds a very high basketball IQ as well, and wouldn't be a turnover prone point guard, which is what the Pacers have had lately with T.J. Ford and Jarrett Jack (Earl Watson had his issues as well).

As for Favors, he would be the future power forward for the Pacers, and would definitely be able to step in right now if Indiana decided to deal Troy Murphy. The starting lineup for the Pacers could look like,

PG: Devin Harris

SG: Dahntay Jones/Brandon Rush/Lance Stephenson

SF: Paul George

PF: Derrick Favors

C: Roy Hibbert

and if you ask me that is a more than decent NBA starting lineup, and it is also very young. Seeing the name Paul George in there also brings up another one of my points. Granger and George are almost the exact same player, except George has much better athleticism. I'm not saying the Pacers should necessarily deal Granger just because George is in Indiana now, but he definitely would be able to take the spot left by Danny. Granted, he hasn't proven to be an NBA player yet, but I think he'll be a star in the future.

Final Thoughts on the Trade

While nothing is being discussed at this point in time, there are quite a few signs pointing to the Pacers and Nets picking up trade talks again if LeBron does decide to accept an offer from another team. There is interest from both sides in a deal similar to this, and I think if the talks got started again, there would be a very good chance of a deal getting done.