Breakdown Of WWE NXT Season 2: The Good and Bad We'll See From The Rookies

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIJune 3, 2010

Hello B/R readers, Joe Burgett here with a breakdown of something you probably will like, WWE NXT Season Two.

WWE NXT for those of you who haven't seen it, is basically a kayfabe reality show the WWE puts on where they pair eight WWE rookies with eight WWE Pros. Last season, we saw the rise of four rookies who I feel will easily hit the WWE roster this year.

Wade Barrett ended up winning the crown, which means he'll get a title shot of his choosing at a WWE PPV. Rumors are circulating that he could go after the WWE United States Championship that former WWE NXT Pro R-Truth currently holds.

However, if I know the WWE, they'll give us something more exciting, like Barret going after a World Title—but, we'll see.

The rest of the rookies I see coming to the WWE roster are David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, and obviously Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson).

I've heard that the WWE just signed Bryan to a three year deal, and many believe he'll end up on RAW. So, we'll be seeing a good bit from the technical submission master.

Kick their heads in, Bryan!

Now, to WWE NXT season two. I, for one, have seen all of the men coming up, and I actually like every one of them, but some far more than others.

First, I'll give you the rookies and the pros teaching them, then I'll break them down.

Rookie: Husty Harris
Pro: Cody Rhodes

Rookie: Eli Cottonwood
Pro: John Morrison

Rookie: Percy Watson
Pro: MVP

Rookie: Titus O'Neil
Pro: Zack Ryder

Rookie: Kaval
Pro: LayCool

Rookie: Lucky Cannon
Pro: Mark Henry

Rookie: Mike McGillicutty
Pro: Kofi Kingston

Rookie: Alex Riley
Pro: The Miz

Okay, so now that you have seen all the rookie/pro pairings. Let's break down some things about them that you will want to know going into next week. We'll go in order here.

Husky Harris/Cody Rhodes

I personally love the pairing here, we have two stars who have legendary fathers, which means they have something in common. Cody is the son of Dusty Rhodes and Husty (Windham Rotunda, went by Duke in FCW) is the son of IRS' Mike Rotunda.

I guess what I don't get about this is that they didn't use the family name. It's funny, he has a brother (Bo) who will be coming up to join the Fortunate Sons with Ted DiBiase as their "tax" guy.

He'll use the Rotunda name too, yet his brother Duke cannot? The two killed it down in FCW as a tag team, so I don't know why they would not bring them into the show together, or take "Husky" out and put another guy who should be on the show in Kris Logan in and have Duke join the Fortunate Sons with his brother.

They also told people he was the son of IRS, so why, dear god, why would you give him a stupid name that would be harder to market?

Now, Harris does have some in-ring talent. He's a big guy, so that power game will be used obviously. Rhodes obviously has the second generation thing in common, so he'll be there to help him out in terms of creating his own legacy.

He'll push him to be better than his father, like how Rhodes himself is trying to do now.

Rhodes also has technical ability in the ring, and is terrific on the mic. His charisma is also off the charts. So, with that said, Husky has plenty to learn from Rhodes.

Eli Cottonwood/John Morrison

Cottonwood is a powerhouse, the best way I can describe the guy's gimmick would be think of Frankenstein—and there you go.

If you've read the story or seen the movies of it, you'll know what I mean. And think of every aspect of Frankenstein too. From his emotional standpoint to his crazed monster appeal to his destructive force.

Cottonwood is a big dude, seven foot to be exact. He also has a mentally unstable type of gimmick, but like I said it's highly similar to Frankenstein, which could go over well for him.

He has some mic ability, but no where near it needs to be. But the good thing is his size and obvious power game that he'll bring could make it to where he doesn't really have to speak. A quiet monster can be a very over heel.

Cottonwood's pro, John Morrison, could help him with his in-ring ability. Morrison is a pleasure to watch and has had some excellent matches in the past. Also, while he may not be the best mic guy in the WWE, he's not very bad either.  Cottonwood can learn many things from Morrison here.

If you ask me, Cottonwood will go over well when he's seen, but he won't dazzle you with massive in-ring ability. His offense is simple, good enough to hurt you.

Percy Watson/MVP

When I saw Watson come on the screen, I'll be honest, I had no idea who he was. So, I went to YouTube. He already annoyed me by that little video package he had on NXT, so I was kinda wary about checking out mroe on the guy.

I'm glad I did. Watson is very green in the ring and needs someone to carry him in just about every match, which isn't a good omen.

However, his charisma cannot be questioned. As he does have a lot of it. Watson's mic skills will get him over. He's a funny character, similar to Santino. Think of Urkel and you'll probably have his gimmick down. A geek type of gimmick that may get the crowd on his side, like Eugene did way back when. You'll probably have an affection for him, and you won't know why.

MVP will help him a good bit. MVP has good in-ring ability and is good on the mic too—it's a shame he's still mid-carding.

MVP can really help him improve in the ring, and if he does, I say look out. I feel Watson needs to improve a lot. If he never does, he'll be stuck in guest host segments on RAW. That's nice, seeing camera time and all, but eventually it will be the same old inescapable quagmire.

MVP's job is to cut that off at the pass and help Watson. I feel Watson will get so over with the crowd through his gimmick that he'll stick around for a little while. He's pretty athletic too, so he may dazzle you a small bit in a match, which could help him a lot.

Titus O'Neil/Zack Ryder

A very interesting character here in Mr. O'Neil. When I see him, I think of the Alphamale from ECW years ago. He's very similar. He's a former football star, so of course he'll bring something powerful out there.

I see him as a black Goldberg somewhat. I don't feel he's ready though—he's not as good as I would hope to see. He's also got a pro in Zack Ryder who I just don't really think will help him. Ryder does have mic ability and some in-ring skill, so he'll teach him all he can I guess.

But, don't be surprised if O'Neil is another Michael Tarver type of guy.


This is the one I think everyone is talking about. Kaval is being packed as The Road Warrior. Which is kind of showing that he'll be seen as another Bryan Danielson on NXT. I don't think everything will go down the same way, but somewhat similar.

Kaval is absolutely terrific in the ring, and has one of the best finishers ever. The WWE is calling it "The Warrior's Way." It's basically a double stomp to the chest from the top rope.

When you see it, trust me, you'll love it. It will end any match—it's such a believable finisher, the WWE had to teach guys in FCW how to take it without getting hurt badly.

I don't feel giving him two women is a good idea at all. I mean, even if it's Mickie James or Trish Stratus there, it's still bad. The female game is highly different than the male game out there. So any time a woman is trying to teach a man how to do well in wrestling, she will teach him what worked or works for her, which won't always translate over to the male side of things.

I'm not being sexist—just being real.

Michelle McCool and Layla are also not the best on the mic or in the ring, so I just don't see where things can go here.

Unlike with The Miz and Danielson, you can't see a storyline where Kaval hurts McCool and Layla, it just wouldn't work well. Also, I doubt we'll ever see LayCool even wrestle, as the rest of the pros are men.

So Kaval couldn't watch and see how things are done right in front of him like Danielson realistically could with The Miz.

To me, LayCool has nothing that they could teach to Kaval.

Unlike with Danielson and The Miz, which was another controversial packaging, The Miz could actually teach Danielson smoothing out there.

Obviously the WWE did this to get us talking, but I don't think it was a good idea. If you ask me, the WWE will probably have Kaval be in a "protector" angle with his pros. I don't feel Kaval will win, because he doesn't really need to. But he'll sure as heck make an impact, this much is obvious.

Lucky Cannon/Mark Henry

It's such a shame that the WWE gave this name to such a terrific performer. Look up the name Johnny Prime and you'll see Lucky Cannon and he are the same guy. He had the Johnny Prime name down in FCW, and was one of the better performers there. So I am totally cool with seeing him come on the show because he could be one of the better guys there.

He has mic ability and good in-ring skill. Trust me when I say, you'll be awed by his performance if the WWE allows him to go out there.

The problem is his name—obviously. I mean, who is the complete idiot who came up with it?

It's not a highly marketable name that you'll see main eventing a PPV. If it was just "Cannon," that would work if you ask me.

Heck, keep his FCW name, you already own it, WWE!

You give such a talented performer the name Lucky Cannon? Seriously?

I don't feel the pro/rookie pairing here was a good one. Henry can talk okay, so he may be able to help Cannon with that. But Cannon doesn't really have an issue with that anyway.

Henry also is not a great wrestler, never has been. He's just a pure power guy. The Kool-Aid man won't teach Cannon anything he doesn't already know.

I'm sure that he'll teach him some kind of "experience" factor, but that's all I can see here truthfully.

Mike McGillicutty/Kofi Kingston

One of the dumbest things I've ever seen the WWE do was give a dumb name to a talented performer in the guy above, then it got worse.

Joe Hennig is going by the name Michael McGillicutty on WWE TV, which I just don't get.

Even Jim Ross said in his blog that he knows the whole "be your own man" thing, but the name is a bit over the top. Why not freakin' market the name here? He's the son of "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig and there is no reason whatsoever not to use the name.

Also, like Rotunda above, they showed in the video package that his father was Curt Hennig. It doesn't make sense to do that, say he wants to be his own man, then go by a different name every week while hearing the announcers say he's the son of Curt Hennig.

I mean, it's not like he has a gimmick here like Goldust did. Goldust is Dustin Rhodes, elder son of Dusty. So, obviously with the gimmick he needed a name to go with it.

Right now, the WWE is packaging Hennig as a smaller Matt Morgan from what I've heard.

Hennig is terrific in the ring, so the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. But the mic skills need an upgrade. It looks like he has improved on it from when I last saw him speak in FCW—but he still has quite a ways to go.

Kofi Kingston, Hennig's pro, can help him on the mic, as he has really done well since dropping the Jamaican accent.

This is an okay pairing, but I think it's one that both can learn from.

Alex Riley/The Miz

This is the pairing I feel is the best in NXT history. They are so similar, they could be related. I feel this guy will win too.

Alex Riley's gimmick is an obvious heel, one that many can relate with. You know that high school jock who all the girls wanted and was a complete player and jerk to people?

That's Riley in a nutshell.

He's confident, prideful, and lets you know how good he is—all the time. You see why he and The Miz work?

Riley has shown flashes of being a white Shelton Benjamin, as the dude is highly athletic. He also has some technical ability, that makes you hate him more.

He'll likely win most of his matches, while you'll desperately want to see him lose. He just won't acquiesce to your wishes often.

Riley can also talk too, so his stick work won't be a question mark for him at all. If there is anyone besides Kaval I want to see—it's Riley.

This guy will be big, mark my words.

The Miz will teach him all too well, basically molding a clone of himself. He'll help him learn some of the ins and outs, and how to do certain things out there. But, overall they'll just be a good duo to hate.

Well, that's season two of WWE NXT in a nutshell. Hope this helped you know more about some of these men you'll be seeing next week. I feel this will be a good show.

My pick to win is Riley/Miz—what is your pick?

Also, is there anything you want to say about one of the rookies? Let me know in the comment section below. 


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